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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra


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Horror Tragedy Others



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John Fascini opens his mailbox thumbs through all the bills, and junk, and finally notices a piece of mail that catches his eye. Paradise the pamphlet advertises on the front cover. John becomes fascinated at the pictures of the stunning geisha women, and at the eye-popping, jaw-dropping scenery in the brochure. The place labeled “paradise” is located in Tohoku Japan. Known for its skiing and incredible snowfall in the winter months, the summer months show the lush greenery of the forest land. Tohoku is situated on Honshu island, a hard to get to, out of the way location. John is a Kirby vacuum cleaner manager, who has many people under him. He can take his vacation when he sees fit. John being a salesman knows about the fine print and scrutinizes it thoroughly. “You have been selected by American Airlines as a premium choice candidate to embark on this journey to the new resort “Paradise”. All expenses are paid for just call the number on this pamphlet by the date listed to be eligible.”

“Hot damn, look at those women!” The Kirby salesman whistles with excitement. John calls his office, apprises his second in command of the situation then hangs up the phone. As the excitement between his hips escalates he dials the number in the brochure.

“Ohayou!” A pleasant oriental voice greets him.

“Hello? No speaka Japanesa!” He replies. “Do youa speaka englisha?”

“Yes!” She answers. “I was saying good morning, that is what Ohayou means in Japanese. Although that is the informal version, I could have said “ohayou gozaimau” and been more formal but I believe that anyone calling here is calling about the new resort and I consider them friends, so just Ohayou will do.” John looks strangely at the phone and after shaking his head he replies

“Ohayou” (sounds like Ohio) I was indeed calling about the resort. I am interested in participating in the journey and giving your resort a review. What must I do now?”

“You are….?” She asks.

“Right, uh, John Fascini is my name. You sent me a packet.” He is starting to get defensive.

“Oh yes, Mr. Fascini, great. Well, you are the first one to do call us and time is running out on the others. Do you have a pen and paper handy?”

“Yes! Go ahead, I am ready…ready for the boobs, babes, and booze”

“What was that Mr. Fascini?”

“I am probably going to have to get new shoes” he answers.

“Well, you must fly to Tokyo, then there will be a special ship called REVENGE waiting at the dock for you. Get on the ship, I will be there with my assistant Isadish Miyachin and we will explain everything to you.”

“Great, great, and what is your name?” He prompts.

“Kitonubi Ryoshin, but you can call me Kitti for short. See you in three days Mr. Fascini.” Just as strangely as the phone conversation started it had ended, this time with an abrupt, rude, click.

“That was strange, and yet so tantalizingly exciting.” John lets out a giggle. Like a boy in a candy store, he packs his suitcase for the trip.

Three days later Mr. Fascini finds himself at the dock looking for the ship named Revenge. He briefly recalls his flight in as the plane was coming in he could see the array of greens from the trees that surrounded the land. The pictures on the pamphlet did not do the real thing any justice and John had visualized himself commenting to Kitti that same thing when he got to see her. The sun bright, illustrious shone down on his face and warmed his very being. Finally, he found the ship; an impressive yacht, that he was to discover that he was the only to share it with Kitti and Ishadish.

Kitti looked stunning in her red and black kimono. It was extremely form-fitting and Kitti was not lacking curves. Her kimono was the Furiosode style which is made out of silk and traditionally worn by single, 20 + year old Japanese women. They wear these until they become married in which case they wear a different style. “Although this style does not show cleavage Kitti looks ravishing in it” John ogles. Both women curtsy, he nods, and they enter the Revenge.

Kitti all smiles as she relays the week's activities out for John. In his mind, he can’t wait for one of the nubile women to be his. “They will be mine, one way or another” his sinister thoughts formulate twisted strategies. John Fascini is a rapist. He is extremely brutal and has not been caught by any authorities. To John’s sick mind he has just landed into a “paradise” of his own.

“What do you think of the sights?” Kitty’s melodic voice breaks into his reverie.

“Everything is beautiful, your company included” he charms.

“Arigatou Gozaimasu…Thank you!” She blushes. “Isadish where is the food and wine?” Her eyes burn holes into the direction of the kitchen. John can see for the first time a less friendly side to Kitti. From beyond the doorway comes the humble voice of Isadish.

