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Swapnil Singh

Romance Abstract


Swapnil Singh

Romance Abstract

Dream Girl

Dream Girl

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Her precious porcelain skin,

Kissed with just the right amount of sunshine!

Her spotless body glistening like diamonds,

Made her look incredibly divine!

She looked fresh as a daisy on a winter haze.

And her soft full lips put everyone in a daze.

They were like the blossoming of wine and dusk,

And her pearly smile had an angelic touch!

Her sparkling blue eyes,

Seemed lost in an ocean of silence.

And the mischief in her kohl-lined eyes

Made everyone want her for an alliance!

Her inner sparkle,

Like a shower of dewdrops on a restless soul.

And her beautiful black hair,

Fell softly on her shoulders like a silky stole!

Her movements were so delicate,

Gliding on their own enchanted cloud.

It gave her the grace of a ballerina,

Pulling people towards her in a crowd!

She was an all-woman too,

Not afraid to own her curves.

And she had that heightened maturity,

Never ever letting her loose her nerves!

She had an invisible halo,

Placed gently above her head like a whisper.

And she had genuine warmth and affection,

Never leaving anyone with a blister!

Her every pore ached with some longing,

As she had kept her feelings under wraps.

And her thoughts were carried away a million miles,

By a magical breeze, like a child in peaceful naps!

Oh! She was so beautiful and pure,

Like morning's serene rays.

But she had that wild sense of recklessness,

And the crazy desire for freedom, like someone, caught as a prey!

She was a cascade of emotions,

Brimming with life as an ocean of melody.

Her every breath an aesthetic whisper,

Urging one to be lost in her, like an everlasting remedy!

Can someone tell me who is she?

Is she real, or a goddess?

Or the first kiss of December?

Or the girl of my dreams!

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