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Abstract Classics Inspirational



Abstract Classics Inspirational

Presenting A Presentation

Presenting A Presentation

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Arjun walks into the house furiously and unable to control his anger, he starts throwing and breaking things. His dad returns from the office to the house sees the mess and asks him about the issue.

Dad: what’s the matter, Arjun??? 

Arjun: When I went to make the deal with the H constructions, M.D. Krishna was not even listening to what I was saying. You won’t believe the deal got finalized between H and D constructions. The plan that D constructions came up with was not as good as the one I proposed. 

Dad (with cool): leave it, let’s go for some other project. Go and have dinner and get a good night’s sleep. 

Arjun leaves profusely. Next day morning…

Dad: Arjun, is our presentation with Y construction-ready?? If it is, present to me the contract we are about to sign with Y constructions. 

Arjun finishes the presentation and dad sees the proud look on his face.

Dad: If this is the way you present your plan, you will never succeed. 

Arjun: what are you saying, dad? 

Dad: you are supposed to be kind when you are asking something from someone. 

Arjun: Dad, I have not coded any wrong amount, followed every rule, and designed the contract, then why should I behave as if I am asking for a favor??? 

Dad: Dear, I am not telling you to beg or ask a favor. I am telling you the way to behave in certain situations.

Let me tell you a story.

Once Duryodhana and Arjuna went to meet Krishna regarding the Kurukshetra war. By the time they both entered Krishna's chamber, they found Krishna sleeping. Duryodhana went first and sat near the head and arjuna sat near the feet of Krishna. When Krishna opened his eyes, he first saw arjuna and spoke to him first and he noticed Duryodhana later. 

Just because he saw Krishna he made sure whatever arjuna asks for to be provided. 

Arjuna followed dharma and used common sense that when a person opens his eyes, he sees what is in front not what is behind. 

The presence of mind works best when you behave with humility not with determination. 

Dad: Arjun, remember this and start giving presentations, you will see the results for yourself.

Dad left and somehow Arjun realized Dad was correct.

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