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Yashodhan Waghmare



Yashodhan Waghmare


A World Without a Word

A World Without a Word

3 mins 12.5K 3 mins 12.5K

It was a weekend I was alone at home

An alarm made me wake, it was 5 am

I started it as I usually do with some music playing on my mobile, I got fresh, it was cold and I wanted some tea I was waiting for the milk to be delivered as it does sharp at 5:30 am

I checked my message and mails none were there.

5:30 no ringing of the bell , as it happens every day

5:45 waiting

6:00 o'clock no ringing of a bell.

Now here the patience end and I decided to take tea on the tea stall and take a walk.

As I opened the door to move down my apartment, "what I see on the floor! "

A packet of milk, I was confused if the milkman ring the bell or not, "whatever" I said

And as I decided, I kept it in the refrigerator and moved down in the parking, riding by bike

I headed towards the krida-sankul a sports ground in our city, I made a stopover the tea stall it was a famous and early opening tea stall.

And asked that uncle for one cup tea,

He ignored.

I asked for tea twice, thrice.

He gave tea to others who came after me, I got angered and marched ahead to the ground, it was not as normal as it normally uses to be.

There was a calm silence, as I was walking around there was a lot crowd and not a single noise it was there as I usually hear whenever I go there, there was a dog that every time used to bark on me, this time I was sitting as if I am not there, many people that used to greet me with him,hello, how are you were just moving ahead I tried to talk them, but it was of no use.

I Kept on walking on the course the playback of my day was running in my mind, I got feared and ran towards my bike, it took a number of trying to start it.

Shouting on the road I was moving towards my home, no one was noticing me.

I went home and tried to call my Dad, Mom, my friends, and relatives no one was replying Only ringing of the bell that I could hear.

I sent them messages but no use.

Thinking that this is just a bad dream I need to wake up but it was not!

I went out for more tries,

I tried by hand signs, made written boards, shouting and making crazy noises no use I was not noticed, no one was disturbed all was running fine,

The worst lonely feeling,

I went to Bar it was a free drink, I broke some bottles no use, I was dancing on the streets no one was seeing, much crazy stuff I deed.

I got nervous, depressed, lonely at last hungry

I went to a food court and sat along with a fat buddy he was served with a lot of food it was a corner.

As I picked up the slice and the about to eat,

I remember the person I loved the most and I found not be able to say a word to her, tears started coming from my eyes,

At that right movement, the boy shouted

" Hey, this is my meal"!

The chairs turned around my family my friend sitting there came to me cherishing me, my world was started again.

I realized the world is not a place to live with words.

It's the feelings and emotions with which the world has to be lived with.

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