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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Ajooni Vachher

Romance Tragedy Fantasy


Ajooni Vachher

Romance Tragedy Fantasy



4 mins 13.2K 4 mins 13.2K

*Maya pov*

We talked till 4 am until I slept and they left. Right now I am in English lit trying to not fall asleep waiting for our "new boy" To come. God please tell him to freaking hurry up because if he comes late I will TOTALLY frick up his face after school. He FINALLY enters class damn I think he is a badboy. Whatever. I will ALWAYS ALWAYS rule this school!! 

"Ok class, this is Will Steven. Be nice to him."

I roll my eyes and retrot 

"Will will you please pack all your will power and your willing desires and leave." I say in an overly sweet tone. I hear snickers and chuckles. 

"What's her name?" I hear him ask the teacher. 

"Maya Hearts!" I yell. 

"Okay then. Maya I won't leave so can you leave?" He asks. 

"Will did you even lose your common sense with your will power of making comebacks?" I say in my overly sweet tone but batting my eyelashes to look a little fake innocent. 

He was about to respond but the teacher Inttrupted or as I like to call it exploded. 


"WHAT!?!" I and the idiot say at the same time. 


"Yeah, Well Mrs.Hearts, you should have thought of that before harassing Will."

"Ugh! This is so unfair! Mr.Stine is there any way he can leave?" I ask. 

"No he can't. Now off you go."

I make a punching action towards Mr.Stine and he whimpers before stepping back. 

Even the teachers know where the stand. 

We head to the library in silence and once we reach I show him the slip that whimp of a teacher gave me to the front desk before someone escorted us to our English study booth. Still in silence, I picked up one of the oldest and easiest English books The Chamber by John Grisham and told him to read the chapter 1 and started writing questions from chapter 1, 2,3,4 and 5 since I know the book by heart.


It's the end of the day at school and all we could accomplish was till chapter 3. And while he was reading I was scrolling through wattpad reading books. I either don't read hard copy books or read those hard copy books which are hard to find. 

"Okay. That was the last question. Since we have tomorrow off meet me here at 2pm. Got it?"

With a mumble of a sure we said bye and I left to my motor bike. Before I headed home I realized something, 

Will Steven was my 8th grade boyfriend who went away to London. 

*Will's pov*

*Back while studying*

Wow, for someone who rules the school she is smart. I skim through the questions and answer all of them. Well, try to. I just can't get anything my looking and reading it but this book is actually easy to remember. I give the last question and she looks up from her phone. Okay. That was the last question. Since we have off tomorrow we meet here at 2pm. Got it?" She asks, her tone stone cold. I mutter a sure and we say our goodbyes before leaving to my car. I see her getting onto a very familiar bike. That's when it hit me... 

She is Maya Heart who I love and came here for. 

*Ryder's pov*

I get a notification from one of the people in the gang saying that Maya's ex Will Steven is back in town and Maya has to tutor him. 

Wait what!?! 

I get up and dial Cole's number. Thankfully, he picks up and asks me what happened and I told him from the class thing Maya did, to her have to tortur- I mean tutor him. Once he registered what I said through his thick skull, he immediately came to mine. We use a butter knife to unlock her window and sneak in. When we hear Maya's voice boom through the empty house Cole sat on the bed while I on the other hand, leaned against the wall hands crossed. When she enters, her knuckles red, all the anger washes off our faces as concern filed in. 

Why in the world are her knuckles red!?! 









Hey guys! I have a lot on my plate so I will write short chapters. Sorry. 

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