Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra
Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Paarth Chawla



Paarth Chawla


The Dawn : Rise Of The Devil

The Dawn : Rise Of The Devil

28 mins 25.3K 28 mins 25.3K

Uttar Pradesh, INDIA, 

22nd December, 2017

It is 7 am. There is a rush on the roads. Everyone is off to work and children are on the way to school.

C. L. S. school



9-K it was the most notorious class anyone could see. Everyone is playing with foils. Many are scribbling with the chalk. And here we are with our Hero of the class “PAARTH”

He is the most notorious boy of the class and marked WANTED On the list of every teacher. Now God knows what will he do next. He has a group of friends that is famous in the school for their mischiefs, the group is called the #team05. All the members of #team05 are notorious and doesn’t leave by there friend’s side ever, no matter what happens. The members are:-

Paarth: The Head {17 years}

Ananya: The Vice Chairman {17 years}

Adhiraj: Partner {16 years}

Aggarwal: Partner {16 years}

Arushi: Adviser {17 years}

You must be thinking how can someone’s name be Aggarwal, well his first name was Paarth but two Paarths can’t be there so they used his surname Aggarwal. So, there team works as follows. Paarth plans the mischief. Ananya takes care of the equipments required. Adhiraj and Aggarwal are the eyes of the team. While they do the Mischief they keep a watch outside or nearer to their destination. And finally last but not the least Arushi, she selects the place suitable for the Mischief.

today was a new mischief planned but Adhiraj was not attentive and unfortunately they were caught. There comes the scream of the teacher Ms. Simran Goel ‘ahhhhhh..’

And the next moment everyone in the HM’S room. Headmaster was Mr.Krishna Singh. To whom’s office when someone enters, sees his marriage photo. His wife’s name is Mrs.Parnika Singh…..“Everytime they’re at to something. these is not done maam. You tells me whats should me do..??” yelled Ms. Simran ohh… wait a second. I am sorry I forgot to tell you that Ms. Simran is very bad at English. But she tries her best to speak English but what she speaks looks like an ancient language. ‘' No madam, you tells me now whats should I does with them.’’ yells Ms. Simran. ‘' Ma’am please calm yourself down!” Shouted the Headmaster. Looking at the conversation we come to know that The HM has a crush on Ms. Simran. Oh ! wait he is just not the only one he has a competition and the competitor is from the one and only #Team05. And he is Adhiraj. When HM was offering MS. SIMRAN some water and his hand touched her there was a sense of JEALOUSY. Adhiraj got really pumped up when he saw him flirting with Ms.Simran. And there it goes… "Hey you lousy piece of shittttttt. Stop that.” said Adhiraj in an angry voice. When the Headmaster didn’t listen Adhiraj said out loud " Mrs.Singh” at that moment he threw the glass of water on Ms.Simran and started mummerning "heyyyy deeaarrr iii am sryyy…. I don’t know this woman… heyyyy youuu puss offf from my ooffiiccee” when Mr.Krishna turned around he saw no one there but he made a bad image in Ms.Simran’s mind. All thanks to Adhiraj. All water was spilled on Ms.Simran’s face, on his desk. Ms.Simran got very annoyed with him and shouted " I HATE YOU !“. Headmaster was angry at Adhiraj. So, he suspended him for a week. After that they all picked up there bag and went home.

6:00 pm

Same Day

Everyone is assembled in the park. They are talking about the suspension of Adhiraj. " today Adhiraj lost his mind and we were caught… where was your mind eh..?” Paarth said suspiciously. Adhiraj replied in a scared voice " ahh what happened was I saw Ms.Simran outside so I ran towards herrrr” Paarth was real angry. He muttered “Not again man”. There Aggarwal interrupted, “guys c’mon just forget it, let’s play something”. “I am getting bored too” said Arushi. There Ananya advised as the street light was not working so let’s play Hide & Seek. They all agreed and asked Aggarwal to do the den. They started there game. Everyone knew about a vacant house of Late.Divaksh Benjamin. . The house was empty from years and nobody had went inside too. But today they thought that the house would be a nice place to hide in. They entered the house very secretly and hid in one of the rooms. When suddenly Aggarwal got up and asked everyone to excuse him for a minute as he wanted to go to washroom. Then suddenly Adhiraj prompted, “Bro, where are you going to go this is a house which is way older than the STATUE OF LIBERTY.” Aggarwal gave them a smile and went outside the room. After sometime they heard the scream of Aggarwal.


