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A girl who waits for a sun rise



A girl who waits for a sun rise


Once again, after so long - Episode 1

Once again, after so long - Episode 1

4 mins

  I froze for some moments with tears welled from deep inside and coursed down my cheeks. Tears spilled over and flowed down my face like a river escaping a dam. My body looked calm compared to how tangled my mind was. The world was so silent for me, till I could hear the sound of my heart beats. Suddenly,

  "Ma'am! Are you okay? Ma'am!", told the officer while shaking my shoulder so I could be conscious back. 

  I took a deep breath. 

  "Sir, please take me to him. Please," I begged him. "Sure, ma'am. We came here for that even," he calmed me down. 

  I followed him. 

  The car seemed to be going very slow to me, but that officer was actually driving at 16mph(26km/h). "Is he waiting for me? He should. He promised me, he won't let me to be alone even for a second. He is fine, I know. He is," was talking to myself. I still remember the day, I met him for the first time,

  "Hey, ma'am. Are you too came for Aradhana's wedding reception?," a lady with a red saree asked. 

  "Yes, ma'am. Actually, Aradhana and I were close friends since we both at medical college," I explained her with a smile. 

  Lift opens. 

  We both step into the lift. I let that lady first to enter the lift, then I go in. There is this guy. He was just there, close to me, adjusting his collar of white shirt. I stopped talking, stopped moving, even stopped breathing. He looked up and saw me looking at him. He smiled. "Omg, that is the real meaning of a smile. Let him to smile again," He is got this floppy, brown hair and the most incredible blue eyes I've ever seen. I have seen people have darker blue eyes, but his are like a sky blue. I could stare into them all day along. 

  "Fifth floor," 

  I hold my folded saree pleats, step out of the lift. Even though I did not turn around, still I can feel he is following me behind. 

  "Hey, Aishu!," Swasthika's head appears within the crowd at the entrance. She ran towards me, hugged me. "Hey, Swas. How you doing? By the way, where are others?," I asked. 

  "Everyone is inside, actually we are waiting for you," she said with a wide smile. Yes, it has been a year we all did not meet each other after our graduation. 

  My happiness knew no limits when I got to meet my girls, Swasthika, Ahkilan, Divya, Fellica, Vaishu and of course today's bride, Aradhana. We all sit around and start chit chatting, gossiping like we used to do before. We giggled, and at some point we cackled without knowing the guests behind us are looking weird at us. 

  In a flash, I saw him walking towards a gang of boys standing near the DJ corner. He becomes the only visible thing to my eyes. Without realizing, I start smiling, adjusting my hair. He looked at me. " OMG" I took my eyes from him and looked at my friend, who is talking about how she manage to do her final year project. I can feel that he is still looking at me. I slightly looked at him. He smiled. 

  That smile. 

  That smile is trying to say millions of things to me. That eyes struggling to meet mine.

  "Hey, Aishu," 

  "Yes yes, Swas. I still remember the night you were begging Arun to cut the call so you could study for Microbiology," I laughed like I was listening to their conversations. 

  "Aishu, Swas asked you something. But, you...," Ahkilan looked weird at me. 

  "Oh, yes. by the way Aishu what was it," I asked Aishu like I am still on their track together. 

  "Hey, see. Ara is on her way!," Divya pointed at Aradhana who is walking into the hall with her beautiful Red Satin Silk saree with golden blouse. Seriously, Aradhana and Shroov are made for each other. Oh, and yes I should thank Divya for changing the topic at the perfect timing, if not I would be asked so much questions like accusing as a murderer. 

  After cake cutting ceremony, we all head to have our meals. I lined up. 

  "Excuse me, ma'am," I heard a voice behind me. I turned back. I was so close to him. I was about to fall, but he managed to hold me. "Hey, be careful angel," he smiled. Anyhow, I get myself to be normal. 

  "Can you help me to take a piece of tissue, please," he asked gently. I hear him like singing where he is actually talking to me. I took a tissue and give it to him. I turned in front. When I was about to leave the food corner, he followed me behind. he was so close. I stopped, he stopped too. 

  He came close to me, tucked that strand of hair behind my ear and whispers, 

  "My eyes refuse to stop seeing you," He walked away. I was...


  "Ma'am let's go, he is admitted here at the seventh floor," officer opened the car door of my side. 




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