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The Forgotten Demigod- Part 1

The Forgotten Demigod- Part 1

3 mins

An original Percy Jackson fanfiction series~

I wake up to the blinding light from the attic window. Yes, I said attic. I sleep in the attic because my parents take the master bedroom and my siblings take the other 3. I've been calling this attic my room since I was 3. Anyways, I'm Lacey. Lacey Starr, daughter of Gia and Ferlin Starr, the little sister of Jackson and Dove Starr, the older sister of 2-year-old Jasmine Starr. And I'm the "messed up" one of the family. But then again, all messed up kids have a tragic life to deal with. Mine is too. 

And I'll be true with you, being 14 and dealing with all this shit is pretty hard. Abuse, street fights, etc. My father cares about me but he doesn't show it to everyone, it hurts him to see me wounded every day and I wish I would be born in another fucking family. You know what, enough about my life. I see it's 5 am so I know no one's awake. I get dressed and tiptoe to the front door. I go out and grab the one thing I had got for my birthday, a motorbike. I grab the helmet and put it on, and go to school. Once I reach I go behind the school to meet my best friend, Ace. 

"Hey, Lacey you're here! Want a basketball match?" 

Of course, the sports pro will want a match with another pro. This is usually how we spend our time until school starts, chill, play basketball, or any sports, fight, box, even try out new gymnastics stunts, we even skip class with our other friends because the class is always easy and boring. And to answer you, we both look 18, because I'm 6'3 and he's 6'5. Just a few inches here and there. We start playing, him dribbling the ball and dogging and me doing the same. We circle each other until I snatch and dribble the ball when it was about to come back in his hand. I go ahead, near the basketball hoop, and shoot. It rolls 3 rounds on the rim before dropping in. I silently dance in my victory while Ace watches me and...smiles? Once I was done, I retreat back to him and hear him mumble 

"Remind me to learn from you one day."

I chuckle and say:

"Really? Okay then, when will you want to learn from me, amateur boy?"

He glares at me, before saying:

"I'll see, Labrinth."


Why did he call me Labrinth?

"Oh...uh, nevermind that I just heard a song by Labyrinth yesterday so..."

But he pronounced it different. I let it go and ask him if he wants to play flee the facility with the virtual reality set. He agreed and we set off to the virtual reality sets.

3 hours later we sit there with our friends, bunking as usual.

"Hey, Lacey, don't you have P.E next?"

My friend, Jenson reminded me.

"Shoot. I just got 10 minutes, and the gym is across the school. See y'all later!"

Not waiting for their response I grab my bag and run. By the time I reach, Ace was already there.


I go to the changing rooms and change into leggings, a flannel, and a military crop top. 


P.E sucks.

The teacher made the girls play a running game while 79% cheerleaded. The boys played basketball, which I blackmailed the sir to let me join. Now here I and Ace were, at the coffee shop getting our favourites. He got a cold coffee while I went with a cappuccino. We talked till my...sweet mother told me to come home. I waved him bye and left home.

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