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Riya Singh

Romance Tragedy Fantasy


Riya Singh

Romance Tragedy Fantasy

Memories of Love

Memories of Love

2 mins 178 2 mins 178

Memories of love

 1. I remember the day we first met.

 I'm drunk and you're a little pedestrian.

 2. Then he stopped going and came to me and told me to go home without getting wet in the middle of the road. It is difficult when it gets cold. I saw the voice coming back from behind and you are leaving smiling.

 3. See you again at the bus stop. The place has changed, only you and I are one.

 4. Well, I remember your offer of love to me for the first time. Hearing that, I said in a few days' conversations, does anyone become your own.

 5. The path of our love started from the holy Boishakh to the witness of the banks of the Ganges, the alleys of Tilottama, and a cup of earthenware.

 6. The first gift you gave me was a pair of anklets.

 7. The symbol of love is the red rose and you told me with all three red-yellow-pink I just don't love you, I believe, and want to be friends.

 8. When we first came close, there was no shame in the eyes of both of them.

 9. Then when you put your hands over your eyes and held me by the lips, I felt a touch of confidence

 10. One after the other, two years of love. Suddenly you started to change.

 11. On the rainy day of Shravan, our conversation broke up again.

 12. Once I was able to talk about your illness. In fact, I was able to recognize where I remained unknown.

 13. You can tell what was my fault, I just sat well. What is my fault from the unknown.

 14. Alas, I am talking alone like every time. And as always, you are also a silent listener and listening to everything.

 15. It's normal for you to be quiet, (laughs a little dirty)

 Tell me what the picture can say.

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