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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Pranav Gupta



Pranav Gupta


The Magical Key : The Cook

The Magical Key : The Cook

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Rohan, a 17 year old boy sat in the house, his girlfriend didn't call tonight. He felt sorry for himself. He was searching for a job. He was cooking since morning for his younger sister and mother. He felt calm after a full days work and remembered his father who expired when he was 12 years old and handed the responsibility of his family on his shoulders.

A young boy in the morning came towards him and said," There is a cooking job in the INDIAN HOTEL. Will you join?"

"OK I will ", said Rohan.

Rohan got his kitchen. The order from customers came on a digital TV kept in front. He looked at the first one.

"Arhar ki dal and five roti." said Rohan.

He cooked very tasty and quickly. He put it in the bowl and plate and called Sameer, the waiter. The next one was the orange juice. He peeled the oranges and put inside the juicer.

Sameer came back and said," Dal and Roti were excellent. The customers liked it. Keep up the good work."

There were many more orders on that day. The next day there was of traffic on the road and food was to be carried to a different location. Rohan got an order of a hot coffee, cake, veg-noodles and Samosas. He became too tired and tensed because he didn't have coffee and veg noodles.

Sameer thought "Who is going to carry the order to the party's location.”

Like a flash the god arrived and handed to him the magical key. He also gave him the money. God said, "You can go whichever door you wish .You have speak to yourself the address of the door which you are moving to."

He took it and went to the grocery store shop door nearby. He wanted to finish the cooking in time. But couldn't find coffee and noodles. He searched a lot in another store switching from one door to another door.

Rohan came back. Many of the guests have arrived and party was in full flow. He realized that he would not be able to finish the cooking in time. But then Sameer brought Nescafe coffee and noodles from his home. Rohan thanked Sameer a lot. He finished cooking just in time. He was frustrated at one moment .But delivered with the help of the Sameer. "Rohan, well done. The food was delicious especially the noodles and coffee", said the young boy’s parents who hosted the party. They thanked Rohan on the phone.

Rohan felt excited and great. He had become famous in no time. He was called to cook in the wedding. This time roti, matar paneer, malai kofta and many other food items were in order.

Rohan started cooking and with the magical key in hand ran away from one store to another store. But couldn't find the small things. Rohan realized that Sameer is extremely important for his success. He was the one who helped him at the birthday party. He gave Sameer money and bring potatoes for cooking.He was important when he cooked at the birthday party.

This time the occasion was a wedding party at a club. Sameer did well and so did Rohan. He finished cooking much before time. He did highly skilled work from his hands for which he was praised by everyone.

The value of Sameer has increased. But still his importance was not highlighted. Sameer asked for more salary as he ran out and brought everything on the orders of Rohan. Rohan established his own enterprise.

God appeared in a flash while he was sleeping." Sameer is more important than magical key. He runs on the order of you. Don't underestimate him. Otherwise you won't be successful." said the God and vanished.

Rohan thanked God for teaching him a lesson and increased the salary of Sameer. They both worked together happily ever after and never fought with each other again.

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