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Naveen was very happy to purchase the new car. Many well-wishers, friends, relatives, coworkers and acquainted came to congratulate him on his pride procession. The ritual was the same for everyone. Naveen used to show them the car and offer sweets and then the guest will bombard him with a bundle of similar questions-

‘How much it costed you?’,

‘What is the mileage (average) it gives?

What gift did you get with this?

How much rebate have you got?

Whatever answer he gave to these questions; people would start educating him in return. First, after knowing the price he paid for this car, everyone felt critical but sympathetic to him and told them how he missed a good deal. They made him feel repented his decision and give various logics in support of this.

Jamuna Mausi's son works in the same car company in Delhi and he would have arranged a rebate to reduce the price by at least ten percent.

According to Sudha Aunty, by making a payment with a credit card of a particular bank would have given him huge discounts and cash-back. The brother-in-law of the neighbor of Malti Mausi, who is an income-tax inspector, could have reduced the cost of car up to fifty thousand rupees using the power of his influence. And according to Munmun, I did not know how to bargain, if I could take her along, she would have made a bargain to reduce the cost by twenty-five thousand rupees and would have brought many free things along with the car as a gift from the dealer.

‘on the matter of the average’, everyone felt that he had chosen the wrong model completely, although he only knew how much research and market-survey he had done with his wife on all the specifications of the vehicle together. According to Guptaji, at this price, there were so many vehicles in the market that gave a good average (but they could not even tell the name of one).

According to Rakesh Bhaisahab, I had to measure the average by driving myself and if it does not conforms to the average which the company is claiming in the documents, then I should sue the company in the consumer forum.

According to Sharma Uncle, while taking the car, one should only see, ‘how much the average gives’, everything else is useless. By a slip of tongue, he accidentally told Shalini Madam and Chandraprakash the average he had once calculated as a rough figure. Both of them started looking at me as if I had lost a big match. God only knows how and applying mathematical formulas, he proved that I am a great person who has bought such a low average car. And now he has to spend more money on petrol throughout his life.

All these things made him feel as if the happiness of buying my new car was murdered by the people around him. Not only this, everyone is not stopping here. They are also performing the post-mortem of that dead corpse of his happiness. He had brought to distribute the expensive sweets but the taste of this sweet tuned bitter by all this criticism he had heard. Now he was scared to tell people that he had taken a new car.

In the evening, he thought cool mindedly, "Can I take back the price I paid now?” or “can I change the mileage that the car is giving?” Then, why waste the power of his mind to think about these things now? What others think or feel is their problem, not his. Why should he spoil the peace of his mind on these irrelevant things?

He made up his mind and decided, "Now I will not allow my happiness to be post-mortemed. My happiness is the only mine, and I will celebrate it by sharing it with my family. "

He shouted to call his wife, "Rani, get the children ready, today we are going on the long drive and will also eat food outside". Hearing this, Rani’s face was filled with smile and the children also started dancing with joy.

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