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Ajooni Vachher

Drama Inspirational

The Truth Of The Present

The Truth Of The Present

3 mins

We call this virus a sin, but is it really? But I have only a vague the idea of what sin is. I'm young, but I'm not blind to not see Gods are punishing us for the wrong we did. I will not forgive myself for not having noticed how much the Gods loved us. They gave us so many chances, but now they're done.

I want to see them, so I can ask them, Can I really stop all happening now? I want to give up the things I love. I want to see them so that I can understand their pain.

It is terrible to know that so many people are suffering, just for such a little thing, but this is their way to punish us for the sins of the world. They bore way worse looking at their creations do such and giving themselves away to be hurt by us must have been a terrible thing to feel.

They look at Donald Trump with absolute disgust, seeing him judge people by their colour and rape kids by governments made trade paper.

"If Gods really love us, why do they punish us?"

Because they saw us ruin the world. Killing, murder, judgment, fights, impartiality. As long as the world stays the way it is, they've got a lot of work to do. If we help them in the smallest, not like some people (Donald Trump and Peaches) we would be safe and they would be happy And the world would be a beautiful place to live in, as it was when they lived here. My godly fathers, Zeus, Hades and Poseidon have been in contact with me in indirect ways, saying the world is now out of place.

They only want to bring it to its right place again and to do that, I need to call them. They said: 

"We don't know what's gonna happen, we just know it's very bad"

I have watched the news a lot, and it's been very disturbing

We said, "We're very worried about what is going to happen."

But what's going to happen is not something we want

"The world is out of place, but it's going to be okay" is what we said, and that's why we are here. We need to realize how mad the gods are.

All because of greed, vanity, and jealousy. And now they are sick of it. They never meant to do this! They created the virus for us to realize and to make the world peaceful until WE created every other problem! WE fought instead of igniting! WE decided to reopen the world! WE decided it was a good idea to start a war against each other! The gods wanted this to stop and created the virus so that we work together, but what did we do? We created our own problems and started this chaos!

The gods are now ashamed by creating us. So stand up for this! Spread the word, write stories, make this known! Let others realize what the gods meant and wanted! That's why we have to find another means to unite against one another. We stayed in the ranks of our shameful history and ignited a war against one another! Fight the war with this virus together. Let's ignite fight war together. Not create war, ignite and fight one.

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