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None Helps None In This World

None Helps None In This World

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Then, after 2 months of their familiarity, Varieya again came to the village and had a fair welfare with Gaurav. IT was the time when he proposed to Gaurav that he wanted Gaurav to be his teacher and not only of his but also of his all family members.

  He said, "Gaurav, there is no personality in mention, if one teaches in the villages and educate only the rustic people of. therefore, a teacher has duty to educate also the wild of JUNGLES. ONE will find a fame only this way, for jungles have differential particulars and so, you have analytical experiences of one's performance therein ".

  He continued to say, " one has no chance of spreading one's reverence in a well grade society here. The living here in the villages are not the primary part of the world screen but they, who dwell in the jungles, constitute a large section of our world. That is why I tell you educating inhuman beings either in villages or Such in jungles is a challenge for teachers."

  Gaurav could not think, at that time, that nature is unchangeable; only it changes its forms.

  Gaurav thought Varieya looks to be true and he should accept his offer of challenge. Though Gaurav was thinking about, but Varieya was wholly determined at the point that Gaurav would acceede his troth owing to his meekness and simplicity.

    Varieya said, " you won't to be tense of my given loan and also of your wages! You must find your wages regularly ; and of loan ! no, no Gaurav, it is a sin to recount the given from a teacher. nothing in this world can equal to the gift of a teacher; what of money then!"

    Varieya was so concentrated that he had secured a ticket to the jungle for Gaurav. the date of travel was fixed and they started for their destination.

   IT was carriage in which only the wolves travelled. It was quite cool and comfortable for the jungle dwellers....that always had a Shadowy thatch.....and they could not abide a little temperature. They had got two lower accommodations in that carriage and the opposite accommodation was fixed for an other wolf.They sat in their accommodations and began to talk about some INS and outs. strange is that that birds of same feather flock together and Gaurav was quick recognised as a being of other species, within this travel.

   The other wolf, Wolfie soon asked Varieya about Gaurav's introduction and Varieya said, "Gaurav is my friend and is so far unemployed. I thought I would engage him in our atmosphere so that he would have a wonderful life with us."

At this Wolfie thanked him for his well kind act, though he need not enlarge negotiation. At this Varieya thought that Wolfie understood him a fool and so he would respond to the question in a quite consoling way.

  When Varieya was talking of Gaurav's unemployment, Gaurav got displeased with Varieya, for man has also his own existence. Moreover, Varieya himself had offered such request of teaching work. yet Gaurav remained silent and concluded that Varieya tells a lie, too. Gaurav was quite astonished at his lies.

   Come what may, the gossips continued and continued but Varieya was feeling giddy at what Wolfie and others were thinking about him. 

  Then Varieya added, "none helps none in this world."

   At this Wolfie smiled and nodded positively. Wolfie had caught a casting site over Gaurav to know what Gaurav had meant the sentence. Gaurav compensated Wolfie 's smile. Wolfie understood that Varieya pretended to be wise, but he was not. He should speak "none helps one in this world".

  At the moment, Varieya began to whisper to Gaurav, in the ear, " let's go, we will change your Outlook by making a change in your skin."

    But Gaurav and Wolfie, perhaps, were thinking, together, Varieya slips to know everyone helps everyone in this world, the sentence meant. Varieya looked also ignorant that skin could not be changed.

  Gaurav suddenly remembered that Varieya had misled the meaning of, "there is no personality in mention " and so it was his second miss. Gaurav understood Varieya's real depth of his mind and its Concord with his words.



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