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Live Life to the Fullest

Live Life to the Fullest

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“Enjoy yourself while you’re young” is something my parents often remind me to do and I surely take this suggestion with open arms. And now that I am a sophomore in high school, it is evident to me that these are the times I will look back on with joy.

I want to enjoy myself with friends and family before my school life ends, these will be my golden memories, I look forward to reminiscing about.

It is very difficult to understand life in deep where a person is surrounded with duties, responsibilities, worries, tensions, fears and regrets. To place your life in the right spot is when you feel yourself contended, satisfied and happy. then life is a miracle when viewed in the light of deeper awareness.

The power of how we are going to live and experience the world is within each one of us. For some, it is attainment of spiritual greatness, for some it is to become a successful leader, a millionaire, a fitness freak, a great comedian, etc. are different aspects of looking and living life to the fullest. But to reach these milestones everyone has to cross the bridges of fear, jealousy, love, hatred, hardships, frustrations, depressions, anger etc. and finally you will be able to say that I am the happiest person on Earth. I have a peace of mind, body and soul.

As we mature, we learn and experience new things in life ant it goes on and on until we breathe our last. It is better to live each day like a last day as life is unpredictable and now is the time to make best use of it.

Small bucket list determines your actions and wishes and helps you to progress in life. It helps to build your own character with high personality traits and you become good human being. So start making your bucket list.

Whether it is A.P.J. Abdul Kalaam, Mother Teresa or,Os ho. They inspire me a lot on how I can overcome my weakness and use my weapon of strength to stay cheerful all the time. I learnt from them living life to fullest is taking an active role in your own development, steering the rudder of your own life and taking advantage of your uniqueness and potential as a person.

As parent introduces us first impression of life, they taught me that as I will face many life changing experiences, I have to push the boundary of myself mentally, physically and spiritually for my betterment and for the world at large.

The heroes of our country, the soldiers, the sportsperson, the music maestros, the politicians, the authors, and many more have valuable lessons to give us. To enjoy their life to the fullest, they struggled, they stay focused, fought fears with bravery, kept an open mind, had a burning desire to reach their goals and continuously striving for happiness. We must thank’ Almighty ‘for giving us freedom to choose our own happiness.

Also, one more encouraging tip of living life with full gusto is optimism. Optimistic people have a positive outlook on the future and an inclination to view themselves as being in control of positive events. Optimism increases creativity and productivity. People who have hope in the future can focus on accomplishing tasks because they believe that their creative ideas will work. Optimism promotes curiosity, a willingness to explore beyond one’s daily tasks, and a motivation to take initiative. It allows people to look outward, rationalize anything that comes their way, and be open to making connections and trying new things. An optimistic person will never go under depression, he is surrounded with positive vibes, zeal to accomplish anything with valor and courage.

The power of positivism has health benefits also because it keeps you grounded and calm. Your blood pressure is normal and you are less prone to stress, so you hardly get disheartened. The person has a protective shield of the thread of hope which helps him to face challenges in life with ease.

I remember watching when a little girl sells small toys made of mud, a little boy in the middle of red light show his master art without any fear, an old woman of eighty-five years of age is not on the streets to beg but to show her creative talent of juggling with two bamboo sticks that anyone is bound to get impressed and reward her. She earned not out of sympathy but her real talent at this age just to have two square meals a day for her children even if she dies. All these children at their tender age have either lost their parents, discarded and left unattended, or helping in sales really inspires me to live life contentedly, whatever God has stored for me. These children and oldies, when we talk to them are so full of life, they have no regrets, they are happy with small things, they can make you laugh and cry. They might have deep secrets but they smile to the world. All they need is love and care but they are self-made warriors. They teach us a valuable lesson in life.

During my long distance travelling especially to the hills, I naturally get infatuated with natures beauty. They are so welcoming that it becomes difficult to come out from that peace of mind you have acquired amidst nature. Being in nature has a profound impact on our brains and our behavior, helping us to reduce anxiety, brooding, and stress, and increase our attention capacity, creativity, and our ability to connect with other people. We evolve to be more relaxed in natural spaces. I believe everyone should have the habit of transporting yourself to an undefined land and inculcate the therapy of wellness ,self-talking with nature and you find an overall transformation as a new you. You might discover the best hidden meaning of life and start living it. You will feel more alive’

So whether we are alone or in a group, We must know to live life with a purpose, eat the sweet fruits, throw away the rotten ones, choose the right key to unlock your mind and burn candle at both ends, looking at life from different lenses whenever you are upset then you can walk on the path of peace, achievement ,fulfillment and happiness. Life gives us a restoration chance, we are missing something spectacular, the real world.

I would like to share a poem full of life and encouragement were written by ‘Henry Canning’.

To live content with small means

To seek elegance rather than luxury

And refinement rather than fashion

To be worthy, not respectable and wealthy

To study hard, think quietly, talk gently

Act frankly and listen to stars and birds

To babes and sages with open heart

To bear all cheerfully, do all bravely

Await occasions, hurry never in a world

To let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious

Grow up through the common

Smile to the world

This is to be symphony.

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