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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Pradnya Surve

Drama Inspirational


Pradnya Surve

Drama Inspirational

My Secret

My Secret

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I remember him

She was a bubbly teenager. Her group of friends, only girls, was like any group of teenagers. They were full of laughter, banter,wits....

Her college life was quite routine- attending classes and then back home. Though she belonged to an affluent family where the daily needs were more than sufficiently met, her parents had set a strict curfew. 

Her life graph was already set, graduation from the University and then maybe a job. There were regular checks on signs of smoking, drinking and sex. 

She met this college icon at the Annual festival. The five day festival had the college premises bustling.In spite of her conservative upbringing, she was excited at having his attention. This would give her a chance to be with the ‘in’ crowd.

The college icon was popular for his sports activity, academics was not his forte though. His flamboyance made many girls weak in their knees. And yet, she was the chosen one. 

On the third day of the festival, she had a drink on his insistence. He then asked her to accompany him to his home to pick up some posters.

His home was in total darkness. There was nobody at home. She was feeling dizzy because of the drink. He made her sit on the sofa so that could rest. After a while she heard soft music and then he pushed her down. She kept saying “no,no”. But it all happened too quickly. They got dressed and went back to college. She was totally shaken up. Her friends offered her lemon and helped to freshen up. She maintained a facade of coolness just to hide the whole experience.But she remained mum about the horrific experience.

The following days were full of turmoil and her mind was filled with thoughts of a pregnancy. But when she got her regular period, she heaved a sigh of relief. But the rapist continued to haunt her.

The perpetrator soon left college and she completed her graduation. Her decision to become a journalist was approved by her parents.

She focused on women’s issues, especially sexual abuse and harassment cases. Her dedication and commitment took her to a special position in journalism and reporting.

The award function to Felicitate achievers from the media. The Home Minister was invited to do the honours. His brigade of secretaries, helpers and security followed him.

As she came on the stage to receive her award, she saw the Minister’s security guards. Thee stood her rapist! He lowered his eyes and turned away.

She was being felicitated for reporting and bringing to books a serial rapist!

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