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Yashodhan Waghmare



Yashodhan Waghmare


Life A Journey?

Life A Journey?

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Is life a journey?

Many times when I have to travel from one place to another my mind had a feeling of the unstable presence of life .i I mean I was just traveling from one place to other by bus or by railway.

On the station, I felt that life is just travel and we all have to go to our destiny after it"s over, means it is not stable...  

But the day came.

I was near the bus stand and it was morning time 7 maybe.

Some cows were wandering about had there basic need i.e food 

On the roadside, a two-wheeler was parked and a lady and her daughter came to take it, a bull was standing nearby and the lady could not get her two-wheeler. she tried to make it away by shouting on it, no effect she tried by applying force no effect, it did not move a little. she asked to help I tried to make it away in another way it does not matter to that bull.

It was only possible to remove the wheeler when the bull moves by himself by his moved and stood in front of another car.

What do I get?

The roads the bus stand the buildings nothing can change the mind of the proper holder of place and he don"t cares about all that, as he is the proper holder of land and moves only by his will.

Life is the same when we know where we are no power can make us move against our will.

Life is not traveling it is a realization of our home...

One should know who you are.

What you are.

What you want.  

Praying the sacred cow...

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