Kanaka Ghosalkar

Romance Fantasy Thriller


Kanaka Ghosalkar

Romance Fantasy Thriller

One Day (Part II)

One Day (Part II)

6 mins

Early on Madhu had realized that they were really not meant to be together and so she had accepted it when Ashish had stopped speaking to her. After all, she wanted to respect his individuality and opinion but could not do more than what she had already done. She had her own life, her responsibilities which were equally important to her which she had always been open about with him. Initially, she was working hard to become independent in the hope that if they clicked together it would be imperative for her to support herself in the least. But when things did not work out between them, there was a sort of vacuum left in her which she tried to get rid of by plunging herself into more work.

There was no other way she could sustain herself and she successfully did. Today as Madhu looked back at her life with him as a friend and a colleague, she felt she had learnt powerful lessons in ‘letting go’, ‘ending co-dependent relationships’ and ‘setting healthy boundaries’ for herself. She realized that there was a higher power in play, maybe the universe, maybe god which unfolded life to her in ways that she could make no sense of at times because as time was passing, they both were only drifting away despite what they felt for each other and now, she had made peace with it. But she would remember him each passing day of her life as if he was always around and that is something she could never understand despite her supposed feeling of ‘getting over’.

 Michael always wanted more from Amelia without breaking up with his old girlfriend which he was unaware that Amelia knew about. Amelia really appreciated Michael’s ability to understand the world, his lens to be precise which was very unique but somehow whenever they would be together, more often than not they would only point out each other’s mistakes. There would be too many fights and arguments and none of them would take a back seat. Instead of bringing out the best in each other, they often ended up revealing each other’s dark sides. His vengefulness and her anger - none of which could be contained. His need for attention which she would never fulfill and her need for equality which he would not respect. That is what made her realize the frugality of what was to ensue if they ever considered being together.

She never explained all of this to Michael, just told him that she would rather prefer to be only friends. And now, she had gained clarity that nothing could be done about it and it was best that they both accepted it forever. After all, they were grown-up individuals who were carved out of their personal experiences, and being in a relationship wasn’t some coaching class where one could teach the other what to do and what not do and even if they did, none of them would have liked being told to change themselves. They were two stubborn, complex, and extremely passionate individuals who were very eccentric in their own unexplainable ways and if they did not click so many times despite the strong affection that they felt for each other, it was very clear that their journey together would be nothing less than horrid. Amelia did not want that. She understood that maybe his expectations were right for him, but not for her and relationships could not be burdened by the obligation of unfulfilled expectations for an entire life. 


Sitting in the well-furnished corporate office, Madhu tried to push away Ashish’s thoughts away but she wasn’t very successful at it. Why did he have to call up that morning? After so many efforts she had finally managed to put him behind and was moving towards a new life. There were thirteen people ahead of her waiting to be interviewed and with the pace that each person was going inside she realized that it would take at least three and a half to four hours for her turn. Madhu kept herself busy reading different things and talking to other people and somehow three hours passed. Now she was getting increasingly anxious. She tried to calm herself sitting on the sofa and started doing some deep breathing exercises which she had learned in yoga.

This corporate job was her ticket to the Indian army because at the end of completion of one year successfully, candidates who would do well in the internal assessments would be posted in the administrative departments of the Indian Army in a competitively salaried position as per the contract. Madhu felt that although she could not be in the regimen, she would at least fulfill her dream in some way through this job. She was never a money-oriented person, however, the corporate nature of the job would help her save money and if she succeeded to sustain through one year, very soon she would get the respectable position that she had always wanted, although for a little less money! 

She breathed heavily sitting in the waiting room and let out a sigh.


Back at home, the phone rang and Madhu’s mother picked up the receiver. 


Hello. I am calling from Ambrance clinic. We wanted to speak about Miss Madhu Majumdar. Is this the right number.

Oh Yes! Tell me. I am her mother. What is this regarding. Madhu did not tell me she had been to a clinic. Anyways, I will convey the message. 

Well, madam, Miss Madhu had visited our clinic a week back. She underwent a few tests but she was not aware of what the tests were for. 

Oh. Okay. Well, all this does not make sense to me. 

Well, I would be connecting you to Dr. Weiss. He would be speaking to you.

Okay. I will hold the line.


Ya, hello.

Is that Mrs. Majumdar?


Hello Mrs. Majumdar. This is Dr. Weiss here.

Yes, Doctor.

Mrs. Majumdar, Madhu had come to see me at my private clinic and I had given her a questionnaire to solve. It was a test that I had asked Madhu to take up. In this regard, I would like you to see me in half an hour at Apollo hospital as I would be there for some time before I head back to my private clinic. It is a bit urgent. Is that okay with you?

Well, can you not tell me over the phone?

Mrs. Majumdar, I am sorry about that. It is better you come over to the hospital.

Okay, Dr. I will be there.


Quite unknowingly Madhu entered a trance while doing the breathing exercises trying to relax as she waited for her turn at the interview.

As she sat there with her eyes closed, she personified serenity. Her wheatish complexion glistened as the early evening sun rays fell on her face through the window which she was sitting against. She looked very beautiful with her soft wavy hair fluttering slyly on her cheeks. She continued breathing and just then the clerk called out her name. 

Madhu opened her eyes, the light rays falling on her face now, reflecting through her eyes, revealing a rainbow of colors through her otherwise cerulean blue eyes, highlighting the dark pupil in the center, as she smiled back at him!


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