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Reva Saraf

Drama Classics Thriller


Reva Saraf

Drama Classics Thriller



8 mins 631 8 mins 631

Clara Dawn was a young girl with caramel-brown hair, and eyes.

 She was popularly known as 'CD' amongst her friends. She began watching the gardener, who was fertilizing the plants with the manure. "Excuse me, please don't forget to put the manure in the marigold. They're my favourite!" she said, to the gardener. "Yes, yes." he replied.

After the gardening-session, CD began walking towards her house. Her mother, Mrs. Annie Dawn, greeted her, "Hello my dear, come, breakfast is waiting for you!" Clara said, "Sure mom, where is dad?" Annie Dawn replied that her father had gone to an important business meeting, and he would return by evening. 

Annie served some pancakes drizzled with honey. She enjoyed the meal and then she went towards the attic of the house. Since Clara was a little girl, she was told never to go in the attic. As she grew up, curiosity got the better of her. And today, she thought it was her chance to go and discover the secrets of the attic. "Clara, where are you going?" asked Mrs. Dawn. "No, just going to the garden!" Clara lied. She thought that telling the truth was not a good choice. Her mom would anyways try to stop her, as she did when Clara was a small girl. Clara thought, sorry mom, I had to lie, i want to discover this attic! 

Clara carefully walked towards the secret place, quietly. She entered the place, and she was curious to know more. As she walked, she learnt that this attic was a very, very mysterious place. Her eyes adjusted in the dark, trying to find a light source or a torch, so she could see better. "Oh, looks like this place is darker than I thought" she said out aloud. 

"Clara, come here, I need to tell you something." Her mother screamed from below. She quickly descended down the stairs, and then went to her mother. "Yes mom?" she asked. "I need to go to the market, for some work. Please take care, and I'll be back in some time!" Her mother warned. As soon as Annie Dawn left the house, CD began searching for a torch. Then she went in the attic, and again started searching for some clues. 

There was a lot off junk in the attic. She saw some unnecessary scraps of paper, and some old boxes full of papers. She even saw a portrait of a person. "Mr. John Crusely, the owner of this house: Torquemada Street, 12A, House No #7."she read aloud. Clara was shocked to read the address, because it was the address of her own house! She thought that John Crusely must have been the previous owner of the house. She guessed that her dad, Mr. James Dawn must have bought the house from Crusely, many years ago, when CD was just a little girl. 

After that, she decided to wait till evening until her dad came, and then she'd ask about Mr. Crusely. Later that evening, Mr. Dawn arrived, and as soon as he'd freshened up, Clara asked, "So, dad, I'm sure you must've had an amazing day today!" James Dawn replied with a smile, "Oh yes! It was just a business meeting!" 

Clara didn't beat around the Bush. "Dad, who is John Crusely?" "Why, he was the one from whom I'd bought this house from!"he replied.                 


"Oh, okay, what do you know about him?"

"He was a lonely, but greedy man. His wife had died in a car accident, and he had a son, but I think he left for Australia 30 years ago. Crusely is not alive now, but he used to talk about some treasure, which he had promised to his brother, Nathan Crusely. But I don't have much information about Nathan, even though I've met him." James Dawn said. 

"Is Nathan Crusely still alive?" Asked Clara. "Oh well, perhaps not. When I'd met Nathan, he did not look so young. But, dear daughter, I'm not sure." the reply came. 

Clara didn't question her father further, and she decided to call her relatives, hoping that someone would know something about Nathan. 

She called her aunt, Mrs. Elizabeth Dawn, "Hello, aunty! I hope you're good. I wanted to ask something. Do you know who Nathan Crusely is?" "Hello, my dear! Of course I know! I'd met him 25 years ago. When you dad had finalised the deal with John, I was with him. Nathan was a mysterious person, actually. Whenever John would be alone, he would always be with him. He even kept whispering something in his ears!" Her aunt replied. 

"So you think Nathan Crusely is alive?" "Yes." 

Clara hung up, and then she decided to to visit the attic once more.

 As she reached the attic, she quickly held the portrait she'd seen before. Behind it, there was a small piece of paper, with something written. It said, Mr. Crusely's phone number: 0911233109. Nathan Crusely: 8661717100. 

