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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Soumyarup Sengupta

Children Stories Fantasy Horror


Soumyarup Sengupta

Children Stories Fantasy Horror

Journey Through The Elevator

Journey Through The Elevator

6 mins 851 6 mins 851

I only have a few hours, so listen to my scary day. If you are reading my story, be careful because it is dangerous and scary also.

 So, you know why elders should be there while going through the elevator? Ok, let me tell you.

 My name is Soumyarup Sengupta. I am thirteen years, but I am still scared to go near to a lift because of one incident which took place.

So, while I was going down through the elevator to play with my friends. I insisted my parents come with me, but my parents were too busy to come. I was sad.

I made my way to the elevator. I pressed the basement button. So, the lift was going fine but suddenly the lift got stuck with a creek sound. I was so scared because I never got stuck in the lift along.

 Then suddenly a voice spoke to me, “Your life is in danger because I am going to kill you.” I turned around to see who was back of mine, but I saw no one. I was getting scared. I shouted for help but no one came for my help. 

   After a few minutes, I was choked by a hand. I screamed and fought with my whole energy. But I cannot touch the hand. I was struggling for my life. I cannot breathe at all. I was dying. Then suddenly the lift’ s rope broke up. The lift was going down. I screamed for help. 

 After a few minutes, the door of the lift opened. I step forward with my confidence.

 I saw a security guard’s desk in a raised podium, so I had to look up at the guard.

 I looked at the entranced gate and I read aloud, “Welcome to Underworld.”

He was tall and elegant, with chocolate-colored skin and bleached-blond hair shaved military style. He wore tortoiseshell shades and a silk Italian suit that matched his hair. A black rose was pinned to his lapel under a sliver name tag. 

I was so shocked that I cannot move at all bewilderment way, “Your name is Nagarjuna?” 

 He leaned across the desk. I couldn’t see anything in his glasses except my own reflection, but his smile was sweet and cold, like a python’s, right before it eats you.

“Yes, my name is Nagarjuna. What a precious lad.” He had a strange accent- British, maybe, but also as if he had learned English as a second language, “Are you dead or what?”

“N-no. I don’t know.” 



“Well done.” He sat back. “And now, how may I help you little dead ones?”

“How did you know that I am dead,” I asked Nagarjuna.

“By the smell.”

I was so shocked that I did not speak for a while.

“So welcome to Underworld and how did you die,” Nagarjuna told me.

“Ye thank you. I don’t know that I am dead or alive. If you say that I am dead, then I died because of……………...a ghost hand has choked me to death.” 

“A what?”

“Ghost. Why what happened?”

Then he called a name, “Setne!”

After he did not get replied from anyone from the crowd, his face was turning into pinkish- purple color.

I asked, “What happened Nagarjuna?”

NO………...He cannot go away again! He killed you and he vanished in thin air.”


“Yes……You should come and meet Ramraj, the god of Underworld and the god of the dead. Come along.”Pointing towards an elevator that was levitated. I was hesitated to go but there was no other way to go back.

  I followed Nagarjuna towards the boat. While I was crossing I saw a ghost. He asked me, “Who are you?” And every ghost started to ask me, who were lined for the elevator. Nagarjuna then shoed them away. 

    After we reached the boat, he shut the doors. He put a key card into a slot in the elevator panel and I started to descend.

  “What happens to the spirits waiting in the lobby?” I asked Nagarjuna.

“Nothing will happen to them.”

 I just ignored that part.

  Then I saw something I got a dizzy feeling. I wasn’t going down anymore, but forward. The air turned misty. Spirits around me started changing shape. Their modern clothes flickered, turning into grey hooded robes. The floor of the elevator began swaying.

  I blinked hard. When I opened my eyes, Nagarjuna’s creamy Italian suit had been replaced by a long black robe. His tortoiseshell glasses were gone. Where his eyes should’ve been were empty sockets. I was so scared that I blinked again, the elevator wasn’t an elevator anymore. I was standing in a wooden barge. Nagarjuna was pulling me across a dark, oily river, swirling with bones, dead fish and other, stranger things- plastic dolls, crushed carnation, soggy diplomas with gilt edges.

   I asked Nagarjuna, “Why is this river so polluted?”

 “This river is called the River Styx. For thousand of years, you humans have been throwing in everything as you come across – hopes, dream, wishes that never came true. Irresponsible waste management, if you asked me.”

  Mists curled off the filthy water. Above us, almost lost in the gloom, was a ceiling of stalactites. Ahead, the far shore glimmered with greenish light, the color of poison.

  After a few hours of walking, I saw to my right side, a line was there. I saw forward, and I saw a small valley surrounded by walls- a gated community, which seemed to be the only happy part of the Underworld. Beyond the security gate were neighborhoods of beautiful houses from every period in history, Roman villas and medieval castles and Victorian mansions. Silver and gold flowers bloomed on the lawns. The grass rippled in rainbow colors. I could hear laughter and smell barbecue cooking.


 I asked a ghost which was near me, “What is this place called?”

 “Elysium. The happiest part of the Underworld.”

  I entered Elysium and saw the palace of Ramraj. It was so black in color. I walked up the steps of the palace, between black columns, through a black marble portico, and into the house. The entrance hall had a polished bronze floor, which seemed to boil in the reflected torchlight. There was no ceiling, just the cavern roof, far above. I guess they never had to worry about rain down here.

I saw a shadow walked through the lonely lane which was on my left. A sudden scream of dream has made him turned. “What?” yelled the shadow.

I ran towards that and then I took the guide from that shadow called 

Jakasura. He first asked me, “Who are you?”

I was so shocked to see this. But I don’t have any other way. So, I told him, “My name is Soumyarup. I want to meet your Lord Ramraj for some reason” I don’t want to say the reason to him. 

After a few turns, I entered a new and huge hallway. In middle, there was a throne and, in the throne, stood Hades. He wore a black robe and a golden embodiment. He was scary and dangerous also. For few minutes I stared at Ramraj.

  Then Jakasura told to Ramraj, “Lord he wants to meet with you.” And then he vanished.

  I was so shocked to see that.

Ramraj spoke in a deep manner, “Say why do you want to meet me.” 

  I told him, “Lord, I want to go to my parent and want to be alive.

 “No, you cannot do this. This is the place where the dead should live.”

“Please lord.”

 Ramraj was becoming angry and was almost going to kill me.

 Then I suddenly woke up and look around. I saw no one around me. I was so relieved to see that I am alive.

     I saw in my hanging clock that the time is 3.30 in the morning and my mother will come to wake me up at 6.30.

      This is the reason why we should go to a lift with our parents and not alone.

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