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Ghost, Witch and Mahamantra

Ghost, Witch and Mahamantra

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It is the story of 2008 when Teachers recruitment was at full swing. I was very busy maintaining the schedule. Now it happened to sleep at the station, now it happened to rise early in the morning when the past night had not weaved any schedule to start the next morning.

In such a course of Time, one day means that very night at 8:00 p.m., I returned my sasural (my father-in-laws' home). I often did so because the house ( sasural ) was lying along the way of my travel. My own house... means home ...was at the distance of 2 kilometers therefrom, in the up direction. Therefore it was very easy to maintain my traveling schedule therefrom.

THE second reason to stay often at sasural was also very drastic, as my mother and I were at daggers drawn. She was favouring my brother in the dispute of our ancestoral property. As I was heartly hurt with her behaviour I seldom or never used to go home. I was not at any cost a part of occupier of a dust of that property. Though I had been given a small room in that massive building as my servant. More often than not I would,yet, go there to look after my essential commodities kept in the room. We ( my wife, children and I ) were having one or two words with my mother in a year.

Well, I returned, had my bath and freshed up in sasural. My mother- in -law asked me of my Supper and I nodded with 'yes'. She respectfully slides my dish and I began to glut down.

It was nine o'clock. My father in law was not present at the quarter. We were 5 (2 children, one wife, one sasu-maa ( mother in law ) and I). In our culture, ladies generally have their meals after the masculine members of the family, so did they and it struck 10 .

We were finished and agreed to go to bed. My wife and I were in the opinion of not sleeping together as you know what happens when a wife and a husband lie along longer. So, we parted from each other, went to our bed and closed the door.

My sasu maa also slept and two children were already with their mom. There are 3 rooms and a common hall, in three walls of which the three doors of the rooms open and the fourth side of the hall is the main gate. There is a lawn in front of the building. A small garden is becoming the lawn. Yet the light is switched off for not to make an ado of insects. Atmost all bulbs are off outside; the inside bulbs are kindling in the rooms dim . The night is ebony black and darkness is breaking the silence.

A lady with a dirty red saree is standing in the yard. In the twinkling of an eye, she sat as just. she is a beggar of vagabond species ( somewhere called Nauts and Bakhaus), a wife of acrobat community. Oversized earrings, nose rings & necklaces are burdenising her body, though she is pretty and her beauty is shadowed under her dirty clothes. she is begging alms from my mother. My mother, who is coming downstairs, along the pillar of my room, says, "go .... go, I will not give you alms, I am not so rich, as you know. At this, she murmurs, "a mature .....earning son have and then..... say no " and she turned away back. "Then see what happens.....".

My mother just calls her back " oh! you, listen... take some paddy . Come...come......O,come.."

My mother yells and cries, "don't give me threatening ...come and take alms. My mother was internally afraid of their she was old and experienced such things.

She just took a turn & hardly had my mother taken the other proposal for alms when she muttered , "Paddy... of no use;what I will do for it ; I have no grinder, no crusher" . & touched her (mother's) saree. She urged to give the same as alms.

My mother refused to donate it for the reason she knew. Yet she, as pert, insisted on and began to unclothe my mother. My mother moving around like a dancer is putting her saree off and she, the lady acrobat begger like Duryodhan*, kept unclothing.

Hell, I was getting up... palpitation is high heartbeat is up. I felt like breathing out my life. Very dark... I am not able to move a bit but I want to bend sit. My eyes are open. Now how it happens I was just thinking when I heard the sound of switch someone was making on...

Light is everywhere, bulb is kindling... no one in the room .

Mentally I was very strong and had never experienced such things so I bent sit in the bed.I felt very weak. Sweat is raining over the body whole. The heart is beating just like before on lain ... hands and arms are useless. and I am gazing like a corpse at the door thinking about what happened.

"Right... I had slept right. Thanks , O.... dream .. may have dreamt...."

Then a little long after light was off. I thought it would be electric cut -off in the summer. No sooner did I think so, that the electric came again. Everywhere is light. Again though it sometimes happens in the summer that the light went blinked.

Now I became afraid, " I called, "Maa,Maa (to my mother in law )".

No one comes out. Then again, "Kenny, Kenny ( to my wife ) ".

IN a second or two, she came rubbing her eyes and bubling, " what's it? "

"O ma'am ! where is Maa? many a times I called for..... but she is not listening".

She, "may have slept deeply", said . "what happened? "

I saw such a woman unclothing my mother at my home.... Such and such ....

"Oop...O... sleep ... you always go on such waste .." buzzing, "what a rubbish! ....have not seen such a man..... ever before" and she sat beside me.

I undoubtedly visualising my physical condition.

"Kenny, kenny ...I am not able to speak body is quieving . " She... silent beside me,

Then she said, "what to do... '

"I am nervous . Quiever of my full body is increasing... the capacity of my speaking is decreasing thoroughly."

"Heartfully I am thinking about what happens but I fail ." Again. even then she was silent.

All of a sudden, my mind hit a plan that I should recite a mantra 2 every bead of Rudraksha *. Whenever I felt any physical problem I used to recite this Mantra .....h..un...j...un...s..h... .. sugandhim... pushtivardhanam. It is said in Vedas that Mahamrityunjay Mantram is the most powerful Mantra in the universe.

With my quieving hands, I took the garland of rudraksha beads from my neck which was always with me and began to try to speak but I couldn't.

Kenny began to cry, "Siraecon (my name) is no more... that he is no more... maa, he dies... but Maa did not rise up.

