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Let's Make Love

Let's Make Love

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Understandable the adoration 

Hold my hand at 'nightfall' and lead the way; 

Express all you need to state. 

Murmur musically in my ear, 

All that I need to hear. 

Kiss my lips and touch my skin; 

Discharge the interests profound inside. 

Force me close and hold me close; 

Remove my torment and dread. 

After 'nightfall', in the obscurity of the night, 

Be my reference point, sparkle your light. 

After the night, in the splendour of the sun, 

Demonstrate to me that you are the one. 

Give me wings so I can fly; 

For I can take off when you're close by. 

Enter my heart, separate the divider, 

It's the ideal opportunity for me to watch it fall. 

I've been a detainee, wouldn't you be able to see? 

Break my chains and set me free. 

Strip me of my protective layer tight; 

You'll see I won't set up a battle. 

Discharge my spirit held profound inside. 

I'm prepared currently, avoid the locks and let love start.

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