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Paarth Chawla



Paarth Chawla




6 mins 443 6 mins 443

Uttar Pradesh, INDIA, 

22nd December, 2022

" There has again been a case of disappearing of children in Uttar Pradesh, it's the second day....."


Uttar Pradesh, INDIA, 

22nd December 2019

There it comes the noisy sound of breaking glass. The boys were playing cricket and they just broke the glass. Here he comes the neighbour with a piece of the broken pane and a Cricket ball in hand. He threw the ball towards them and shouted out: " if this happens again you guys will have it from me and it's my last warning." So, the match continues and Priyank bowls the batsman Paarth and guess what, one more shot and one more broken pane.

This time the neighbour shouts and all the boys run off to a cricked house. They kept on ringing the bell. When no one answered, Akshat suggested to just barge in. That's what they did, they barged in and entered the cricked house. The neighbour came out and he shouted again: "now you aren't getting this ball and now you see what happens". They all decided to stay in the house for 2-3 minutes and then go to their homes. At a moment or two, they felt a bit odd. They started to roam around the house. Paarth, Akshat went onto the second floor while others saw the ground floor when they were roaming around. Paarth and Akshat came across a door where it was written:




Akshat wasn't scared at all so he took the scariest one while Paarth waited outside. He opened the door and when he went in, the door shut automatically. After some time, there came a scream from the room Akshat entered. Paarth got terrified and called up others. They tried to open the door but it got locked. Then Paarth picked up a metal rod lying nearby and he smashed the rod on the door. The door flew open. When they came in they saw a woman in a white sari { Indian dress } was holding Akshat in one hand and chanting "BLOOD". They all got afraid and ran towards the door when it shut back and got locked. Then the woman asked them:"Why are you here?" They all kept quiet. She shouted again: "why are you here?" Priyank answered in a frightening voice: "we aa.. are here to.."

The woman came near Priyank and asked the same thing again in a scary voice he answered very quickly, " we are here to keep us safe...," he spoke so swiftly that the woman couldn't hear. Then she got frustrated and started shouted like anything. Akshat was bleeding but he was conscious, he saw the metal rod lying on the floor, he picked it up and hit the woman. She fainted and they all ran from the house. They first aided Akshat and started thinking about the matter. After 2 days they got a piece of news that one more friend of theirs, Pavitra, she went into the cricked house at 8 pm on Wednesday and hasn't returned yet!! They all were in great shock but they had witnessed the fear and didn't know what to do.

Every day there's news of a child who disappeared and the news is of those children who play, live near the cricked house. Few days went when at Monday, Paarth was sleeping and he got a dream where all the children who got disappeared were asking for help and saying: " you can make a difference come and save us... BLOOD..." After every dialogue of them, there came blood and all of a sudden it gets washed. Suddenly Paarth shouted "ahhhhh". His mother came in his room, woke Paarth up. He found out that he had caught fever and he just had a bad dream. The second day he got the same dream and third day the same.

So the fourth day he called his friends and asked them to come to his home immediately. When they came Paarth explained to them about his dream. After a huge argument, Amogh exclaimed, " let's go to the cricked house and save all those children and this time we'll kick that woman's butt so, she doesn't hurt people again". They all agreed and decided to go to the cricked house again and save the people. They carried some equipment such as ropes etc. and went inside the cricked house. This time they were looking downstairs when they heard a scream from the upper floor. The screams were coming from all the three doors. They thought to divide themselves.

Paarth went into the NOT SCARY AT ALL door, Priyank went to the SCARY door and Akshat went again in the SCARIEST one. While Amogh kept an eye outside the doors. All were separated and after a few minutes, they heard another scream which was of Amogh. They ran back but again all the doors got locked. Everybody peeped through the keyhole and saw that the same woman was about to bite Amogh from his neck. Amogh was about to die. At the moment Akshat remembers that he had brought holy water with him and he was a priest's son, so he knew about exorcism etc. a bit. So he started chanting his prayer out loud "*************************************************"

At a moment the woman shouted and suddenly vanished, the doors also got unlocked. They went out and saved Amogh but it wasn't over yet. The woman was still alive. In a fraction of second, she appeared again... Akshat immediately threw some holy water and she fainted. When she woke she was tied up. Akshat started his chanting again, all others could understand was " IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST TELL ME YOUR NAME! "

After saying this again and again. Priyank shouted out: " Hey, you mad or what we are asking you something reply...! We are not that we will keep asking again and again!!" She untied the knots herself and got free. She ran to Priyank and choked him. Suddenly Paarth remembered the blood that came in his dream. He exclaimed, " look for the word blood there's something related to that ".

Akshat recognised the plot and he said it finally: " I KNOW YOUR NAME, IT'S BLOOD. IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, I CAST YOU BACK TO HELL..."They all saved their lives. Suddenly all the doors in the house opened and all the children came back. They went back home. But they didn't tell anyone who rescued them.

It was a lazy Sunday morning, everybody was in the park. Akshat told them that it has gone just, for now, it can return in some years. If this happens again we will come back with a new team and a new plan. Priyank interrupted " Whereas its name was amazing. BLOOD, I loved the name". "Common boy, can you please shut your mouth we are trying to discuss something very serious," Paarth angrily said. Akshat continued: " so we have a clear victory, hmm so from tomorrow we get back to our normal lives." Yeah said, everyone. They all said bye to each other and went to their homes.



22nd DECEMBER, 2022

All the kids were enjoying watching television when they switched on the tv and saw the news...

" There has again been a case of disappearing of children in Uttar Pradesh, it's the second day..."

All looked at each other and said: 


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