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Cooking is a Special For Gaurav

Cooking is a Special For Gaurav

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In such a way, during the whole of the sitting, Varieya tried to show himself very busy. Now he dragged the drawer, now he pushed the drawer. But at last the sitting ended and they started for their dwelling.

As they entered Cavern (the name of his house ) they sat on a good seat. The Cavern was a goodie. Sofas, tables, furniture, and other apparatus were scattered everywhere, just making the cavity suitable for men. Varieya continued to beat about the bush and Gaurav continued to listen.

Varieya said, "Gaurav, here is your toilet, here's your hanger. You may use any of these whenever you like, but remember... you will not forget closing the gate, as it is attached to the hall and the smell may come in. Gaurav! mention, too, that the hanger must not be heavy to load, or else, it will break down to the surface."

 Varieya spoke this all in such a continual beat that one ought to say that he was teaching a 3-year-old boy. Now Gaurav was studying Varieya's nature very carefully and closed his mouth, therefore.

Pacing one step along, Varieya moved to his kitchen since he had taken off his clothes and Gaurav, too. Gaurav was sitting on the sofa but as he was cooperating and was not liking to be called haughty, he also followed Varieya to the kitchen.

Varieya said, "Oof.....o. Gaurav, you let not come to the kitchen. You, sit calm and I boil tea to serve you. My Madam had taught me how to prepare tea before that she went to her mother's village. She had also suggested to me not to miss this service for you. "

Gaurav was not completely familiar with Varieya's and Varieyani's (his wife's) nature and so he felt that it was his(Varieya's) real service towards him.

Gaurav compensated the due, babbling that he was not addicted to taking tea and so not to boil tea was a better option for them.

Again backfoot Gaurav sat on the sofa and began to gaze at the ceiling. There was a fan. It was very colorful and of the new design. Yet, no mark of authenticity was found on the leaves whether it was a company -product. As soon as he felt the fan local, he flang his eyes to the walls. They were a little fissured, but not apparently seen. Gaurav visualized that the Cavern was a hollow egg.

Just then, Varieya comes with the plate serving two cups of tea. He also sat on the sofa beside Gaurav and requested him to sip first. Gaurav, many a time, stressed, "Varieya, it is your home; I am like a guest and it is beyond me to start before you, that is the discipline." But, he never agreed. At last Gaurav could not choose but start.

During the tea, Varieya often dragged his attention to his status and worthy stature.

He says, sir, glasses are so important for the windows that only indirect sun rays could enter the room, while the sunlight is essential too, for a healthy man and I have set up these pieces of Glass just 2 months before. Now if you say there is something wrong, I will change them".

Gaurav filled the gap, "no, all is well ."

Just expanding Varieya again started, "the blue color and the green are very helpful for eyes. the red and the yellow changes the mood Jolly. So it is helpful for the mind. In the twinkling of an eye, Varieya described all the colors' attributes but Gaurav could not know which color is the best or which is harmful. Gaurav was not believing that it was true whatever he had read in books. it was clear that Varieya was giving a brief explanation of his haves.

He thought that Gaurav, coming from the village, was fully blunt and he would so believe in whatever he said, but Gaurav had passed so many days with him that he had begun to think him otherwise.

The tea was finished and the left was downed beneath the sofa.

Varieya , "sir, let's bathe together and we will bake after. Or what? You like rice, I suppose?"

"I have no fight with the menu ."

Laughing at this, Varieya slipped to the bathroom and Gaurav also chessed .

After the bath, when the cooking came in turn, Varieya said, "Gaurav, are you sure we are to bake? but to boil.

"Yea, yea " , Gaurav repeated.

Then, breaking the ice, Varieya spoke, I don't know how to bake bread... I know only boiling.

Gaurav at once knew that Varieya hesitates to knead flour which oozes with the hand and puzzles the mood. Variety was at the hill and feared his fall. Varieya also wanted to make Gaurav habitual of those things for which he was not. He also knew that secrecy makes the way. He always avoided random disclosure of anything. He was hunting like a Wolf and shot at the right mark.

Gaurav might hunt his Gaits, still, he soon became ready to bake bread and started baking.

On half an hour or less, the dish was ready.

They started on their dinner and swallowed morsels. Only the two were in. .n .. that he shouted, "cooking is a specialty of you. You must cook daily here. You are knowledgeable and will care for our health, too. I have two children, too, whose health is vital & even when they are your disciples. A good teacher should always care about the student's health.

Gaurav was in the doldrums. He was searching for the questions: Gaurav for what? For teaching or 4 cooking. A teacher for whom? For couples or cubs? He was knitting the net and breaking the thread but was finding no edge of them.

Varieya, during the whole sitting, commented many times: it is Gaurav's style, but Gaurav continued only to chap chapatis. Varieya thought Gaurav had become professionally a cook and Gaurav was smiling very soft.


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