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Sucharita Parija

Abstract Drama Fantasy

My Rainbow Of Emotions

My Rainbow Of Emotions

6 mins

The word 'rainbow' makes me exhilarated. I always strive to get a view of it. The rainbow has become a rare view in the contemporary scenario with the increasing pollution level.

I dance with joy whenever I catch a glimpse of the rainbow. The sound of rainfall always takes me to my early days. Rain and colours invoke a lot of pleasant memories. The roadside corn, pakodas and wet school or college uniforms were close to me throughout school and college. There go my recollections of overcast sky and thunderstorms. Can anyone forget the muddy shoes, puddles on the roads, and the paper boats? 

No one can disrupt my reminiscence wall at this hour. I used to wait for the weather forecast on News channel eagerly. I prayed to God that time without a break so that, the school would declare a rainy day the next day. I waited on many occasions to push down the school bag after the news. I managed to observe the rainbow every time it rained through my window grills. 

Oh! Not Again.

I intended to write about the rainbow, and look where I am? Through the memory path, I strayed away to the rainy days. A blend of seven colours creates a rainbow. Each colour has a distinct charm of its own. It also has a unique style that separates from the rest of the colours. 

I feel that my emotions resemble a rainbow rhythmically. I jump from one colour to another colour for each day. Sometimes the entire day turns to be a mixture of varied hues from the rainbow palette. 

Have a glance at the beautiful collection of amethyst, morning glory, lavender, and orchids? The shade of the flowers transports me to the violet land. There are onions on the kitchen slab that add more meaning to the beautiful vision. Violet colour exhibits the enchanting radiance of imagination and spirituality. The shade consists of both red and blue.

"I am Violet" is a book by Tania Duprey S., have you read it? It brilliantly describes the diversified skin colour of Tania from her parents. The story gives a profound message: dissimilar from the rest but at the same time adorning oneself. It contemplated me to reflect on my emotions that erupt in varied forms. I am also unusual in my way. 

The name Indigo gives intense pulsation to my body. My mind still has the imprints of indigo plants and peasants. It was there in the 9th standard history book, remember? The colour carries wisdom, integrity in its wings. Indigo is the combination of deep blue and violet colour where blue dominates over red.

I get an urge to defend people's rights and support humankind at moments. These ideas give rise to the purpose of my existence. Unusual evitable thoughts cloud my subconscious at countless nights. Is it a fleeting thought or a short dream? But the very next morning, I am back to my ridiculous twists. It fills my brain with narrow-mindedness. I am unable to stand firm at that time. It destroys my hopes, and I change into an Indigo adult. 

The sky's colour or the spraying of ink fills me with calmness. The impromptu vision of peacock, juicy blueberries adds serenity to my chaos environment. It also works like therapy to my aching body 

and turbulent psyche. 

"Feeling Blue" is a phrase coined from an old custom among many old deepwater sailing ships. The vast and lousy world mixes this feeling of gloomy with the present. My invisible attire ' feeling blue' is my second skin till time. 

Raw mangoes or my terrace plants elate me every summer night. The roadside tender coconuts and grasses at the public park make my day bright. The power of green so subtly balances human selfishness and indifference with growth and harmony. Cordial neighbours, loving parents or charity workers display the greenery of society and relationships. 

Is it the main reason for having a green room in theatres or functions? So that it will soothe the performer's nerves and help to pull them out from jitters. I try to push the green monster out of my mind in all circumstances.

Sunflower Garden at Singapore's Changi airport, have you seen the pictures? Cheerfulness and ecstasy ooze out. There are swarming of honey bees around, even a glimpse of marigolds or the sunshine from the balcony- the scenes furnish me with hope and confidence. It is the most vibrating colour that adds loyalty and enthusiasm.

I just remembered the nursery rhyme: "yellow yellow dirty fellow, sitting on the buffalo." It might be describing a person having negative courage or a weak-minded character. The verse does not give positive vibes to me, and I am not too fond of it. Yellow is solely a bliss.

Have you viewed the Sunset at jogger's park or ripe papayas on display? They are all variations of orange colour. The raging fire in the coal mine or the sindoor of Lord Hanuman, do they look alike? No, they are various shades of the paint. 

The colour brings positive energy to my life. It offers emotional strength at the hour of disturbance. At the same time, it awakens my inner strength. Orange is viewed as the most vibrant colour among all rainbow colours.


Ladybug on a wet road, can you recall your childhood? The plump tomatoes and red chillies' display enrich me with vitality. Have you ever watched the baked bricks at the kiln? The view kicks me into action. The red roses are exorbitantly priced only on Valentine's day as it symbolizes love and longing. The red mark on women's forehead is a symbol of their blissful married life. 

Sometimes it creates fear in my mind. Red light blinks at the traffic signal to stop and to avoid danger. Why is the colour of blood red, any idea? Check the dictionary as I have limited time. Blood imparts life to us. The robust red seeks revenge, anger. I sense that emotion when I am shamed publicly.

I exhibit the vibrant colours of the rainbow in my life's adventure now and then. I can not suppress my emotions at times and situations. The audiences may be wrong many times. Oh! It may leave an everlasting scar in my mind. But, I have found a way to ventilate my feelings.

I aspire to be the white light in the path of life's emotional journey. Do you know it holds a hidden spectrum of rainbow colours? I wish to get the prism of love and wisdom to unravel it.

"Where does the rainbow end, in your soul, or on the horizon?"

-Pablo Neruda

My emotional rainbow ride culminates in my feisty soul, moving south.

I am powerless to restrict my life's horizon for the rainbow to emerge.

'The rainbow is a beautiful creation by both the sun and the rain.'

Every rainbow springing from my heart has both happiness and turmoil. 

Are you ready to pour out your rainbow of emotions on a transparent canvas of life? 

Tick Tock of the clock indicates that your time has started.

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