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सई कुलकर्णी

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Poodle, the Panda

Poodle, the Panda

2 mins

Poodle, a sweet chubby panda, lived in a jungle happily. All day he used eat, play and rest. He had many friends around the jungle who used to come and visit him. On some occasions Poodle uses to go and play with them.

One day Poodle got up in the morning and noticed something unusual. Four honeybees were humming over the treetop. On closer inspection Poodle found that they had started building their home on the same tree. According to Poodle's nature, he took it very lightly saying the poor honeybees needed shelter. Ignoring the progress of the honeybees, Poodle went on being his usual self. Neither Poodle nor the honeybees seemed to bother each other until the fateful night occurred.

Tired playing all day Poodle was feeling sleepy. But as he was ready to sleep, suddenly from nowhere thousands of needles poked inside his body giving itchiness. Due to darkness, he could hardly fathom what was happening but he could hear humming sounds which made him realize what had happened.

The honeybees had finished building their home which had swollen huge in size and had multiplied by thousands in number.

Poor little Poodle could not find help and managed to run away somehow into the jungle. After a long run, he settled near a tree but could not sleep due to the kites all over his body.

Next morning when the Sun rose, a sparrow sitting on the tree called Poodle asking out of concern "Hey, you need help?"

"Yeah please" replied Poodle out of helplessness.

The sparrow gave him some water to drink. Then applied some cool leaves over his wounds. Poodle had swollen red due to bees attack.

After he settled a little and started feeling better, the sparrow asked "where did the honeybees attack you?"

Poodle replied "I was staying in my home and they came and built a home on the same tree top."

Witty sparrow said "Never let someone who is dangerous come near you even if they don't intend to hurt you."

Poodle realized that he had been extra soft, extra caring, extra ignorant that he didn't even take care of himself.

He thanked sparrow for her help and precious advice. He decided to follow sparrow's words and also help everyone realize it.

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