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Mystical Creations

Mystical Creations

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The creation of mankind, devised by an unknown force, is one of the most mystical and complex creations ever to be designed. Is this creation a boon or a bane? Humans like to think themselves as an intelligent species who are superior to every living being on the planet. Who gave them that power though? They bestowed it upon themselves because they think mighty of themselves. However, the same species pollutes their own land, kills their own kind and make a mockery out of their own creation.

Young Buck is happy and excited to go to his school on his very first day. He comes from the family of Holstein cows and resides near the temple Bay Area. He thoroughly enjoyed his day at school however, his journey to home gave him bitter thoughts. He came home crying to his dad after seeing a shocking display of cruelty on the streets. “Why are you crying son?” His dad asked him. After buck explained the incident his dad thought for a while and took his son for a walk to the same place his son was afraid of. His son trembled and refused to walk. His dad pushed him and told him to face it with courage. His dad explained, “Son, here u see a human stall where a halibut fish is selling human body parts to other animals for the purpose of consumption.” He continued, ” Buck, you need to understand one thing, even though we Holistien cows are vegetarians, other animals such as crocodiles, lions, tigers etc are non-vegetarians. Also, human flesh is a good source of protein, hence it is fine to have those.

Young Buck asked “But daddy, they get killed in order to eat them right? Ain’t that wrong?”

His dad thought for a while and said “you are correct, but humans are stupid people, they will kill themselves eventually, so we are taking the opportunity and using it to our advantage”

Buck was confused about how the world works. He later found out that humans are used more than just being a diet. As he grew up he saw humans being used by animals in different kind of ways.

-Killing humans for flesh and dietary consumption. Displaying heads, arms, legs and chest part in famous restaurants to attract more customers.

-Due to slow growth rate, humans are fed enhanced growth pill which makes them grow at a very large rate in a short span. However, the side effects include them not able to work properly or a deformed bone as the bones in the leg could not take the increased weight of the body in such a short amount of time.

-Skinning humans alive which produces a fine winter clothing, fashion bags and other accessories

-Milking the female gender without her consent

-Making two human to have sexual intercourse in order to maintain eco-balance and to produce more of them. In some places, humans are also forced to have sexual intercourse with other animals to create new species.

-After a young human is born, it is immediately separated from the mother and will be sent for slavery work or will be killed after growing to its maximum.

-Humans also act as a slave worker and do hard labour jobs.

-Humans are also forced to act as a test subject for medical purposes. Usually, the young ones are taken for experiments.

-Chop of a humans head, preserve it by adding chemicals and hang a live human head in one’s house.

-Accessories like human fingers, toes etc are considered to bring in good luck

-Humans are also the entertainment subject in a place called circus where they are forced to do a hideous task

-Whether it is across the scorching desserts or the ice cold land, humans are used mercilessly as transportation

-The hair on the body of a human is being pulled out in a cruel way to make winter clothes for animals

-In some parts of the countries, humans are given a special pill which makes them lose control and fight with each other. This is taken place in a big arena and tickets are rapidly sold for what is called entertainment.

-Another highly viewed cruel sport where humans are made to fight with animals. The animal gets the advantage of equipping a sharp spear and then killing the human at the end of the game and the body is disposed off in the nearby garbage dump.

-Many humans are also caught and kept as pets in a cage. Animals misinterpret human’s cry for help as a happy song and continue to assume that the pet human is having a good time with its good food and shelter.


“That’s all your honour”, said Buck as he represented his case of stopping the above cruelty to humans. After an exhausting one year, the case will finally see its verdict today. Buck grew up to become a lawyer after seeing all the atrocities done to mankind.

After an hour the judge along with his judicial panel came to a conclusion to stop the skinning and hunting of humans and made it illegal. However, the rest of the things are still legal and will continue in the name of science and human development.

After the judge gave the verdict, a sudden commotion erupted from outside. A grenade fell into the courtroom and blasted. Humans started barging inside the court with weapons. Buck took a piece of glass lying on the floor from the debris and started to slice himself from his forehead to his chest. Blood gushed out of his body and out came a human. The human then took another piece of glass and kept it near the judge’s throat and indicated non-verbally that they will be taking over.

Does the cruelty against humans by the animals sound familiar to you?

Think again!

Did you really think that you can get away with all the cruelty against animals?

How long do you think it will take for the animal kingdom to us take over?

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