सई कुलकर्णी

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सई कुलकर्णी

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Little Dice

Little Dice

2 mins

Dice is a Baby penguin. She is fun-loving and playful. On her family's shifting to another place, however, something unusual happens. Dice is responsible for it. The event changes their lives forever. What could it be? What did little Dice do?

Many many years ago, there was a baby penguin. Her name was Dice. She lived on the North pole with a lovely family of Mom, Dad and elder brother. All loved Dice very much.

Dice was very young, carefree, jolly and played all the time. She always did what she loved.

Once the family planned to shift to another place since plenty of food was available there. However the journey there was not simple and required 8 days. So the family decided to travel in parts.

They started the journey on a beautiful morning and boarded a wagon. Halting at places for food and rest, they travelled for 4 days.

On the 5th day they were about to start further. They had halted at the foot of a mountain. Dice was as usual playing on the ice at a distance and mom was calling her.

Suddenly everything became blurred. The mountain trembled. Loud drum-like sounds came from the mountain. White clouds were coming down at a lightning speed. AGHAST. Mom trembled. It was an avalanche.

She gathered courage, took little Dice and ran. While running shouted out loud to dad to follow with brother. Together they spend up their wagon. But the fast they went, faster the trouble came. The distance between them was narrowing.

They had come very far. Though tired they had no time to even blink. and suddenly something happened. Little Dice saw a spot she had played in during their journey. It was a cave. She pointed towards it and the four of them went inside almost immediately.

They were saved with a gap as thin as an inch. No one spoke for another hour. They were in complete shock. The only thing they knew was that they were saved by the smartness of little Dice.

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