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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Charvi Tyagi

Abstract Drama Others


Charvi Tyagi

Abstract Drama Others

Mother: The Golden Angel In Life

Mother: The Golden Angel In Life

6 mins 214 6 mins 214

"And then she slowly took me into her arms, with that grinned look over the face, she threw me into the world of hell" I was horrified by the scenario that surrounded me. Thousands of corpses watching to eat me mercilessly. Tore clothes, bare feet.. Their saliva threatening to dissolve me in impurities of dark souls. No one is gonna remember this infant who lost her life with a single click of paranormalitical events. "Are you ready to die.. We are gonna have the taste of the purest and tiniest soul of this world... Hahahahha and shrieks of laughter continued until.. I fainted. 

I opened my eyes.. Yes.. I did, though it was the most unexpected event. An angel with a breathtaking face. Sea blue eyes symbolizing vast expanse of ocean of love, pink lips signifying the purity of caring attitude and her lap.. The best part making me feel the warmth of life. She was swinging me in her arms singing "oh fairy, my fairy you are never gonna get alone

Till we are separated by death, till then our pureness would be shone"

" I was in the pathological world, this was too good to be true.. Did I deserve it?" I thought.

But nevermind, after all I was safe from that demonic world intimidated to swallow me up. No one, there was not a single family member who loved me by heart and soul.. In fact everyone except one used me to satisfy their anger.. They slapped me, punched me sometimes take me and ruthlessly threw me into the hard rock bed. Why didn't I die in that beastie zombies sphere. But it is rightly said if life takes one thing, gives back many. 

At night when everyone would close their ears with earplugs to avoid listening to this small soul, she would come and sing a lullaby for me to sleep and she would sleep beside me to ensure peaceful dreams coming by. 

Time passes as a mount of sand and I grew into a child of 6 years though I wished I never but who can challenge the prompts of God.

"hey loosie poosie, wanna play?" and when I said yes, a ball faster than my running pace hit me on my face and after felling into that muddy pond no one could recognize such a muddy monster "picked up from dustbin.. You idiot crook, don't you know how to catch a ball" commanded Big brother and every other person out there started throwing punch lines at me

I was humiliated on daily basis but this was too much, I could do nothing and so remained shut.. But god never when he sees his children being troubled. Big bro's face was greeted by a tight slap and he received this gift from "Maa"

" Do I have to remind you that she is your sister!!! And who gives you the authority to push her into mud like that.. Listen Mister you are not the supreme commander here, we have even greater ones in our house.. So keep your mouth shut and fly right into that house.. Cammon get in right away.. Fast before I loose more patience"

"Why are you always in favor of this little crook coming from hell.. She destroyed us and one day she'll finish you too" repeated brother. "Thank you so much for your predictions babaji" another sarcastic insult by mom to which brother reacted furiously by moving into the housing premises.

"Are you OK angel, I thought he was gonna kill you today, if he repeats it again let me know hmm.." she said calmly.

"Oh mommy, what could I do without you, I love you so much..." I gave her the warmest hug she'd received.

We went into our house and saw the most enraging atmosphere ever. Father was standing with a stick in his hand and big brother was giving the most creepy and devious smile." Did you slap our son" a shrill sound said. "I was just telling him to.." she explained but was interrupted with same tone "I'M ASKING DID YOU HIT OUR SON."

"Yyess" she answered in a soft murmured voice. "Just because of this SINNER CREATURE, you've started shouting on your own child, you are definitely gonna face the consequences by seeing your little angel burn in the fire of my fury" I was watching all of this silently behind my shield- my mother when I realized I was pushed by a big fisted hand and.... I was safe. Mommy saved me again and said "I've committed the mistake so why are you punishing my daughter, please punish ME" She was being brutally beaten up but I could do nothing. Tears were refusing to go back and soul felt to eradicate itself from this world rather seeing a fairy being fed with insecurities of life. After seeing her le on ground, my heart came out of my body and I hugged her as tight as I could. She smiled and said "it's a part of my life, don't get scared cutiee pie" 

That was indeed a tensed day. A knock at the door.. the clock was flashing 2:05 am. I got up.. looked left, looked right but the danger emerged out in front.. the same witch that dropped me in hell was staring tempestuously at me... "time for HOME sweetyy.. letss go" she was moving silently towards me, threatening to eat me away.. her big sharp nails personifying cursed world.. her black gown materializing death and her pitch dark eyes terrifying me to dissolve in spooky liquid of spirits.. she threw away the blanket and whispered "time will catch you before... tik tok tik tok" "COME NOWWW" I woke up and saw myself on bed... looked at the clock flashing 2:04 am and then I hard another bang at the door... the moment then I wrapped myself in the comfy blanket that was the only resolution left to save myself from that witch...the door opened with a creaked sound but was mommy, worrying about me (who was petrified enough to speak nothing.)

She was coming to ask me about my scariness when a book felt upon her and she diffused into it. The scary me picked it up... it read "SPARKLING ANGEL NOT SO LONG" I threw the book on the floor the moment I read the text. I was not able to take it... breath was gone away, heart was pounding at a greater speed... and soul finally transferred itself into the only book lying on the floor . The title changed to "THE STORY OF SPARKLING ANGEL NOT SO LONG"

Today me and my MOM are leading a happy life in GOD's lap afterall the ultimate creator needs pure ones.. but mother's are most refined and purest than the diamonds beneath the soil.

She is the creator of our souls, guide of our lives and heart beats inside our body. 



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