Everyone got scared and fastly exited the room. They started searching for Aggarwal. It was a big house with 3 floors. While they were looking for him, Arushi found some material of ‘Clown’. She exclaimed with fear, “guys what is this clown stuff doing in this graveyard.”Ananya replied “don’t you remember that Mr. Divaksh was a clown at The Great Indian Circus in Delhi. He was famous for his trick called the ‘Twins’. He was the only resident of Britain. Last year when The Britain took a decision against India, some angry people came and burnt him alive.” Paarth uttered with curious voice, “twins…???”. Ananya replied with confidence “Paarth he used to make almost 50 twins of himself and fool people by his trick that there were 50 people who looked as him, but in real it was just him”. Paarth was fascinated by his trick. While there tour to the house they start hearing footsteps. It started getting closer and closer. Suddenly it stopped… there was a silence for a second or two. In a fraction of a second a man with the makeup of a clown entered the lobby of the house where they were standing with a clown’s dress. He exclaimed “HEELOOO”. Everyone shouted ahhhh… and started running here and there. When the clown shouted everyone entered some or other room. There were 2 rooms on the floor. Paarth, Adhiraj were in one room and the other in the second room. Everyone was shouting. They started debating for an exit plan. When Paarth saw a metal rod lying in the room. Paarth asked for Adhiraj’s help and they both started hitting the side wall so that break into the side room where the other 3 were there. After trying hard several times, they gave up and thought of some other plan. When they were thinking about it there came a knock on the door. “KNOCK….KNOCK”. They started panicking because they knew if that clown caught them, it would be there last day. Paarth started screaming when he saw a bit of sunlight entering the room. He looked up and saw a window pane. Paarth calmed himself down and said “Adhiraj, you see the window pane here…?” Adhiraj exclaimed with joy, “Yes Paarth I see it let’s break it and get the hell outta there.” They picked up the rod and broke the glass. Firstly, Adhiraj jumped out and then Paarth was about to Jump when he thought of others, he shouted “Arushi, Ananya and Aggarwal keep distance from the window” Aggarwal asked curiously “Paarth you got any plan..??” Paarth entered the room by breaking the window pane. He swang with the rope to the side room and smashed in. He entered the room and said “Yes ! Aggarwal i have got a plan, Adhiraj is already out now it’s your turn. Use the rope and slide down.” First both the girls went, the Aggarwal and when it was Paarth’s turn, the Clown smashed the door. Paarth was frightened so he immediately slid off but in between the clown came and cut the rope from the top. Paarth fell down from a certain height. He got fainted and when he opened his eye he was at his home with all his friends around him. Paarth injured his hand and had a hairline fracture. They were very afraid of the house and didn’t wanted to go there again. Aggarwal prompted his question “guys do you know who was that clown??”. Ananya answered “Aggarwal I think it was Mr. Divaksh because I noticed him when he suddenly came to the lobby. It was the starting act of his show in the circus where he use to come suddenly and scared everyone and he was too having a tattoo on his neck where it was written ‘D’ and d stands for..”. “Divaksh, yes this is guys that clown was definitely Divaksh” said Paarth. Everyone was terrified about the threats that they could face if he came to our home. Suddenly the phone started ringing, It was of Adhiraj’s mother. Aggarwal took the call, his mom was asking Aggarwal to send him home soon. They looked at the clock and saw that it was already 9:30 pm, everyone should go home by now.

so #team05 took a goodbye hug and went to there houses safely.

Next Day

8:00 am



Everyone is silent because they had no clue that what will happen if they stayed there, as they were frightened

“Guys my mother is planning a vacation on the occasion of my birthday, you guys invited” said Aggarwal in a sad voice. Paarth said “guys let’s go for a vacation it would change our mood, hey Aggarwal where’s the destination??” Aggarwal replied “ahmmm it’s GOA” everyone exclaimed with joy “GOA IT IS”. They planned to go Goa on 25th February by VISTARA AIRCRAFT. Everyone went home and started packing for the trip. They all decided the whole plan that on

The First Day: Sightseeing Of Beach

The Second Day: Paragliding and Yacht drive

and after the ride on the Yacht they will leave for Airport.