Clara knew that John had died, so she didn't call on the number. Instead, she called Nathan. She dialed the number. A weak voice from the other end said, "H-hello....Cough! Ahem, this is Nathan, Nathan Crusely. Who are y-yo-you? "Hello, Mr. Crusely. I'm glad you picked up the call. Well, I heard that you were the heir to John Crusely's treasure? But, he never gave it to you....." said Clara slowly. "Oh yes! Indeed it's true. I was the heir. But he never fulfilled the promise." He replied. 

"I can help you to get the treasure." Clara offered. 


"Yes, but I need to meet you."

Nathan Crusely said, "Okay, I'm in Canada, but. Where are you?" Clara replied that she lived in Canada as well. Then Nathan gave the address of his residence, "Petersburg Street, 18C, Lane 6, House #2."

The next morning, she left for Nathan's house. "Dear, where are you going?" Annie Dawn asked. "To Nathan Crusely's place." Replied Clara. Her mom was shocked. "Clara, why did you go in the attic? And why do you want to meet Nathan? He is not a good person, I suppose." "Mom, please, dont worry. I have to solve this mystery! I will take care! Bye, see you soon!" Clara replied. 

Then she headed to Nathan's place. When she reached, she greeted the man. He said, "Hello, and welcome!" He asked her whether she wanted to eat something. Clara denied and she decided to learn more about the treasure. 

"Well there are rumours that the treasure was buried in some hidden staircase." Said the man. "A staircase?" Clara asked confused. "Yes. Big brother used to work in a factory. I guess it might be buried there." Guessed Nathan.

"Where is the factory?" Clara Dawn asked. "The Factory was named as ABC Imports. But I do not know the location. He never told me." Came the reply. Clara said she would figure out the location by some clues, which she was sure would be present in the attic. She headed towards her home and then she straightaway went to the attic, looked for some clues with the torch, and then tried to discover some of them. She found an old wallet in a box. It looked like John's wallet. She opened it and she saw some pictures and some cards and money. There were some family pictures, like John and his wife together. There was a card, and it had the details of John's working place. The address was however, torn. So, Clara couldn't figure out the location. "Oh no! How will I go to the location now?" Clara thought. 

She tried a lot to figure out something else as well. Then she saw some books lying in a stack. She read out the titles, "Mystery in a factory, Little Nonu in a Mountain, Lily and the Spooky shadows, John Crusely: The Autobiography." As soon as Clara realised that she had just read the title of Crusely's Autobiography, she stopped for a moment. Then, she quickly flipped through the pages. What if Crusely left some clue in his Autobiography? It could be possible certainly! She read the first page, "I lived in a House near Toquemada.........." Then she started scanning the page for the word "factory". She thought John must've left his office's address. Finally, she got it in a paragraph, "I worked very hard in a factory which was situated on Edenfield road, Lane 2." 

She left for Edenfield road the next day. Edenfield road was a bit confusing, but Clara managed to reach there somehow. Lane 2 was just easy to find. She went inside the deserted factory. It looked abandoned. Crusely must've worked here many years ago! She was sure that the treasure was somewhere here. She saw many doors, and some of them belonged to office cabins. Each door had the name of a main officer tagged to it. Some of them read, "Mr. William Hague, Mr. Neilson Smith." She looked for a tag that would be named after Crusely, and she found one. She entered the office, and she searched around for a clue. But, instead, she found a staircase! There was it! It was the mysterious staircase that Clara had been searching since days!! But she did not know about where exactly THE TREASURE was located. 

Clara tried climbing the staircase, but her foot hit something hardly, and she screamed in pain, "Ouchhhhhhhh!!!" It was a metallic box. She opened it, and there were instructions where the treasure was actually located. It said, "Find the lever and pull it." Luckily, there was a lever. She pulled it, and the staircase opened further. There was a chest. Clara was surprised to know that there was no key for the chest. It was already open. So she lifted the lid, and the treasure glistened. She called her dad, "Hello, Dad? Please come here at Edenfield road, Lane 2. I have figured out the mystery. I need your car to carry the treasure so I can give it to Nathan."He reached after 15 minutes, and then she loaded the chest carefully, and then they drove towards Nathan's house. Nathan welcomed them warmly. After they gave the treasure, Mr. James asked about what Nathan would do with the wealth. He replied, "Well, I wanted to make a few renovations in this house, and I'll even give half of it to our other relatives. And maybe also donate some." 

The mystery was finally solved! Clara, being a young girl, had solved her very first mysterious case! 

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