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Curious Sequina

Curious Sequina

3 mins


Sequina is a little squirrel who is far more curious than her age. The curiosity took the better of her & unfolded a gigantic surprise. What happened? Read to find more.

There lived a cute little squirrel, Sequina on a beautiful tree-laden mountain named Serial. She had her home in a walnut tree branch & spent her days very happily. There were numerous walnut trees on the mountain & Sequina had hundreds of friends living around.

Sequina would get up early by birds chirping & play with her friends. When hungry they would grab walnuts from trees & eat. Days were passing slowly & happily.

On a beautiful morning, it so happened that Sequina had just set out to play with her friends. She climbed a tree when suddenly something caught her attention. Her jaw dropped & she squealed calling all her friends.

The was a gigantic walnut passing from the sky. Sequina rubbed her eyes constantly as she could not believe such a huge nut even exists. All her friends were standing still, shocked to the core, looking up.

But slowly all of them returned to their trees except Sequina. She shifted to the highest tree to see where the nut was headed. The curiosity she had was if the nut is so big, how big the tree would be. She also wondered how & why the nut is traveling in midair. So she waited patiently on the tree.

After about an hour of traveling through the air, the huge walnut started descending on an adjacent hill. Slowly & steadily it settled there. Then again another surprise started unfolding in front of Sequina's eyes. When it finally settled on the hill, 15 to 20 people came out of it. Gradually the walnut started shrinking as if someone was taking the air out of it. In another 15 minutes, the gigantic walnut spread on the hilltop like a huge cloth. A group of people collected it, folded it & took it away.

Unable to fathom what was happening Sequina started running & climbed another tall tree. She was trying to look closer as to what was happening & where did the huge walnut, she had dreamed of eating some time back, disappeared. She could see her dream of chasing the huge walnut tree crushed. Looking at her worried face, an eagle asked her "what are you looking at?" Sequina said "Where did that gigantic walnut disappear? How would I ever eat one so big?" Saying this she started crying. Looking at her innocence the eagle wanted to laugh but didn't. He let her calm down & said "Sequina dear, it's just a hot air balloon, not a real walnut." On this Sequina was completely confused. The eagle continued, "It's used by "Humans" to fly which otherwise they can't. They have just designed it to look like a walnut. It's not a real one."

Hearing this Sequina was at a loss for words & took longer to digest the fact. She felt sad but went home & sat thinking. None of her friends were even bothered about this event. But it affected Sequina as she was curious about things. As days passed she saw more of such hot air balloons & laughed at herself for thinking the way she did that day.

But she remained as curious forever.

Friends, we should all be like Sequina. Cute but curious, she was cute & a little but sharp observant of her surroundings. Friendly but fearless, she had loads of friends but she didn't fear doing what she wanted to. She chased the balloon on 2 different trees & even asked the eagle about it. Innocent but matured, she was innocent to cry when the walnut disappeared but matured enough to laugh at herself after a few days of the incident.

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