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Caroline Shaji



Caroline Shaji




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“Solomon!!! How many times do I have to tell you not to look, or even think about that horrible school? Let there be worms in the mouths of the monsters that run that school”. “But mom all I’ve done is drawn a picture of that horrible school, which you call horrible! And people run that school, not monsters”. “Do I have to tell you again how your ancestors saved all the village children by forbidding the village children to go there and saving them from the dark circle of the dead that is on the school and the curse, didn’t I teach you the prophecy?” Well, it is the writer here. The start is very misguided, so let me tell you yet another tale, or let’s say the legend of Skeletal Bone School. The Skeletal Bone School or the mound of the dead is an eerie or as the nearby villagers express it as horrible, a haunted school which is full of DEAD BODIES!!! Sorry, just kidding. It seems like a haunted school to anyone in the world and it makes children walk on the same foot back home as soon as they look at it. Currently, a very few forced parents with no choice, still send their children to that haunted school. Actually this school got the “label” haunted after the incident. Nowadays the incident is called “The Rise of the DEAD SOULS”. You may be confused, so let me narrate to you the horrific story of SKELETAL BONE SCHOOL. Before we start, let me just tell you that this school………. Is built upon….……… a GRAVEYARD!!!!

The Legend starts as an early morning about 3 km away from the school in one of the apartments. Richard and Morgana are getting ready to go to school. It is their first day. “Mom, we are leaving,” they said together. “Morgana aren’t you excited for our first day?” said Richard. But Morgana went pale at the sound of SCHOOL. Let me tell you Morgana has always been scared on her first day of school but today it was something else that bothered her even more. An article she read about the new school. Morgana in a very shaky voice said, “Richard this article here states that our new school is supposedly built on a graveyard. “WHAT? ” said Richard. Richard and Morgana were very worried on their way to school in the centuries-old bus which made them even more scared. The even more freaky part is that outside the school it was broad daylight but inside it was darkness like a complete blackout. The twist is that after reaching school and entering their class the whole day went well. During the playtime they searched the edges of the school in case they would find any bones but surprisingly they did not find anything. The whole day went well and they reached home on time. They were very happy that the day went well but what more is in hand for them………………………. Only time can tell!!!

Richard and Morgana started enjoying school, but only one thing was awkward, they had no friends and the other students were not interested either. No one spoke to each other only the teacher kept lecturing. The teacher didn’t even ask any questions to anybody!

They only spoke between themselves to break the silence sometimes. But one day a fire broke out in Richard and Morgana’s classroom or let me say the only classroom. Luckily, they were safe and were running to the roof with the other students and the teachers. The school looked eerie but was not that tall so it was easy to jump down from the roof and escape. At last, when the children and our two main characters were about to reach the top, a huge SKELETON dropped down from the roof. As if like warning everybody not to go to the roof. Morgana screamed and Richard went pale but the other children just kept running in silence with the teachers so Morgana and Richard followed.

When they reached the roof, the sports teacher started to blow his whistle trying to tell everybody to jump down one by one. But the children hesitated and Richard and Morgana had no clue why they were acting so strange! Then two children whispered to Richard and Morgana. They said, “Don’t you two know that the roof is the falling dead”. Richard and Morgana were stunned and did not know whether to believe them or laugh it off. “Now it is becoming clear,” said Richard. “That is the reason why that skeleton fell on us”. Morgana went pale as soon as the two children nodded.

Richard and Morgana were caught by the sports teacher and were told to jump down first. Richard was very scared, but suddenly he found a mysterious doll near his leg. So, he kicked the doll down and as soon as the doll fell, it disappeared!!! Richard and Morgana were speechless, just then the sports teacher pulled Richard and Morgana away from the edge of the roof as the roof started to quiver. It seemed that the school was almost completely burnt and the roof was going to FALL!!!

The children had no choice and so they started jumping with the teachers one by one. Richard and Morgana were even more afraid when only they were left to jump and all who jumped had disappeared. They had only a split second to make their move. Just then they saw dead bodies rising from the roof and making a step-like pattern. Richard and Morgana had no choice so they started jumping on the heads of the DEAD BODIES hanging in mid-air!!!

As Richard and Morgana jumped their way down and away from the freaky site, they saw the heads of the dead bodies falling off their bodies one by one. And then………………what they saw was……………………..insane!!!!

The dead bodies were decaying in minutes! And the eyeballs from the fallen heads started to pop out!!!

Well, this was a scary sight. Richard and Morgana had reached the ground, just then the dead decaying bodies or let me say zombies started to walk towards them in mid-air demanding only one thing BRAINS!!!!

Richard and Morgana were horrified and did not know what to do. They started running at top speed and then they saw………..

Ancient and decayed coffins coming up from the ground!!!!! But they didn’t stop. They started dodging every coffin in their way, just then a coffin came up right in front of them and they tripped and fell right into the coffin together and at the same time. At first, they were very much tensed but then they were relieved only for the fact that the coffin was empty with no zombie inside it. Then they heard evil laughter and the door of the coffin CLOSED!!!!!!!!!

This is the story of Richard and Morgana and this is not where the story ends…….

Later, after the incident, Richard and Morgana were never ever seen again. Only sometimes it seemed that their shadows were trapped in the school walls and were asking for mercy. So, for this reason, the ancestral village heads had made the prophecy which states that every child of the village is forbidden to speak of that school because of the dark circle of the dead that is on that school. The Devil’s bounty has been awakened and the school will always be in its cursed custody. Therefore anyone who enters it will be a slave of The EVIL SPIRIT for eternity.

So, I hope after reading till here you might have understood why the start is like that!!!  

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