They all got there tickets and booked the hotel online. The hotel was full of fun, there were a fun centre in which there was a pool table, swimming pool, gyming centre, video games and what not. That hotel was the best of all and now it was time.. They all got there tickets picked up there bags and met at Ananya’s house. 25th February 

6:00 am


Everyone was ready and was sitting in the cab waiting for Ananya. “She’s always late, isn’t she..??” Aggarwal says in a frustrated voice. Ahm there she comes in a blue beautiful dress. Everyone settles in the cab and leaves for the Airport. They reach the Airport 20 minutes early and check in there bags and leave for the boarding by 8:00 am. There flight gets announced at 8:15 am and they finally board the plain to GOA. The flight lands on the GOA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT at 11:00 am. They speedly pick there luggage and take a cab to their Luxurious Resort, The Beach King. It was a beach side hotel. They checked in the hotel. Got there own rooms. They entered the rooms firstly and kept there luggage and quickly went for the Lunch as they were dying of hunger. They all had there lunch and went to take a small nap slept

5:30 pm

They all woke up and then met at the lobby.

“Guys I think we should now go for sightseeing of the beach…??” asked Adhiraj. Everyone agreed and decided to go to the beach. What a beach it was. Blue shiny water into which the sun appeared to sink { dawn time } ahhh that silence made me relax and forget about everything and just have some peace. What a relaxing time it was. 

8:00 pm

It was late and they thought to leave and go for the dinner and then to bed as they decided to go for paragliding tomorrow and get a ride on a Yacht. All had dinner and went to bed approximately at 10:00 pm.

8:00 am

26th February


Guys so today’s plan is as follows:-

Paragliding: at 10 am { 5 min away from here }

Yacht: at 1 pm { 15 min aways from paragliding site }

9:30 am


They were all waiting for the cab to arrive. There was a sudden noise of car screeching. In a fraction of a second a white cab landed at the Doorstep of the Hotel. They all sat in the cab and started for Paragliding site at the Famous Anjuna Beach. They reached there s0me minutes late but still they made it . They all did paragliding. OHHH!! my god what experience would it had been once I also have done it. It was too scary when it started. 60 Feet away from the ground, flying in the air at a great speed. Ahhh those were the days. Ahm okay let’s get back on the story. Well they were all done with the paragliding and settled in the cab and are off for Yacht ride. They stepped out of the cab at a beach side. A man in a yellow shirt came out of a hut and said “ Mrs. Arushi Sharma..?? ”. Arushi replied, “yes sir I am Arushi and I Have a booking for a Yacht ride.” The man in a yellow shirt invited them to a green big Yacht. They all sat in the yacht, there luggage was installed in the back of the yacht and they started there ride. 4:00 pm


“Yacht drive is amazing ! I wonder if I could do it everyday.” Aggarwal exclaimed with excitement. Everyone thought the same. Suddenly Paarth’s phone rang, he picked it up and it was there another common friend Medhansh. Paarth was shocked when he heard the news that Medhansh’s brother had went missing. He told the group and they were horrifies of the news.

5:00 pm

The rowerer turned the boat around and informed Aggarwal to tell everyone that now they are turning towards the Airport Harbour from where they all can catch the flight on time. There flight was at 6:00 pm. They reached the Harbour by 5:15 pm and quickly checked in there bags and went for boarding. There flight was announced at 6:15 pm and they boarded the aircraft.

9:00 pm they landed back to Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Everyone was silent sitting at a corner of T-3 { ONE OF THE TERMINAL OF AIRPORT }. All of them were in a great shock. “That’s not fair man ! we had such a beautiful vacation and now all the fun is gone, just gone !! ” said Paarth in a frustrated mood. They all now thought to go home and have a sleep and the next morning we will go to meet Medhansh. They all went home and had a non-peaceful sleep. 

