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Ghazali Wasim

Romance Inspirational Others


Ghazali Wasim

Romance Inspirational Others

Light In Our Life

Light In Our Life

2 mins 217 2 mins 217

It's the last day of school.

She goes to her favourite spot in the whole school - volleyball court lined with banana trees on either sides and blooming at its zenith in the spring season. She rests herself under the shade of an old banyan tree , choking with tears as if she still can't believe it. Since morning, she was busy handing over her duties as head girl to juniors , giving thank you speeches and the likes that you do in investiture ceremony and trying to act like she will finally be free of the tantrums of school life like her other classmates.

 But she knew she is very bad with goodbyes. She can't get herself to breathe since morning thinking of how tomorrow she won't have to come to school, meet her friends and teachers she loved , visit this beautiful campus with this banyan tree again and ofcourse the principal - Sr. lismin.

She just can't get over the thought that tomorrow her life will take a drastic turn. And suddenly she will not be doing what she has done for fifteen long years !

Damn , she'll miss school with every single breath of hers. Her whole life till date had revolved around school -with teachers as best friends. She thinks she loves people here and people love her in return too. Juniors look at her with inspiration and admiration.Teachers consider her as their best friend and second child.

Will these people forget her once she leaves? 

Or will they love her the same after this?

What will she do with her life once school is over?

And drowning in this endless spiral of her thoughts and feelings, her gazelle eyes gave in and years finally made their way down her cheeks.

A relief!!

Sitting like a child robbed of her most favourite toy, her attention turned towards the banana trees.

Ohh, she is so mesmerized by and in love with nature. Nature soothes her racing soul and gifts her with the rarest sack of happiness and joy to be found in this universe.

She sees how the petals of its flower has fallen and bananas came out from them and she starts to wonder what if whatever future is holding for her- maybe that's something even better. What if it makes her get over this ache of leaving school? What if she loves it? What if she also forgets school like all her siblings did? And again she was about to drown in her spiral when the school bell ringed and she practically ran to the stage to recite prayer for the whole school as the head girl for one last time!

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