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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Inspiring story of my Life

Inspiring story of my Life

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As you go into a museum or an Art Gallery you see many artworks, murals, sculptures and such creations. These objects of creative beauty are nothing short of inventions by the very artists who have created them. I would compare these to the invention of Zero, as an example, as well as discoveries like the Gravitational Force.

All of these discoveries, inventions and achievements are based on a solid foundation of hard work and practice. Nothing is achieved by just sitting around and letting the precious time pass by. And this I can relate to my own experience. To begin with I am a boy with a lazy bend towards things. I always sat by and said ókay let me not try as this looks very difficult’ or ít requires too much of an effort so its best to let it pass me by’’.

About two years back I was faced with a similar situation and I learnt a valuable lesson from it. I have understood that if you don’t put even the least bit of work into your like, you won’t even get a step closer to your goals and dreams. Let me share this interesting saying I read somewhere last evening. It says ‘’Try, and Fail, but don’t Fail to Try’’. What this means is that if you have some challenge facing you, just attempt to face it. Do not push it aside and say, no I cannot do it. Firstly, attempt it and get it wrong, than not even get it. You might attempt to face the challenge but you cant find the right answer to it, no problem at all. Atleast you have tried. Dear friends, always make and attempt and try new things in life. Don’t take the easy solution out, which is to not try at all. Like I once had to pack my things for an upcoming trip and I decided to take the easy way out by not doing it all. I opted for the option number 2, i.e. failing to try. But when you try and fail it stands evidence of the work being put in by you rather than an empty feeling inside.

Let me ask you this one honest question. Have you been to a Castle or a Palace? A great structure that was at some point in time being ruled or conquered by a King or an Emperor. How did the King rule such a great place? Well, of course he put a lot of hard work into it; of course, as a kid he worked relentlessly and all of this helped him to win so many battles too. This reminds me of a story that my brother once told me. There was a King who had defeated all possible enemies in battle, but there was one battle which became an obstacle, in which he could not defeat the opponents. As the battle was being raged and also being lost by the King. He ran away from the battlefield feeling dejected and went and hid in a cave. As he sat there he observed a spider trying to climb up to the ceiling of the cave. The spider made on attempt after another and still on the 7th turn he hadn’t made it. Then finally on the 8th turn he made it to the ceiling. After observing this the King though ‘however many times I fight the army, I must not accept defeat and give up. So he followed his decision and fought and fought until he finally won against his opponents. This happened to be his 8th attempt. Would you like to know who this great warrior was?. Well he is none other than King Bruce.

Sometimes we may feel that we can’t do a particular thing and feel óh this seems very difficult. So why should I do anything. Just walking away from the situation will not help. So here we must remember the story of King Bruce. Had he not seen the spider trying out multiple attempts, he would have given up. He would have changed his mind and said, ‘’Oh, forget about it. Let me not try and just stay here or surrender’’. But the spider had unknowingly helped King Bruce that day. This was a beautiful story of King Bruce and the spider. I learnt an important lesson from this story that ‘’Not all the ways that you take are hard, but a good inspiration is like eating a good pizza or a good recipe for baking a cake, as in the end it makes you feel great’’.

One such example of trying harder in life is from a recent experience. We had our school swimming competition and the water in the pool was too cold to bear. Prior to this I kept practicing day and night. I just couldn’t get myself to stop practicing. On the day of the competition I knew I had to be tough and brave. It wasn’t as easy as I expected them to be. But finally, all this hard work had a great outcome. I completed the race at a good pace and position. This was the result of hard work and determination. This one lesson that it taught me ‘Try and fail, but, don’t fail to try’ ’. it means that to attempt something and fail is better than not to attempt it at all.

Another example is that of climbing the Caingorms Mountains in Scotland. Me and my family had enrolled ourselves for the Caingorms mountain climbing course, with guides. Just as we stepped out of the office window to see how we would make it, we were told that it’s the 6th highest peak in the United Kingdom. Fear gave way to excitement and I thought of King Bruce and the spider. And I could finally see how the story of King Bruce and the spider affected me.

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