“Right here, Miss Ryoshin” through the doors, arrives Isadish with shiny, silver platters. One by one she brings out the platters and finally the wine and goblets. With a bow, to the diners, she retreats to another part of the ship. Removing the covers John is introduced to a platter of rice, chicken, various sauces, fish, and sushi. He bites into the food as if he has never eaten before, like the savage he is. The fish, being cooked to perfection falls off the bone and melts in his mouth. He smothers his rice and chicken in hot spices and it too is gone in mouth-watering fashion. Across the table in the opposite fashion, Kitti eats delicately, passionately, savoring every morsel as if it were art. After washing down the food with water, Kitti snaps her fingers arrogantly and Isadish expeditiously arrives with dessert. Dessert consists of rice cakes, sugar, water, strawberries, and sweet azuki beans. John bites into the dessert and is immediately surprised at how delicious it really is.

“What is this?”

“Ichigo Daifuku Japanese Sweet Cakes a very good dessert don’t you think; the best in fact?”

“Yes,” he responds spraying food everywhere due to speaking with food in his mouth.

“Before we propose a toast I wish to engage in conversation with you John.” Her eyes stare at him as if expecting a challenge.

“Sure, no problem,” he sees no threat, for, after all, she is a woman.

“Have you liked everything so far?”

“Sure, well, that is except, I don’t want to get Isadish into trouble, but the food, although it tasted marvelous; was cold.”

“Oh, you mean the dish was served cold?” He nods. “Did you read the pamphlet we mailed you?” He nods. “It said everything was free to correct?” By now her inflection in her voice is no longer on the pleasant side, but John seems unaware, or not threatened by it.

“Yes, of course, I haven’t paid for a thing yet” he tries his charming smile.

“Ok, so it did not say HOT food, did it?” Her eyes burn into his skull, he realizes his uncouth, undiplomatic error.

“Look, I meant no harm by it, that was my only complaint, and really, it is no big deal in the grand scheme of things.” She seems to relax at this remark.

“You will see what a true paradise this place is, but just let it be known, everything or everyone has flaws. Just like the cold food you encountered, it tasted great, it smelled great, and it was free, but it was just cold. Do you think it is ok for people or things to have flaws, issues, or problems?” Her eyes seem to reach right into his soul and know his dark, inner secret, he lets out a shiver.

“Guessing is not knowing” he convinces himself. “Sure, I think that no-one or nothing is perfect. I am willing to accept your issues if you accept mine” he uses his phony salesman smile. Instead of answering she raises a glass.

“I propose a toast….let’s toast to….”Whatever paradise brings”

“Whatever paradise brings” he clangs his wine goblet with hers. In one fell swoop, his goblet is empty. Finally, she laughs a laugh so creepy it effectuates goosebumps on his flesh. Suddenly, the room is spinning. Her face goes round and round and round, her laugh taunts his ears. Just as he is about to succumb to the toxin in his body he hears her say “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

John wakes up to a calm melody, which penetrates deep into his skin causing him to relax. He can feel a cool breeze journey over his body. He is naked. A smile dances onto his face as he remembers the company he was with, something good must’ve happened last night. As he relishes the image he then realizes that he can’t move his arms or legs. John’s eyes pop wide open, his arms and legs are in restraints. “How kinky did we get?” He thinks and there is a stirring in his groin. A headache arrives and starts knocking on his skull looking for entry. When he tries to recall the previous night the headache gets worse, furthermore, he can’t feel the rocking motion of being on the boat so it has either stopped or they are on the location “paradise”.

“Hello!” He yells “ello, ello, llo, o” comes back to him. Finally, there is the sound of a door opening, then the footballs of someone walking, and Kitty is staring into his eyes.

“I am glad you have slept well. Because today is going to be a long day and you will need all of your strength.” A chuckle of pure evil reverberates in his eardrums.

“What do you want with me?”

“Consider this school, John. You need to know what goes on in the life of someone who has been abused sexually, raped by losers like you. Even if you are caught the law system is such a joke that you get a little slap on the wrist and get to terrorize more innocents. Your first lesson is simple. One thing that abuse victims get to go through is the fear of waiting. If they are being molested by someone within the home, for instance, they know that the perpetrator is coming, again and again, night after night. As a result, they are on edge and sleepless until the perp does their deed and then goes away. So after our little experiment, you can let us know how much fun it is.” Kitti smiles coldly, then all he can hear is her retreating footsteps.

