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shruti chowdhary

Children Stories Fantasy

Fireflies From My Netted Window

Fireflies From My Netted Window

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During my childhood

As I used to stare the moon

On the dark deep night

From the netted window of my room

I never knew that

The night could be so magical

Fireflies at 3 am kept me awake

No wonder where they came from

Shimmering their amber lights

The pale yellow-green dots

Flashed all around

Dancing and acrobating

Twisting and twirling

Sometimes graceful turns

Kept my eyes widen in amazement

Are these the wish fairies

Or the mysterious stars down on earth

Came to dazzle my 3 am night

When nothing was right

I was growing, watching my parents fight

How did they know my feelings,

That I am all isolated and lonely

In this world?

I got drawn to these astonishing critters

When life was giving me jitters

I never knew my night

Could be so exceptional

These emulating flies

Secretly enlightened my soul

And filled my heart that had a hole

I had almost lost my laughter with no one to play with and share my feelings... My parents could not behave like normal human beings do. They always grudge and grumble over small things not realising the impact on my life. My only favourite time zone was watching my fireflies at 3 am friends from the netted window for little peace of mind and solace. I used to hold my hand out sometimes as they perched on my little fingertip and flew again much to my delight.

Long days and warm nights, with each passing day my anger and frustration was also growing as my parents had to shift their residence ... I became so disheartened. How badly I am going to miss my newly miraculously beautiful 3 am friends, how harsh could God be to take away the only happiness I had treasured for long.

Will I ever find them? Can they fly to me, oh wish fairy !! Please come back where I am. I can shut my ears when my parents have deadly arguments but I cannot shut my eyes...I want you back in my life, please God bring back my luminescent creatures ... How deeply I moaned for the want of my netted window. Every night as I stare the moon and the stars my eyes haunted to see my sparkling wish fairies...My parents could not understand why I was growing pale and losing interest in everything. No medicines could cure my tattered soul... I only cried and with every single teardrop, I called for my lovable glow bugs ...

I slept to dream but my eyes woke up at 3 am to stare at the empty night sky with a desire to see a glimpse and voila... to my surprise thousands of fireflies with flickering lights were winking at me, sometimes harmonizing and sometimes humming to me ... Oh finally you have found me. I jumped with joy, all my tears evaporated and I was full of smiles. I waved and danced with them. The light of the lamp which I had dimmed earlier shone brighter and brighter... What a fantastic sight it was! Silence speaks louder than words and we had a great romantic night... until I fell sound asleep.

The next morning, my parents were happy and surprised to see me alive once again with a new zeal and confidence. I felt sorry for my parents that I could not explain them the magic of fireflies' hug as they will not believe it at all. Anyways it was a time of celebration of a new ray of hope that has enlightened my soul. I gathered courage and was ready to face the challenges of life. I was so happy to find my lost night lovers who have inspired me to live up to your dreams and so I decided to unite again my parents and instil love in their life with the power of my fireflies at 3 am.

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