8:00 pm

AT Medhansh’s HOUSE 

They rang the bell “ting tong”. After a minute or two Medhansh opened the door and Paarth shouted “hey buddy”, Arushi uttered “shhh what are you doing it’s not a good environment here someone has just disappeared”. Medhansh invited them inside. They all sat in his drawing room while Medhansh served them with some water. Medhansh asked them about their vacation. Arushi was about to speak that I am very sorry for your loss but Paarth uttered “bro what vacation, you are the one who always spoils our mood we were enjoying a drive on our Yacht and you….”, When suddenly Adhiraj kept an Handkerchief on his face and what anyone could here was the murmuring sound. Then Aggarwal said “So, Is everything fine at home…??”. Medhansh replied with a sad voice, “how it could be, many people have started saying he’s dead. We have a funeral tomorrow, I request you to attend that please.” Suddenly when they heard a sound of crying harshly. They went out of the room and found that Medhansh’s mother was crying. He hold his mother’s hand. Paarth stopped cursing Medhansh and in a crying voice his mother spoke, “what was my child mistake, ohh god plz give me my child back.” and started hitting herself. Medhansh took some time and then made his mother sleep and came out. “If you need any help, then feel free to contact us” said Paarth. “Reallly..??” asked Medhansh. Paarth said, “No, Not really”. Ananya interrupted “he is just being silly, feel free to contact us”. Paarth uttered again “USSSSSSSSSSSSSS…??” Aggarwal covered his mouth and took him outside the house. They all went to there houses. While having dinner Aggarwal switched on the TV. And what he saw was horrifying. He saw the news lady telling something about a kidnapping case. she said “Hello everyone ,welcome back to our news channel ‘THE LATEST UPDATES’ today we have been told about some shocking cases being held in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. There have been 5 cases where some children have been kidnapped and after a day or two found dead somewhere, The police is working upon the case, but no success too far. We will meet again tomorrow at 9:00 pm stay alerted. THANK YOU.” Adhiraj speedily called up everyone and told them about the case, and asked them to be safe. When they finally decided to meet at Medhansh’s house for the funeral and then we will talk about the case in detail! 

1:00 pm



“Sorry for your loss man !” said Paarth. Medhansh asked again “seriously?”. Paarth uttered “uhmm, n..” when Aggarwal interrupted “yeah he means it”. And by saying this they entered the funeral and sat beside Medhansh’s crying mother Urvashi. She was crying a lot after which Paarth’s phone rang. His ringtone was of Honey Singh’ New song named Urvashi !!. It’s basic lyrics were ' URVASHI, URVASHI TAKE IT EASY URVASHI’ and then the rapping he declined the call. Then again it rang, again he declined and this happened 3 times when he finally picked up the call and shouted on the guy on the phone “hey you idiot don’t call me again.” Again someone called up, then Paarth stud up and went out and then picked up the phone and what a luck he has when he came out the phone got cut. He was very frustrated when Medhansh’s called up for Paarth. Medhansh was standing in the corner with The Police. When he called Paarth saw him but tried to ignore him because of Police. So he saw someone roaming he put his one arm into his shoulder and tried to go out when the Police stood on the front door too. The Police stopped him and ask

“Are you Paarth..??” Paarth denied and he was almost out when Priyank stopped him and what Paarth had to say was “hello, sir who are you..?” Priyank replied, ‘what are you saying ..?? you met me yesterday. Paarth consciously said, “ohh !!, I see hmm I don’t remember” Then he looked at The Police Officer with a gun in his pocket and said “I don’t even know this guy”

The Police hold Paarth with his collar and then Paarth uttered, “yes sir, I am Paarth Chawla. Age 17 years. Height 6 ft. Address…” Suddenly The police interrupted “I want some information from you come with me to the Police Station.”. Paarth and Medhansh were taken to the Police Station.

