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Varieyani Comes

Varieyani Comes

2 mins 311 2 mins 311

One day passed.

It is the day since morning a queer commotion and giddiness in Varieya's mind is spread. Haste is sprayed all over. Varieya is very happy that Varieyani is just to return home today the past two months in her motherland.

Like other days, Varieya took refresh and had a cup of coffee. Yes, coffee, his favourite plate, which he demanded only when his mood regained 110% okay. Though, on his urge, Gaurav also accompanied him.

Initially, Gaurav could not understand the theme, but, as they took coffee, he had already imagined of some special. Pay thanks to Varieya that, after such a refreshment, he himself had expressed the object, with great Joy.

"Gaurav! my darling is to come, so be carefree about...... cooking and other homework is no more bothering now..... yes...( after a deep breath)... but, mention, remain cool and disciplined for this is our family.... just maintain as self."

Varieya assumed that Varieyani is the prettiest darling in the world.Touch wood.

The words shocked Gaurav what Varieya thinks about... he thinks himself more disciplined than others. Secondly, the words indicated some ongoing restrictions on Gaurav which Gaurav already hated.

Gaurav a very literate individuality and cool at mind had been enjoying a complete Liberty at his work and deeds, was now feeling abnormal. A royal lovely life,which he had received divinely from his parents, was first time on the verge of suffocation. He anticipated of but sat immovable.

The words also pinches into his core but what he can do. Gaurav who is very positive in his life has come inn with his bait. Gaurav believed if one does not gain does not lose, he does not lose does not gain.

Well, they end with cups and mind their own business. After 2 hours and a half. Varieya calls out "Gaurav, Gaurav!"


"Gaurav, today I have to return home late, so you, fetch the tiffin to my den. I have to pick and secure my darling at the station."

"Aren't you known with my den."


"There will meet a Foxxa (a was working as a servant in his den).. go and enjoy in the den."

"There is none except you both, isn't there; full gossips..."

Gaurav only nodded in affirmation. Now he is becoming familiar with his real state and stature. Varieya went out.

Gaurav kept on standing till Varieya paced long and forward and became out of sight.



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