Harsha Godbole



Harsha Godbole


Life After Death

Life After Death

2 mins

It's a mystery life after death,

No pulse and no breath.

Everything so stiff and cold,

It' is a process when we grow old.

It's heaven or it's hell,

This is what you deserve they tell.

All so calm and quiet,

It's a mystery life after death.

When my eyes opened I could hear the cries all around me. There was sadness in the air. I heard people saying ...God why did you take him away so early. But when I sat back I heard them saying, how can a dead man come to life again. I could see how people around me were surprised and scared too. There was whispering all around me. I too was very nervous. 

The doctor was called and he examined me and asked what had happened. What I narrated was a big mystery for me and for all.

At night as I fell asleep, I heard someone saying 'He is not the man that you have brought. I had asked for the other man. His body is burning hot. Go take him soon from where you have brought'. I saw a dark man with a sword-like weapon in his hand. He looked like ' Yama', the God of Death. According to him, I was wrongly brought there. Another person with the same name was to be fetched. Then someone picked me and left me to my destination. It was like I had got a new life. I had a " Life after Death" experience which shall be with me as long as I am alive.

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