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You Have To Learn Our Language

You Have To Learn Our Language

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Varieya and Gaurav had travelled thousand and thousand kilometres from the village, as they had decided to go to jungle. Gaurav, though, knew that the green jungles lie far off from the village, he had dreamt and promised to make such place quite fair like villages.

  It was the station when they lowered from the carriage and hired a Boughi (a type of growler or vehicle on which only beasts travelled ) to arrive their home, to be true, Varieya's house.

  Varieya closed Windows of the Boughi and it started at high speed. The arrangement was such that the outsiders could not look inside the Boughi but the riders could easily do so. Gaurav soon felt that he had come in a cosmetic Cosmo of novelties. He was very eager and silent but sensitive to look outside.

  Varieya, in the midst, many times had dragged Gaurav's attention to different things and surroundings on the way. He felt Varieya was keeping extremity to the objects and ways. He was talking very odd just to show him influencive, as many times he stressed the driver expressing that he was very busy.

Varieya said, " Driver, you came here, I think, newly. You hesitate to speed up the Boughi fast. "

 Just after minutes,Varieya again started, " you must let me leave the programme."

   Again he tortured , in few minutes, " I think I must be late." Yet, the driver kept silence over the travel.

 Gaurav knew Varieya had no program at all and so he guessed what bluff he was making with the driver. Gaurav did not want to meet an undue influence over anyone, so he began to disgust Varieya's this attitude.He also hated to show pomp, which Varieya did. Gaurav would say, "truth is language ; and a character of man." Gaurav also disappointed at varieya's this he would come near a man ? He looked very different from Gaurav's imagination about him.

 As soon as they had their legs from the Boughi. Gaurav knew Varieya's house be neighbour. But, what! Varieya said, "Gaurav, we have to go to office at first, and then home."

   At this Gaurav surprised himself murmuring, " office is for men but for..a...beast..... hmmm.."

   Let what happen. Gaurav and Varieya walked together and entered into a den. He jumped, making a sound, into the chair lying there. Gaurav also had but peacefully. After a little while, a bable with Varieya started and Gaurav either listened or responded to, for his satisfaction, that he was nohow ignoring his interest.

  Varieya says, " Gaurav, have you ever come to Greeto, special name of the jungle in which Varieya lived."

"Off and on," said Gaurav.

"Then it will not do. The chief problem in Greeto is about its language and you have to learn our language. But not to say,you will learn it fast, as we help you."

   Gaurav amazed at his vanity of language. Varieya did not know, here language does not matter for survival, for, BRAY, COO, NEIGH, TWIT, SQUEAK, ROAR were many languages used in the jungle and the most running language was SPEAK of which Gaurav was a masterpiece.

  Varieya actually wanted to make him feel his deficit. According to various conception, it was true that Speak is the language of man but Varieya's language was different from man's.Varieya also tried to display that he and Gaurav both needed their own language to transpair, and thus, they were equal to each other, not having one of lesser importance. In such a way, he wanted to show himself equal to man but internally he was feeling himself no worthier than.

 He also had that he had some characteristics of his own which a commonity in Greeto did not, or if, had only those who had been living there for years. 

    For the being, Gaurav was a rustic and he needs a help greater than that Varieya had from Gaurav.

That language- learning days are greater in number than the number of men, one meets in their life, is true. A man will pass whole the life to learn different languages on the earth and the days of his Life will run short. Varieya did not know it. Gaurav clearly felt that Varieya was far aloof from genuinity of life. He had no life experiences.



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