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Varieya Gave 30000

Varieya Gave 30000

4 mins 442 4 mins 442

Introd: This is the story between Gaurav (a man) and Varieya (a wolf). it will run in a series of ninety two stories connected to one another.

A real preface will be written after while.

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Before that VARIEYA got familiar with Gaurav, Varieya would visit the villages. He used to enter the village and often went to a temple to borrow man's usual life. He also loitered every NOOK and corner of the village, so that he might drag attention of villagers, in his good looking mosaic uniform. He donned in a very civilized and sober way to look like a man, yet no people in the village would take care of him and his activities. Everyone knew someone wants to look if he is not looked at.

However, Varieya well knew that the villages are the roots of culture, where a number of culture - buried men want to pay life to their culture and the traditions are not put odd and much aside to their opinions. Cultured people always gape for amiability, politeness and rather servicefull activity in social interactions. Therefore, he made a plan to distribute blankets among the people and rather paupers, arranging anniversary on the occasion of Sankranti.

As he was always living within the fur - blankets, managing some sheets was only too easy for him in order to distribute them.

He ordered for the purchase & manufacture of blankets in Wolf's company.

He drummed up far and beyond the village, of this object, and summoned some Neighbour wolf to enlist the names of probable occupants of blankets. He also decided to celebrate gala at his home, as the movers would kiss reck of his dens and dormitories. Though he first decided to render in free compass of the temple, he had now cancelled the whole.

All the credibles made the list containing each category of men. They enlisted a few paupers but maximity of creamy layers in earth, potency, knowledge, honour and so on.

Varieya minded that only a leading society of villagers could help him spreading his name far and wide, giving him cognition of a man. Resultantly, they enlisted Gaurav for the purpose and invited him.

Gaurav was completely unaware of this plan and approached to Varieya house on the day. Varieya and his hosts greeted Gaurav and offered a sheet of blanket. Gaurav dropped in a fix and hardly had he objected to receive the gift before he grabbed the blanket in his hand. Varieya was very pleased to count Gaurav a pauper and deny his monarchy.

After that Varieya was praised by All but Gaurav kept silent till Varieya sat beside Gaurav and began to talk to him. Gauravji never liked to receive gifts from, for, to him, it was, indeed, an obligation thrown over to a man.

Varieya said, Gaurav, why are you not speaking? and sad...... . "

Gauravji said," no, no, I am fine, I am also happy with your creation. Such piece of work is always done by individuality."

At this Varieya burst into laughter and said, "anytime... , for any problem..., for any service!

It's true Gaurav did not hope such kind of deeds from Varieya as the present age Man, too, is not able to show such sympathy to man.

Gaurav thought Varieya is some special and replied, "wait for the moment - in reply to his words of sympathy."

Just then Varieya stood up and started with stress, "any time any problem."

Varieya hunted the mark and giggled.

Thereafter Varieya, off and on, had contacts with Gaurav.

Some days later, Gaurav accidentally had a scarcity of money and then Varieya's premises whirled into his mind. He thought why not help from Varieya should be taken. but he was fully ignorant of Varieya's troubleshooting system.

Gaurav demanded a loan of ₹ 30000 and Varieya very soon agreed to pay the loan. Gaurav demanded an easy amount seldom to pay hard, but Varieya accepted it a hard amount seldom to pay easy.

Varieya also convinced Gaurav that he would not worry about the loan. Gaurav was happy for the time being.



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