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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Pranav Gupta



Pranav Gupta


Love Story : The Freshers Party

Love Story : The Freshers Party

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“Hi, where are you” said Varun in his bright bedroom.

Pratibha said, “what is the matter, what do you want, why do you keep calling me again and again. Don’t call me.’’

Varun in a soft sweet voice said, “Listen to me sweet heart, do not get angry. I have done a lot for you and you don’t give any importance to the small things. “You study a lot and waste a lot of time in worthless books.’’

“No, I have in my dreams and I am going to study abroad and be famous. The youngest girl in the history to qualify for Mathematics course.’’ said Pratibha.

“Would you mind if I come to meet you again, like that in our school days. Where are you? ‘’ ,said Varun.

“The new day street Shop no. – 273. Come” said Pratibha.

 Coming. I will be there before time said Varun.

Varun stopped an auto- rickshaw for just Rs. 20. "Hurry" said Varun to auto driver.

“What is your problem” said Pratibha as five guys stood around him. They all laughed and didn’t pay any respect to Pratibha. One of them jumped from behind and grabbed her waist with both his hands.

“Just leave me” she shouted as one of them caught her legs and pulled them in upward direction.

Pratibha screamed out but nobody listened in the mid-night. They all took her into darkness behind the trees. Pratibha realized that she was unsafe. Varun arrived and hit one of them with his bat. By the time in which other boys could realize he hit hard the other one. The other three pushed away Pratibha and surrounded Varun to fight face to face.

Varun took out his brown jacket and threw on to the dustbin nearby. In full moon night he fought with them. Showing his fighting skills, he punched his fist on one of boys chin. By his left foot kicked another one in his stomach. The last one attacked Varun with his iron rod but Varun dodged him by moving backwards. Varun attacked his opponent with a bicycle kick. They were all shattered, opened their eyes to check if Varun was there or not. They all ran away.

Varun took the motor bike keys from the last one’s pocket, wore his jacket and started the bike. Signaled Pratibha to sit back besides her. Pratibha thought he is the man of my dreams. She picked up her jacket.

Pratibha sat on his bike and grabbed him softly where they met before in the college days and rejoiced. The amazing sea with the setting sun mixed with the color of the light yellow sky. The mirror reflection of the shimmering water of sea looked beautiful. They both sat on a rock enjoying the weather and the ice-creams.

“Don’t leave me,” said Varun keeping his hands on her palms.

“No, I am selected now, there is no turning back. I have studied very hard for this.’’ said Pratibha.

“Ok, I can be with you in that college where you are going or in that city doing any kind of job. Don’t you see, I am your life.  But still you do not respect me” said Varun.

Pratibha said, “I will let you know. We will be in touch through mobile phone. Why don't you study I will leave tomorrow morning 8:30 am.’’

Varun said,’’ I will come to leave you at railway station.’’

In the morning, Varun left his home 5:00 am and reached the station at 5:30 am. He waited and waited but Pratibha didn’t come neither her phone. Frustrated Varun waited till 10:00 am he walked back home. He went to her home and the guard told him that she left early in the morning. There is no chance of her being at the railway station at this time.

Varun realized that she didn't inform him correctly or she didn’t want to. Varun enquired Neema Pratibha’s friend that she is not in New Delhi and left in morning. Confused, he wanted to meet her.

With a beer in hand, he ran for the bus to St. Francis College. Sitting outside college just to catch a glimpse of her and hoping to meet her one last time.

The college gate opened and students came out. He watched from behind the tree, so that no one could see him. Just then, she came out wearing a light blue top and dark black jeans which Varun gifted on her previous birthday.

She was flirting with boys wearing spectacles glasses, hope fully they were more studious than him. Varun watched with jealousy, hatred and vengeance. He cursed himself but still wanted to talk to Pratibha one last time.

He came to know that fresher’s party has been organized for first year students in college. It had a dress code of blue shirt and black jeans with a mask on face.

Varun also brought a new clothes and black mask .He intentionally entered inside the party and no one caught him. Before all this, he handed over Rs. 250 to the college security guard just to enter college.

As the party started, he saw many young students were dancing and romancing with each other. Pratibha was dancing with a boy of his age. With many other couples around, they hugged each other. Varun stopped himself fighting that boy.

In no time, as the couples changed their pairs. Varun caught Pratibha and kept dancing. Pratibha didn’t recognize him.

‘’ Hi Pratibha I am yours Varun. I just need to know do you remember me or not’’ said Varun.

Pratibha looked stunningly towards Varun.’’What!! How dare you come inside the college premises.’’ said Pratibha. Pratibha slapped Varun on his face hesitantly. The party almost stopped as she slapped. ’’Who are you .What is your status. You dirty little ass hole. How dare you touch me.’’ She slapped him again and shouted, “Just go back and stop irritating me. I am a grownup. I can take care of myself. I have always hated you.’’ She felt ashamed of herself as she turned back.

“Abhi to party shuru hui hai.....’’ was the song of Yo Yo Honey Singh that was going on. The whole crowd was watching Varun and Pratibha. Varun silently heard Pratibha and started to move backwards towards the gate as if everything was now over. He walked towards the main gate leaving the party. Sitting beside a yellow-orange colored street light.

“Who is she? Is my life a joke”, he asked to himself. He wept for a very long time. He felt a jerk in his heart and felt as if he would fall while walking. His phone started vibrating in his pocket on a bench in a park. He slowly moved his fingers of left hand watched the white dim light twinkling named Pratibha with photograph of a heart and of hers on screen.

Varun cut the phone thinking she would be playing with her. It rang up again, but he touched the red button again to cancel the phone call of his phone. Pratibha gave a call again. Varun waited and thought," What to do". He shaked his hand and picked up.’’ I need your help, they all are on me.I am sorry to what I have said to you.Please help me.’’

“I hate you and would never come back” said Varun to Pratibha. But still his legs moved towards college. He ran fast. He saw Pratibha lying on the dance floor. He saw blood on Pratibha shoulders.

“Why did you come here and joined college. It is not the right place for you. They will not spare you.Tell me who did this to you ’’ said Varun.

“Rohit”, said Pratibha pointing towards group of boys inside the hostel.

“Just wait here, I will be back” said Varun and ran inside Boys Hostel. He immediately took out his belt. Two of them ran away instantly. The talent Varun had in beating boys is awesome. Pratibha watched from behind as he punched and kicked the other three down.

Pratibha realized her mistake and looked Varun lovingly. She put up a romantic music and kissed Varun the first time and said ,’’ You are the one that makes me smile,keeps me happy and protects me.Sorry , Sorry.....for everything that I have said and done. I love you and will do so throughout my life.’’

Varun answered,’’ Love is when others person happiness is more important than your own.’’ Pratibha embraced the hand of Varun. Everyone was jealous, but they all watched the new couple. Sound of cheers was all around. They both walked hand in hand towards the college gate under the orange colored street lights.





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