Where the Police showed Paarth a photo of more such people who were disappeared and then found dead somewhere. The Police Inspector told Paarth, “Paarth these all our the victims of the disappearing case. It’s not just Medhansh’s brother who has been disappeared. There were 5 more cases. I will show you the photos of everyone and you identify if you know any of them.” Paarth nodded yes. The pictures came one by one. There were pics and Paarth could identify all of them but he didn’t tell the Police about it. What he saw common in those pics was the letters. In the first one it was D, In second it was I. Third was V. Fourth was A. And the fifth was K. In all those pics the victim was carved with some letters on it, on their neck. It was very difficult to see as it was very small and was at the back of the neck. He secretly clicked the victim’s pics through his phone and Without saying anything to the Police, Paarth went out and called upon #Team05 to their main site ‘TEAM 05 PALACE’. It was a wrecked house. They cleared all the stuff and made it their personal place where only they will be allowed. They kept a password ‘I don’t know any passcode’. Hilarious isn’t it..?? So, everyone reached the site. Ananya asked Paarth, “what were you doing on his brother’s funeral eh? that wasn’t funny it was very harsh…” Paarth exclaimed with sorrow “I am very sorry guys but wait we will talk about that later, I have a very bad news fo….” In between Arushi interrupted, “don’t change the topic Paarth !”. “Guys scold me as much as you want, but first listen to me??” promoted Paarth. They all agreed. Paarth inserted an aux connected to the projector and his phone. He continued “guys look at the pics. Don’t you find something common in them…??” Aggarwal said “yes, I see the letters. every pic has some letter in it. But what are we doing..?? The Police Work..?” “kinda” said Paarth. “you know eh? that the police is much better than us and we are just us…” When Paarth spoke up “no you can be way more, you see guys what police couldn’t see. We can solve this mystery we, we are the #Team05. We have done too many mischiefs, can’t we solve one, at least we can give it a try…… now concentrate……………………… Aggarwal is right the pictures contain letters. But in every pic the letters are different and they are making up a word.” Arushi said “guys this is getting a bit weird you see, we all know them and a plus point there name starts with the same letter they are carved with like 






Isn’t it showing some pattern, I know that I seem a bit foolish but I think the Next target would be someone whose starting letter would be ‘S’.” “yeah I think you are right and… the word it’s forming caaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn beeeeeee Divaksh…??” said Ananya. “Itttttttttttttttttttttt ccccccccccccccccccccccaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn bbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” said everyone. 

7:00 pm


“Hmm now we should go to the Police” said Adhiraj. “Yeah, great idea and what will we tell them that it’s Divaksh The Clown and your detectives need to find a person whom he’s going to attack..?? is that your plan.”. “YES…” said Adhiraj. Arushi prompted “hey, we can’t just go like that, I think we need to do this alone.” “ALONE..??” asked Ananya. “ohh! do you have a better plan..?” said Aggarwal. They all decided to do this on their own and speedly assembled all the names which started with the letter S. They assembled 3 such names to whom Divaksh could attack. The name were



Ms. Simran

The other two were known to the team 05 but there was a problem with Ms. Simran. As usual Adhiraj was very upset because he had a crush on her and didn’t wanted her to Vanish. Even Paarth had a crush on Sameeksha but he didn’t told it to anyone. Kept it as a secret, he prayed to god for the safety of his love. Well he ignored all the things and they all planned to look after these suspects. Every afternoon after coming from school they all went for their so called duties. The duties were as follows:-




They kept an eye on all of them without them being known with this for 4 days. There wasn’t any action but they carried their operation for more days.

5:00 pm


“Paarth, I see some activities here all report here at Shawnish’s house.” said Aggarwal. When Aggarwal said this all left there duties and went to Shawnish’s house. When they reached there Aggarwal asked them to follow him towards the Bathroom. It was written


Was written in red colour. They all thought that Divaksh is going to kidnap Shawnish and were focused there. When suddenly Shawnish got a call from somewhere and started running. Paarth alerted everyone and asked them to get out of their positions it can be possible that he came to know that we are spying on him. Shawnish kept running and suddenly he came across Pahunee’s house. There was crowd outside her home. Paarth informed everyone to come at Pahunee’s place. When Team 05 entered the crowd they got to know that Sameeksha had been kidnapped. There was a note in her Bedroom with red paint ‘IF YOU WANT HER ALIVE ASK THEM TO STOP THIS’. Pahunee’s mother was crying so much. Team 05 went in her house and when they saw the message they realized that it was for them and Divaksh knew what they were doing. They all moved out and went back to their site. Their they realized the pain. It was the 6th case. Now there was the last case pending and the person who will be targeted will be someone whose name would be starting from the letter ‘D’. 

9:00 am



Adhiraj said“It’s the last one. We need to put all our efforts. And this mustn’t be tough there’s only one person whose name starts with letter ‘D’. And its…..” Paarth prompted “my brother Hritik, guys we have to do this he’s very young I can’t afford his loss. So from now I would be keeping an eye on him during the school as well”. They all went in a long thought and decided that hey won’t lose this time.

7:00 am



They all became very attentive. And kept an eye on his every move. They made duties on a specific day a specific person.


