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Ignite the reading passion in kids this summer & "Make Reading Cool Again". Use CHILDREN40 to get exciting discounts on children's books.

A Time To Speak

A Time To Speak

3 mins

Mahesh hurriedly put things in his laptop bag. 

“Naina, how many times I have told you not to touch my things. You don’t have any sense, you are just a housewife. What do you know about corporate work?” Mahesh continued ranting. ”You will keep all scrap material properly but you don’t keep my expensive things with care”. He then left for office in a huff. Naina knew what he was referring to.

A friendship during college days had culminated into marriage. Naina got to know Mahesh at the college dramatics club. She was popular for her friendly demeanour and her excellent writing and acting skills. Mahesh made extra efforts to get close to Naina.

Their destination wedding was enjoyed by everyone.

“Oh come on, you don’t need to work. What great career do you have”. Mahesh mockingly said to Naina. 

Soon after marriage they moved to another city. Mahesh took up a job with attractive perks. “Sorry Papa, you will have to stay back, our apartment there is too small. Beaut, I will regularly be having colleagues coming over and we cannot accommodate you in our social life.” "But Mahesh, how can we leave Maa and Papa alone here?”

“Naina you can stay back if you are so much worried about them”, Mahesh smirked.

The new city life was hectic. Naina felt lonely in midst of the new crowd. Her days were spent in cooking new dishes for Mahesh’s parties. She did make some friends in the neighbourhood as it came naturally to her. But each day dragged on with a lot of burden.

Naina missed the affectionate presence of her in -laws. Although she spoke to them everyday on the telephone, she longed for their physical being in the home.

That day as she was waiting for Mahesh to return from office, her mobile rang. It was an unknown number but she answered the call nevertheless.

“ Madam, Do you know Mahesh Malhotra?”


“He has met with an accident, we have got him admitted to City Hospital “.

Naina got the feeling of an earthquake around her. She was speechless, petrified. But soon enough she gathered herself. She called up Mahesh’s colleague to inform him about the accident.

Before leaving, Naina opened the drawer in her cupboard and gently Slipped a precious thing into her handbag.

“Mrs Malhotra, the condition is quite serious, you must inform your relatives. Naina, controlled herself and asked for permission to see her husband.

As she entered the room, she saw Mahesh lying still on the bed. His handsome person looked helpless with all the support system around him. Naina edged towards the bed. As she slowly caressed his head, she took out that precious thing and held it near Mahesh’s ear,

It was the ancestral antique timepiece that Mahesh’s father had given him.

Naina hoped that the ticking time would stir Mahesh and bring him back to his real world!

“ …a time to be silent and a time to speak...."

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