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My Professors

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August 2018,

I just entered the second year of classes in NIT Raipur for the course of Structural engineering. In second year, all scholars have to do a project and prepare a thesis at the end of session. I was lucky enough to get Dr. G.D. Ramtekkar sir as my project guide. He is a senior teacher and one the best professor in NIT Raipur. Dr. Ramtekkar sir has specialization in structural engineering. In the first personal meeting with him for the project discussion he enlightened me with so much of knowledge and ignited curiosity in my heart.

After talking for half an hour, G.D. sir gave me a live project which was going on the site which was a tough and challenging task for me. I will not discuss the project topic as it is a civil engineering thing and all readers are obliviously not civil engineers but believe me it was a lengthy, tedious and detailed project which I have to done in that session.

After a month of basic study, G.D. sir gave me huge drawings of AIIMS building (which was my project subject) to make a model in design software. Those drawings had all the structural details of the building. I kept all the five huge sheets with me with nervousness as it was looking very horrible.

Fast forwarding, 7 days passed and I didn't understand what to do, how to start, I also couldn't understand the drawings so I thought to quit this project and to do some simpler one. And for this purpose I went to G.D. sir to discuss my problems.

Sir listened me calm fully and then he motivated me and advised me to meet Dr. Mohit jaiswal sir for co-guidance. Mohit sir is a young and dynamic professor in NIT Raipur who is also specialized in structural engineering.

I went to Mohit sir's cabin to discuss about the project, he listened all details and problems that I was facing. He make me understand some basics to start the work and gave me some books related to my project, talked general things about and apart from project. He is so friendly to all of his students that make everyone calm and peaceful.

A line that quoted by Mohit sir that helped me a lot was " DO not touch the pen and paper, do not hurry, just look at the problem calmly, don't think too much, don't stress your mind, do nothing, just look the problem for 2-3 days and you will start getting the solutions." And this quote solved all my problems; I got all the answers that I was seeking. This quote still helps me in every problem of life.

Along with G.D. sir, Mohit sir helped me throughout the project, although he was not my official project guide but he guided me for every single problem. By the regular guidance of Dr. G.D sir and Mohit sir I completed my project on time and appreciated by everyone.

Dr. G.D. Ramtekkar sir taught me.

1.Think high. 

2.Not to compromise.

3.Be precise. 

4.Be a hard worker.

5  Love what you do.

 Dr. Mohit Jaiswal sir taught me.

1.Be calm. 

2.Do not worry.

3.Do not hurry. 

4 Focus on a single problem at one time. 

5.Do what you love.

 I am a thousand times thanks to both of my guides for teaching me a lot. Although they have hundreds of good students better than me I have few teachers whose words and teachings still helping me and will help throughout my lifetime.


"Teacher's Day" "Thank You Teacher" 


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