Hritik was up early and his bus was also about to reach. So he got ready and jumped on the bus. Paarth woke a bit early. It was his duty today without doing anything he took his bag and cycle and started towards the school. He was worried that If Divaksh was there, he is gone because his friends didn’t know that he wasn’t there in school as during duties they don’t enter the class. Not even once. He was driving fast. His breaks failed. It was red light ahead, but he couldn’t stop so he try to jump the red light, he was on the edge when a car hit him. It took him 3 minutes to realise what has happened. He woke up and saw a crowd around him. He was bleeding. There were scratches on his hand there was Divaksh coming out from head. He came out of the crown. Then he saw his watch. He didn’t think about anything and picked up his cycle. Unfortunately the tyre had burst. He threw the cycle then and there and started running towards the school. Hritik had reached the school one hour before Paarth got up. School had started when he was about to enter his classroom he saw a toffee lying down on the floor. He moved towards it and the toffee moved behind Hritik chased it and the toffee ran further. At a moment he stopped and saw a Man in a Clown’s dress picked up his toffee and lend his hand towards Hritik. When Hritik stretched his hand out the Clown pulled him inside and vanished. But before he vanished he wrote a note for #Team 05. Paarth covered the distance of 1 km as fast as he could. He reached Hritik’s classroom and found it empty. Then he heard some noises coming from upper floor when he went there. He found a message which stated ' IF YOU WANT HIM ALIVE THEN COME TO ME NOW’ Paarth was broken from inside he nearly fainted when he went to the 5th floor where his other mates were there. He smashed through the door and entered the classroom. The teacher shouted on Paarth, “Paarth, what are you doing………..”. Paarth replied in a harsh voice, “maam, wait a sec. Guys he took Hritik. I am going to the Kricked house again and this time I am going to kick that Divaksh’s ass. Just came to tell you if you wanna come.” They were attending their papers when they got up. The teacher told them that once they get out of the room there paper is canceled. Adhiraj got up from his seat went to the teacher and threw his paper on her face and exits from the room. The others do the same and exits the room. They pick their cycles. Where Paarth sits at the back of Aggarwal’s cycle. They drive to the house for the final fight

