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A wave of tension existed amongst the many youths of the Republic of India as numerous post graduates from all the traceable states were now ready to stand on their foot. Job contractors, Employment Exchanges, Advertisements were frantically active. The youths wanted to get the best return for their persistent hard efforts in the schools, colleges and universities. Many were regretting their ignorance of taking part in personality development sessions and English lessons. While some confessed to themselves that they acted casually during the high time. The youths were sure that life would be a struggle and the challenges would double up with every new success they achieve. The country which luckily has the majority of their human lives in the form of youth sensed why population was a curse rather than boon. Majority of the youth shared the same opinion and strived to get a job for themselves. But, in contrary to them there existed a few who wanted to make a change. These few youths were not only from the metropolitan cities whose population has qualification that would shame Aristotle and Personality which would make even the intellectuals brood.

The youth with an aspiration for change existed also in the North-eastern of Assam whose people are devoid of the best opportunities and grand lifestyle. A state perceived by the lots to be a beautiful land of green forests, eccentric animals and lacing modernity and trends. Aditya, Karam, Chand and Hridoy were the four of many a sons that their beautiful valley had. They had their parents working on gazette posts and witnessed the meetings they had with the big bureaucrats, ministers, Very Important Persons throughout their lifetime. All the discussions in regard of the elections, ministry posts, changing government made them realize how the local leaders try their best to win the hearts of officers. They had seen the grin behind the smiles to make puppets. In many instances, jobs were reserved by their fathers in exchange of the farm products and M1.

They had seen minimal illegal practices in factories for the return of the drawings that the owners made in the form of hundreds of their produce which got transferred to their homes. They gnawed those in their childhood. Many lessons were learnt and things were realized by these four eccentric friends. They felt that the underdevelopment in the country is because of the perception and beliefs held by the public. The irresponsibility that people showed as citizens cost the country and the blame went to administrative departments. They had been eye witnesses to rape protestors becoming rapist. The lack of responsibility and laziness was eating the country and population was turning a curse. After their array of researches and analytics, they decided to form ‘PERCEPTION’.

‘PERCEPTION’ found its first mention in the Assamese daily where it was addressed as an anonymous bunch of four people who kidnapped a quadrigenerian to file a complaint in the police station against the rape of her teenage daughter. This resulted in the accused being caught. In a prompt succession, a ‘Deu’ and ‘Sarpanch’ were beaten black and blue, forcing them to take back the decision of declaring their sexual interest a witch. Rural people were forced to consult doctors rather than ‘Vej’. Eve-teasers were extinct in the utmost areas. Domestic Violence stopped in the most abrupt manner. Unemployment fell in a flash. Assam was transforming to a state rich in Commerce, technology, etc. Tourist places took on their responsibilities and welcomed tourists with ready mate food and security even in places like Karbi-Anglong. ‘PERCEPTION’ was having a golden run since its inception. The public indeed changed their perception and were turning out to be good citizens which made their lives easier than ever. Protests were done for the right problem, Cases were filed even in Consumer forums, Girls could go outside without the slightest fear. Many Human Rights organizations firstly criticized them for their forceful process, but in vain.

‘PERCEPTION’ was from the youth and for the youth. But, with every new success, challenges double up. ‘PERCEPTION’ was the biggest abrasion for the ruling party which follows the policy of Corruption and mismanagement. There was no heed paid to them by the public and the public’ awareness was a pill, hard to digest. The topmost Bureaucrat was given the task to put a halt to ‘PERCEPTION’. The Bureaucrat began his investigation right from the order’s arrival and found that tracking them was the hard. They had no fixed place of operation as their phone numbers were the numbers of their victims’ which changed consistently. There were only imaginary drawings as nobody had never seen them. Kids would paint them as people wearing masks, halos, helmets, metallic shields, etc.

However, the Bureaucrat identified the people who complained to the ‘PERCEPTION’ and stole the phone of one family. He informed the minister that he would be calling the ‘PERCEPTION’ with the phone to a solitude destination. The Bureaucrat, accompanied with the minister and four chosen policemen found their hiding spot near the dirty bushes to wait for the ‘PERCEPTION’. They were ready with guns and sticks and on that weary midnight they waited, freezing in cold. After forbearingly waiting for ten minutes, they heard footsteps progressing gradually. The Bureaucrat had a close look on them. There were three lads wearing a waxed Cotton Jacket with big shotguns in their hands. The minister had a sigh of relief and was on blue moon. He gave a thumbs up to the Bureaucrat. The Bureaucrat gave a recognizable nod and asked his policemen not to fire then, itself. He directed them not to be in the shooting position. After giving a last look to the minister, he shouted ‘’ATTACK’’ and ran towards the left at full pace. The ‘PERCEPTION’, already in the shooting position heavily shot at the bushes until they heard three different recognizable audible human voices. The bushes turned red. “ It is the first assassination. Write it in our books in a decipherable hand-writing, Mr Bureaucrat” said Karam to the Top Bureaucrat, Hridoy.

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