For the time being, I was surprised why she sleeping in a nearby room did not arise, but I had nothing to do; I was helpless. Yet I rebuked her not to make a noise. She wiped tears and sat near.

I am trying to speak the mantra but I cannot. I made a forcible thrust on my voice gland & in that high pitch I could a bit oust my mahamantra...o..m....h...un...z...un... but not completely correct.

Again my giddy mind thought as a pandit * that I should not recite Mantra without Gangaajal* water that enhances the power of Mantras.

"Kenny ....aye. .... Kenny, give some drops of Gangaajal ."

She mutttered, " I do not know where it is ".

"Go and awake Maa; she just knows where that is."

"She is tired of her full day work . Wait a moment." She did not look in the mood of waking her mom up .

My condition was being worse. After a few minutes, I again urged for bringing Gangaajal. She went then out and pushed the door closed as in our family everyone was addicted to doing it. The light is glittering and everything is looking reddish just in a heavenly bar.

I feel some headache and palpitation below the chest and above the stomach. I feel distinct. Eyes are dozing and the whole body is quivering as the leaves of a tree. The tongue is twisted which feels like someone has strained it sharp and withdrawn it down so that I could not speak. Now I would die. Someone is pulling out my tongue tightly.

With complete courage I continued to recite the mantra but wrong and vain. At the same time, I felt very thirsty and began to yell ....."water... water... I will die, give some... water ...otherwise .....I will die soon. Maa...Maa.

In a few seconds, with a bottle in her hand, Maa comes running. t was a green bottle that she gave me. She began to weep in high pitch. she began to slap her hands on the earth & speak some words in a horrible tone. I guided her to stop weeping but she grew up & over. I was a son-in-law, so I could not have chid her.

I called, " Kenny Kenny... come, I don't get to loosen the cork, please, come in.....; but in place of losing the cork of the bottle, she (my mother in law) kept on weeping. As Kenny was out, she could have helped me.

I was disturbed with her weep as I was not able to recite the mantra correct & incorrectly pronounced mantras do not work.

At last, I could open the lid, I found no droplet of Gangaajal was there. I many times asked why it was not, but maa did not answer; she kept only weeping.

At the same time, I remembered a bottle under my bed which I regularly had to quench my thirst. It was fresh. I open the lid and pour out some droplets of fresh water from the bottle. Then, reciting a Vedic mantra to make the freshwater pious as Gangaajal, I sprinkled it over my head as well as in the room. As soon as I sprinkled all over, my thirst was gone away and Kenny just arrived.

Within the whole event , I did not miss recitation for a single moment .

On a struggle of half an hour, I started feeling some better. It was about to complete my double round of Mantras' recitation.

Gradually I came out of disaster leading but I continued recitation of mantras two rounds more.

Though I was astonished at why the children had not awakened despite such a noise and mess in the room. I was not in a thinking position; I had become tired.

Both of them (my wife and Maa) asked, "aren't I fine? "

I replied affirmatively.

Then they demanded permission to go in their bed& I permitted .

They went out of the room to sleep in the bed and closed the door again.

I bent sitting for sometime as a statue. I felt something is smelling Jolly. oh ....very fine ....consoling!

AGAIN I thought it might be a flutter swim in the night. In the night, smells travel far and distant worlds.

But I was really relaxed; now I wanted to lie in the bed .as I had been maintaining this posture for 40 minutes and above. I lay down.


It's around 10 to 4. It is down. I feel like making water. I got up and paced to the lawn in compass. Stepping some steps, a lady looked coming. I was weak and appalled with the night cast. Still, I had not got time to think over what happened with me but I walked with slow steps and asked, "who? Maa...."


"Are you fine ? "she asked me ,as a morning meet.

"Yes, now I am fine ."

"now !! why , what happened ?" she screamed. She saw I was Pacing slow .

"You... you yourself are asking...."

"Yes," she pulled my left hand as strange and dragged me to varandah.

When I told the night tale she was Kiddy surprised. It had been morning. All the ladies were outhead. The most surprising was that Kenny also refused to accept the happenings. They told that some acrobats & lady acrobats had really lodged their tents in the field near my home, as some people remained familiar with rural activities of my village because it was very near.

I thought my wife and other ladies might have befooled me for it was my sasural and sasural is humorous. It seemed I had been weak like a patient for years, so I had adjourned to look into the truth.

Two or three days after, when I reached my village for a visit, the first question I put to my mother whether she had given her (any lady beggar, wife of acrobat) a clothed saree.

She surprised to see the hazard but I was more surprised by how I saw it in the untold dream. Were they really ghosts? Was the lady Acrobat a witch?

My mother began to thank god for my safety. She confessed her bad mercy shown on the lady beggar. She told if she would not have given any clothed saree to the begger, this all hazard would not have been done. sarees clothed succeed to her witchy Mantras. Till then acrobats had displaced their tents.

So far, whenever I remember it, my every pore sets in the sea. Since then I completely believe in evil spirits and witches.

Important guide words:

*Rudraksha: a kind of plant beads which are very pious and are especially decorated by the great Lord Shiva according to Hindu mythology.

*Duryodhan: A mean person, according to Mahabharata, that had endeavoured to unclothe Draupadi.

*Gangajal: the water of the great pious river Ganga which is used in many religious occasions of the Hindu and also lessens the power of ghosts.

*pandit: a special Creed in Hindu that knows better about the Hindu religion and also knows vedic mantras and ritual things according to Hindu mythology.


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