Sucharita Parija

Abstract Drama Action


Sucharita Parija

Abstract Drama Action

Incorrigible Tempted Life

Incorrigible Tempted Life

5 mins

I was cooling my heels for the blue tick in WhatsApp. I had even intended to keep my ears open for the ringing of the cell. The guests were awaited to push the doorbell at any moment. The incoming messages ping from my friends were on that day's menu card.

I was about to take a call from my near and dear one. Though, I was pining for someone throughout the day to come home. I had even a 

vague thought that others were having the time of their life. They were deliberately ignoring my existence.

It was my special day: My birthday, folks.

The day slowly turned into night. In my mind, I had some sorts of confusion. A feeling had crossed me during the day that life was trying to teach me a lesson. How, when and where, I had little idea about? I had taken around twenty calls since the morning. The excitement had got into me as fifty text messages were read in a jiffy. 

All my enthusiasm had gone for a toss by evening. Did you know, I had the perfect plastic smile on my face? Forty posts in FB walls along with thirty messages in messenger were staring at me. It had slipped from my mind to tell you about the group video calls, only for me.

 I dragged myself into the balcony with a heavy heart. It was exciting to get a glimpse of the super moon that month. The day was winding up with magnificent gifts. The variety of mouth-watering dishes and a couple of stunning pics taken by my hubby dear were like icing on the cake.

Alas! I was back to square one. I was stuck at the notion about the day being ruined. Wait, I had posted an attractive pic of mine in the social group to grab boisterous attention. I was trying hard to show interest in my favourite show that was playing on the smart TV. At the same time, I was awaiting ornamental utterances for my pic from many.

No compliment after 1/2 hour. What was happening to me and my status?

It's just 30 minutes. By the way, I was thinking about it to become ready like 2 minutes Maggi Noodles...

Why was the unhappiness clouding my serene life? I was expecting more and more compliments, good wishes. I had either turned into a vampire trying to suck others' blood or to a sulking drama queen! It looked like my dream of acquiring page 3 celebrity status merely diminished to dust. 

Chill, this was really slipping from my hand!

Oh! Sigh!

Was I looking forward to all my 700 Social Media friends to wish me that day? Sure, I was weighing the image in those lines. There would be showering of sweet compliments on me by them.

Pause for a minute, guys. Do I have fixed points for every event of my life? When A, B, and C wish me on my B' day or like my FB post, I get super excited. The moment pics in Instagram are sprinkled with applause for a new funky haircut, I obviously reach cloud nine. 

I eagerly anticipate reactions about a new attire, gorgeous travel pics, music and dance video or a trending online recipe that I always share on the social media platform.

If no emojis are displayed, then I firmly believe that I am being ignoredYup, the mark is missed. Well, I think I am overly engrossed in the virtual world. People existing in the virtual place have started to become our quick & best buddies. 

The new virtual life has begun to revolve around the unreal people. We are getting swept off our feet by their sweet dripping words. Who does not love flattery, after all? 

We are forever inclined to compete with others in the virtual world. It is hampering our health and distracting us thoroughly to concentrate on our work. Virtual life has painted rosy pictures that are far away from reality. 

The friends' lists on Fb or number of followers in Instagram add quality in our life. Our popularity soars high depending upon the number of images we share on Insta. We have no genuine feelings for each other in that world. At the same time, we do not want to be left out of the trending masses. 

The favourite game plan is to make strategies and to incorporate them. One famous virtual world motto: More pics, more friends, more likes, more comments, more shares. It gives us additional strength to survive there. 

 "Don't let your online presence be greater than your real-life presence."


People of all ages are becoming obsessed with social media as the days pass by. It is hampering the work-life as well as social life to an endless extent. People are losing their real buddies in the meanwhile. 

Without anyone's knowledge, all have drifted away from their close relatives. The personal relationship is running hither and thither. One has to take control of their life before it's too late to even repair. 

People should try to spend time with their immediate family. All should strive in making calls to relatives and buddies in short intervals. Nobody can take either their family or friends for granted. Nobody has no right to make others feel neglected by their newfound obsession. 

Just think this way: If out of sudden, people are pulled out from their latest delusions. Where will all land then? Folks engrossed in the virtual World-They need to change their priorities instantly. Lest they forget to do so, it is going to drown them in the dangerous virtual sea. 

We should challenge ourselves to balance our virtual life with real life. It is better to stop relying on everyone in the virtual world. Dangers are lurking from every corner of the virtual world. We need to have restricted interaction there. 

Gosh! All are facing an identity crisis. People's characters are turning volatile. Children are feeling lonely. Teens are showing behavioural complexities. I am now lost in quiet contemplation about the scenario. 

Digital detoxification and staying away from virtual contacts are the prime concern now. We should relish the company of real people rather than seeking a virtual companion. We should rely on our family and friends' sincere words rather than virtual remarks by an unknown person. 

Life in the virtual world is very tempting, and we are ready to fall victim to it. Get out from the trap and shake the unrealistic feelings before it's dangerously late.

Connectivity is good, it has made our life more comfortable. But it should not be a source of discontentment in our real life.

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