“Wait! Hold up, you can’t do this to me. I am an American citizen, I should be put on trial for my crimes. What kind of justice is this?” The repetition of his own voice is his only reply. As the hours go by John becomes increasingly restless. He tries to free himself of his binds but it is for naught. Finally, footsteps approach his ears, so he turns his head in that direction. He is expecting Kitti, but is instead surprised by Isadish leering over him.

“I am going to enjoy this” she whispers in his ears. She shows him the gleaming, Bowie knife, and her smile. “This knife is great for skinning” she drags its tip lightly over his rib cage, down his thigh then circles his groin. “I will be coming back to give you the next lesson.” The blade glides over his abdomen, across his chest then dips slightly into the side of his neck. John can feel the trickle of blood run down his neck. “See you soon, my pupil.” As Isadish walks away, John loses his bladder. The smell of urine permeates the air. Every hour there is the sound of footfalls, and metal being dragged over stone, John trembles in fear but then the sounds recede. John even tries to fall asleep to avoid the nightmare but the minute he does someone comes in and slaps him awake. “No sleeping, your victims didn’t get much sleep” the voice reprimands. John finally succumbs to his fears and starts sobbing. Once his cries are heard the sound of footsteps approaches, and this time they do not go away. Isadish stares down at his pitiful condition, and only offers a grimace for comfort.

"Now you are ready for the next lesson.” She holds the knife up bursting with pride. “When you rape your victims you cause them physical, emotional, psychological, and emotional pain. So far you have dealt with the psychological. You strip people of their womanhood/manhood when you do these things. They feel unattractive, weak, dirty, and alone. I intend to rid you of your manhood by eradicating the thing you use to rape your victims, then I will disfigure you so can see how ugly you are. Don’t worry nurses will attend to your wounds to ensure you don’t die on us.”

“P-p-please don’t do this. This is insane. I won’t do those things again, I am a changed m-m-man.”

“Your victims begged you too, and how merciful were you?” Before he can reflect on her thought-provoking question she slices off a testicle. Pain so intense causes him to issue forth a guttural scream. Methodically, she removes all of his genitalia, all the while ignoring his pleas of mercy, and outbursts of pain. Without stopping she promptly disfigures the rapist's face. Nurses come in and attend to his wounds with callous emotions.

“Give me p-p-pain medicine please!” He pleads. As if they are deaf they bandage his wounds then quickly retreat. Their work has been done. His sobs become more continuous and again he tries to sleep it off. Just like before someone comes in and wakes him up. His exhaustion and pain reach an ultimate threshold and he starts to babble incoherently. Without having registered to hear her John notices Kitti staring at him with contempt.

“So do you think you know what it is like to suffer being raped?” His pain-ridden mind forces his head to nod in the affirmative. He feels a pinprick in his bicep than the restraints being taken off. “I have administered pancuronium to your body. It should make you feel quite paralyzed. Coincidentally, that is what happens when a person is waiting for their perpetrator to come back, they are paralyzed with fear. There really is one last lesson to teach you, then I think you will come to an understanding of being a

Victim. From out of nowhere five geishas arrive, and put a straight jacket on him. He tries to struggle but the drug makes him totally immovable. Sweat explodes onto his forehead and drenches his skin under his arms. “We need to put that on you because the drug will wear off eventually. It is not a concern because you will not be a concern for anyone else ever again.” Strong hands move him to a white room filled with mirrors. “You get to spend a long time looking at yourself, and listening to yourself.” Some victims will scream in their own head, they will recall their own internal screams and replay it over and over in their minds. It really is quite maddening. We have a tape of you screaming while Isadish was teaching you. From now until you die you will get to hear yourself scream over and over. Don’t worry though we will provide food, and water, to keep you alive. After all death is too easy an escape for the likes of you. I hope you liked your stay in Paradise. Konban wa” (good evening) and “Sayonara” (goodbye) Mr. Fascini, Kitonubi Ryoshin glares one last time at the rapist. When the door shuts, the sound of his screams fill the room, and Mr. John Fascini is left to his maddening paradise. Never judge a paradise by its cover.

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