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Inspiring Story of My Life

Inspiring Story of My Life

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The person who has inspired me deeply is Vincent Van Gogh, and I look up to him for his talent and his creativity. Vincent Van Gogh has taught me that a difficult life can always make you a better person if you choose the right path; hard work always pays. One must not complain or feel sorry about one’s misfortunes or a tough life. One must also not crib about not having a luxurious lifestyle and not being blessed with good luck. His art has influenced me and I try my best each day to be more and more hard working and creative. Under his influence I am putting my talent to good use and my creativity is now exceptional. It is because of him that I love art.

When I see his paintings, it has a magical effect on me. I feel very elated and excited to attempt to create some artwork. It is his style of painting that has encouraged me to become a good artist. He has also managed to make me appreciate realistic art, as his artworks are almost always about nature and its beauty. Also, he used very vivid colours to show what he was trying to depict.

He shared a very special bond and his most important relation with his brother, Theo, who loved him and cared about him. Theo supported him by sending him money and his art supplies like canvas sheets and paints so that Vincent Van Gogh could pursue his dreams. Vincent regularly wrote to his brother Theo, about how much he loved him and many a times he also wrote about how he loves art and painting.

In a short span of 9 years, Vincent made 2200 art works of which over 800 were paintings. In his lifetime, only one of his paintings was sold. But he kept making his masterpieces without feeling much dejected about this. But now after so many years, his paintings are amongst the most valuable creative works in the world and they are sold for hundreds of millions of dollars.

He once cut his ears to literally ‘lend’ it to a friend, while he was angry with her. Later he showed his strength when he was in the hospital and continued to paint, even though he would have been in agony. And this way one of his greatest paintings was made, titled “the Starry Starry Night’’. Another famous painting of his ‘The Almond Blossoms’’ was made by him to welcome his nephew, his brother Theo’s newborn son.

After Vincent’s lifetime, Theo named his son ‘’Vincent’’ in the memory of his brother

Vincent has made many portraits, most of which are lifelike and realistic. They were so realistic that you could never imagine how beautiful they were. He could feel a special connection with nature and he always used to sit anywhere close to nature and then make his masterpieces. This has helped me to understand how appreciating nature is very essential for being creative and artistic. Even though he worked so hard to make all his paintings yet he wasn’t famous at that time and nobody used to buy his gorgeous paintings. Yet he painted day and night endlessly and tirelessly for nine whole years and he passionately pursued his dreams.

I want to have these qualities of Van Gogh to be able to scale newer heights in Creativity .

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