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Anamika Khanna

Horror Drama Crime


Anamika Khanna

Horror Drama Crime

The Devil

The Devil

6 mins 341 6 mins 341

Thakur looked at the lifeless body of his best friend and business partner Shukla and smirked from within. Now he was the sole owner of the business empire. Then his eyes shifted to Shukla's 19-year-old daughter Miya who was crying by his side. She was a motherless child and was the only heir of the property.

"I should get rid of the girl tonight itself." Thakur thought while weaving a web of conspiracy to trap the hapless girl.

* * *

"How are you, Miya?" Thakur said as he stepped into Shukla's house late that night after everyone was gone.

"I'm fine, uncle," Miya said as she led his to the parlor. "Please have a seat. I'll make us some coffee."

"No dear," Thakur's voice was soft. "Take some rest and let me make the coffee."

With those words, Thakur hurriedly walked towards the kitchen. He quickly made some coffee and poured it into two cups. Then he stealthily sneaked a peek at the parlor. Miya was sitting with her head buried in her hands. He turned back to the coffee and slipped a few pills into Miya's cup with an atrocious smile. He took the cups to the parlor and offered it to Miya. Thakur made use of all those sugar-coated words to comfort the bereaving girl while they were having coffee.

"I think I should leave now," Thakur said as he got up after finishing the coffee.

"Thanks for coming, uncle." Miya too got up to see him to the door. "That was so...ah!"

Miya grimaced and grabbed her head.

"What happened, dear?" Thakur asked with a pretentious concern.

"I'm feeling dizzy," Miya said as she was about to collapse on the floor.

Thakur immediately jumped forward and seized her by the waist. Though in his early 50's Thakur was still a strong man. The tall man's robust arms sturdily held petite Miya who was on the verge of losing consciousness. Thakur took the time to have a look at Shukla's young and beautiful daughter. Her abysmal doe-like eyes seemed even alluring under the intoxication of the drugs he had subjected her to. Her luscious lips were slightly parted. She had waist-length silky hair that cascaded over her back. Her fast and shallow breaths made her young breasts rub against Thakur's hard chest. Though Thakur's plan was to sedate the girl and bury her alive somewhere but now the teasing sensation caused by her adolescent body made him change his plans. He slid his hand into her skirt and groped her buttocks. The titillating touch made him groan.

"You are the most beautiful teenager I've ever seen," Thakur said as he cupped Miya's face and then caressed her lips with his rough fingers.

"What are you doing?" Miya was woken up by his lustful touch.

"Go to sleep, baby." Thakur patted her cheeks, "I'll take good care of you for the night."

Miya smelt a rat and was about to scream. But before she could do so and woke up the servants sleeping in the outhouse, Thakur's fleshy hand gagged her. Miya helplessly watched him pick her up and carry her to the bedroom. He laid the girl on the bed and tied her hands. He pulled his clothes off and pounced over her like a famished beast, capturing her delicate lips in a long brutal kiss while his hands tore every piece of cloth that hid her enticing body from his greedy eyes.

Miya screamed out of horror as she felt his hands running over the virgin flesh of her naked breasts and his filthy mouth suck her nipples. His teeth dug into the flesh of her breasts as if she were a juicy piece of meat he was waiting to devour. Miya closed her eyes as she couldn't bear the humility of being stripped naked and pinned on the bed under her father's friend whom she considered almost like a father. She struggled to break free by swaying her hands and feet. She kicked him with her legs and bit him hard. Miya's rebellious act turned him violent and he fired a couple of tight slaps on her face. Miya was subdued by the intense assault. She gave up her struggles and lay still on the bed.

"I'm sorry, baby." He said as he took pity on her and kissed her lips but in the most tender way this time.

He pulled himself back and took time to lick the belly button of the passed out girl. He kissed her fair thighs and parted her long sensuous legs. He licked her intimate folds and the repugnant sensation woke her up. Miya screamed as the assault of his tongue on her private parts drove her to the end of her wits.

"Can't even drugs make you sleep?" Thakur was annoyed, "Fine, I've to try something more potent on this little bitch."

He jumped down the bed and picked up a bottle. Miya let out a horrible scream and struggled with the ropes that tied her to the bed as she saw him pour the liquid from the bottle on a cloth. She was in a hurry to break free before the devil puts her back to sleep and tarnishes her modesty.

"No! Please..." Miya screamed for help.

But before words could come out the cloth was pressed forcefully on her face almost choking her. Thakur smirked as he saw her eyes drooping and limbs drop down on the bed in surrender.

"Now behave like a good girl," Thakur said as he took the cloth off and caressed her breast to make sure that she had fainted.

He then turned back to assault her tantalizing folds. But Miya couldn't feel the maddening sensation anymore. It waned off as drugs took over her. She could see Thakur shower his lust into her and groan out of pleasure before she finally fainted. Thakur lay by her side and watched the damsel's passed out bare body spread like a delectable dessert on the bed. He knew he wanted her every night to share the bed with him.

"She is going to be my wife and bear me children." Thakur murmured as he rubbed his fingers against unconscious Miya's naked nipples. "I should think of a way to get rid of that old barren hag who is my wife."

He untied her hands and pressed her slackened body over his chest.

"Only a beautiful young girl like you deserves to be my wife." He said as he tightened her in a hard grip that made her moan even while being under sedation.

The dawn was about to break when Miya finally woke up. Thakur had her at his mercy for the whole night and had played several times with her passed out body without her knowledge. Miya opened her eyes and found her absolutely nude body pressed on Thakur's hairy chest.

"Ahh!..." Miya screamed and slipped to the farthest corner of the bed. She quickly covered her up with some sheets.

"After being a toy in my hands for the entire night, " Thakur smiled mockingly, "what are you left with to hide from me."

Miya remembered fainting after having coffee with him last night and then being carried to her bedroom and tied to the bed. She gasped as flashes of being undressed danced in front of her eyes. She closed her eyes and sobbed bitterly as flashes of being atrociously raped haunted her.

"Now the only option you have to be my wife."

"No, I'll never marry a devil like you."

"Then prepare to die." Thakur fastened the ropes he had used to tie her hands around her neck.

"You'll pay for your sins, Thakur," Miya said as darkness entered her eyes.

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