They reached the house and challenged the ghost to come in front and face us. Then suddenly the house started shaking and they got pulled towards the rooms again and this time They found themselves in separate rooms. All the rooms and one or the other things in there. They were locked in the rooms. And the rooms started filling up with Divaksh. They all started shouting and drowning in the Divaksh. Divaksh shouted his name out loud “Divaksh….!!”. When Divaksh shouted Paarth imagined him in front of himself and for a second he was out and when he remembered of the room of Divaksh he went back. A thought then flashed through his mind that it’s just there imagination that they are in a room full of Divaksh. He shouted “guys.. imagine that you are out of the room. It will work.” Everyone closed their eyes and did the same. And they got out of there. They all were together in the lobby of the house. What they realised was that Divaksh was playing with their imagination. Suddenly there was a silence when Divaksh burst out of the nowhere. He pushed everyone on the walls and kept them hanging on the walls. Then Divaksh picked up some pieces of glass and went for Ananya to kill her. Everybody started shouting but Adhiraj kept Patience and said “Ananya, why are you scared ..?? he is just a old clown.” Divaksh left Ananya and went for Adhiraj and with a loud voice said “now..? are you scared.” Adhiraj replied “No bro! I am ain’t scared of ya..!” Divaksh became ferocious and opened his mouth to 2 feet. But Adhiraj was confident enough and said “Divaksh.. isn’t that your name” Divaksh replied “yeah, and what you such as a filthy boy gonna do about it..?? cry..?” Adhiraj laughed and said “you shouldn’t have said that. You don’t know me eh..? I am a son of priests. And I know how to…” Divaksh got frightened and disappeared . Everyone fell of the walls and gathered around. Adhiraj asked everyone to pick some or the other thing. Paarth picked up the rod, Adhiraj had the cross of Jesus, Ananya and Arushi took a pair of slam gun and Aggarwal took a taser gun. They all were alerted for any movement. They walked across the house. When they finally reached a place. It looked like a drain. There was grey, dirty and muddy water. When they came across a note written in water ‘LOOK UPP!!’ Aggarwal was reading it and when he saw up. Divaksh threw a big stone at him. The stone smashed through his chest. Aggarwal started coughing and he fainted. Divaksh started laughing when Arushi triggered the slam gun and a cracker came out of it and slammed him. Divaksh fell down off the wall where he was sitting. When Divaksh came down he slammed himself on the surface. He got up laughing and suddenly stopped he moved his face upwards and with his deep, dark, red eyes he saw all of them. He got some fits and suddenly 3 arms grew and he opened his face to 4 feet. Then he came running to them. First he came to Adhiraj. Adhiraj was ready with the cross but he didn’t had a good grip. So Divaksh’s one of the arms grabbed it and threw it away. Divaksh took a knife and pierced it through the Adhiraj’s arms. He was going to do it again when Ananya triggered the slam gun and the cracker burst in Blood. He was too weak now when Paarth came and hit Blood with the rod. Blood grow larger in size and started shouting when Aggarwal tasered him. Ananya till then called up the Police Inspector who was on the night duty MS. PAKHI BATHLA and Sub Inspector MS. ANUKRITI SHARMA. She called and gave her the address and asked her to come as soon as possible. Pakhi took 2 male officers and Anukriti with her and starting driving towards the address. Whereas They were still fighting. Paarth picked up Adhiraj’s cross. Adhiraj was still fainted. He called up Arushi to try to wake him up. Arushi started putting her efforts. Other build themselves as a staircase. Paarth ran over their back which were acting as a staircase from the last one he jumped high and and smashed the cross through his chest he was too weak that he couldn’t get up. But he was powerful that he could come back. When suddenly they heard a whisper from behind. It was Adhiraj leaning on Arushi so that he could walk. He went there and said, “here’s what I am gonna do…. IN THE NAME OF LORD JESUS.. I CAST YOU BACK TO HELL..” and suddenly Blood died and his body got burnt immediately after that. “Well you could have told us that spell we would have defeated him long ago.” said Paarth. Adhiraj replied “It’s not that easy. You have to go through a lot of things before using this spell or any other spell. I whispered a prayer in my mind before casting this spell.”. “HMMM…” uttered Paarth. They all were damn tired but the thing to notice was. They defeated Blood in there school time and there parents thought that they were at school. Arushi saw the time in her watch. It was their Home Time. She exclaimed, “guys it’s our home time we need to reach to our cycle and drive back home our Parents would be concerned if we didn’t returned back home on time and they expect us to drive back from school. So, c’mon” They all hurriedly got to there cycles. And started driving. First they stopped at the pharmacy to buy some bandage as everyone was injured. They bandaged themselves. Aggarwal and Adhiraj even fractured there hand. Paarth had a hairline fracture in his wrist. Whereas both the girls had sprains and everyone was bleeding. They first aided themselves and drove back home. There parents saw them bandaged. When they asked about it. They all gave the same reason that they got pushed by someone in the school. They fell and injured themselves.

When Inspector Pakhi reached there they found Blood still burning and a note left by team 05. They wrote

Hello Ma’am

This was the cause of the kidnapping. We killed it.

Thanks for all your help.

Your Faithfully


Pakhi figured it out that who was it. She asked everyone to extinguish the burning and bury him in the ground. They did the same and returned back.



9:00 am


They all were called there but they weren’t told why. When suddenly Pakhi and Anukriti entered the school. She patted Paarth’s head and entered Principal’s Office. The team was asked to come inside. The Principal asked, “what have they done maam…? international robbery, murder.” Pakhi exclaimed “What..?” Principal replied “oh, actually normal mischief are done in the school by them so I thought maybe..”. There was a silence for a minute. Then Pakhi asked The Principal to leave them alone. She asked Anukriti to see the door that no one enters in. Pakhi started “so, I know you’ve killed that man. I matched the fingerprints.” “ohh, we should have wore gloves..!!” said adhiraj. Pakhi continued “no I am not here to complain. I am here to thank you. And advise you too that just skip doing these nasty thing and when you right a note remember to leave no clue. There was one more clue Which stated THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP and I didn’t made anyone saw those pics of people other than Priyank and Paarth. Priyank was in great trauma. So.. Be careful and don’t share this talk with anyone.” All nodded in Yes. Pakhi exited the room and they went back to there classes.


10:30 am

“So Paarth what’s the plan…??


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