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I Lost My Job Today

I Lost My Job Today

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 As usual I was sitting late in office enjoying my work. My manager gives a call and asks "where are you?" I replied at my desk. She knows I work late hours and sometimes she pushes me to step out of office which she everytime fails. 30th June 2020; around 7:05pm she comes in and sees me as usual I am alone sitting enjoying my work. She sits for a while and gets a call from her son. She discusses about his academics. She sees me still working. 7:21pm she ask me how much time would you take? I said I would wrap up by 7:30pm. She said, "I want you to stop working." I replied, yeah let me stop. I see at her and she starts the conversation.

Listen to me carefully. I understood what she was trying to say and could not open up. Later, she added some of the team have been outsourced and they do not need a team lead to work. The outsourcing is not yet finalized but you need to resign from your post. I am sorry to convey this. I just smiled. I could not cry. She added, I have spoken to the management that she had come all alone far from North east and only source of income to her family she and her sister. So management had agreed for extension of two months and your last day of working would be 30th August 2020. I request you to put down the paper over night, she adds. I could only smile and except it. I said will do it once I reach home which she agreed to. She added it's not because you are in capable but it's only a outsourcing issue and pandemic COVID 19 reason. She had offered me some jobs to try and says this is not at all my tension because it's her tension to get me a job.

I could only say thank you to her and nothing else.

I know it's so hard for a manager to lose his/her best working employee. It's so painful for them to convey even that they do not need us any more.

It does not end here. 

I joined the organization on 1st Oct 2018. It had been always a dream for me to work in brand organization and I am lucky I always get a chance too. I started up with lot of difficulties and every step my manager had supported me. The more fun is I am working in this organisation till date without a confirmation letter. But I was not worried at all because I had faith in my work and my hard work. Par kehtey hai na with faith luck is needed.

In this company I struggled a lot inside team and even outside team. She was always with me. After working so hard I was even in the red list. But it was she kept fighting for me because she knew what I was doing for that team. She tried her best. It was going on without confirmation and I was working still as usual late hours. We hear that when someone is inefficient they work late hours. It's not true. It's my opinion because no one likes to sit alone at office and work late hours. It's only the work load. It never means that you are not efficient. If you were inefficient then you would have not survived long.

I have been in Namma Bengaluru since 2007 and I love to speak Kannada. I am not fluent still, but yes I can manage to speak and understand more of it. 

I started with contractor company as Quality Engineer working at site. Yes, I am a civil Engineer turned a Customer Relationship manager. I know it sounds odd being a Civil Engineer but Why in this profile.

 Duniya bara zalim hai kabhi

 Phir sunaungi, puri kahani.

 Aaj itna janti hu ki mainey kuch khoya hai

 Koshish karungi phir phatey pau.


To be continued.

When i joined this organization my manager knew that i am from a civil background. As i choose CRM  and she found me sound with tadka of technical back ground and selected me.

I had to struggle in each and every step. Sometime i used to rush to washroom to weep. Sometime i could not control my tears and used to cry infront of my team. Yes, i know it's not correct because it's give a bad image infront of our sub ordinates. It makes you weak where you being a team leader have to be a leader for them.

When i was under training even during that time the person who trained me also treated me ill. I was a replacement of her. When she left she tonted me as i conveyed my manager some of the things which she was not helping me and the way she responded on calls. That's ok, it's only we need to over come those speed baker's. 

When i used to go to take updates from other teams i was being ill treated. When i say my manager she calls the other team leader keeping me in conference line and very clearly they tell a lie. My manager is a very busy lady. She asked me to wait and she will join me to speak to them as this happened. But she did not turn back. It turned a week and I stopped to ask her. Since then i never went for updates. I just called them over call or write an email to provide the details which rarely happened. Somehow i used to manage it.

In my own team my subordinate who had been serving the organization since long time do ill treats me. I have several time complained about her to my manager but i donot know things turns off quickly. Can you think when i am the team leader why do i have to adjust with her the subordinate ill behaviour. She just behaves like mental , screams, body language, tone while talking to a manager. Many a times i have asked, spoken to my manager but no outcome and just compromise. Compromise for what man. 

The same incident happens and i request my manager to have a meeting together with all subordinates and one to one discussion. My manager asked what is the problem going on. Everyone had their turn to speak including me. 

When my turn came i did not leave anything unturn and drained out everything. That day i did not even think of my manager what she will think. Because everytime this happened i used to be quite because of her and my job.  Even my other sub ordinates supported me because i was no where wrong which even they observed. She was blank and at last ended up saying this is not acceptable to everyone. But still the subordinate did not accept her mistake. It was crystal clear. I being a team leader was never bias to anybody. Till today she has the gruge on me. But i do not react to her behaviour anymore.

Why am i writing all this. I know the reader may be questioning. I am writing what i have gone through in a office. It's not only me but many more individuals have gone through such situation. 

We say when we work in a organization basically should maintain at least the basic formalities like greeting each other among the team and also other peers and colleagues. As thing were not going correct day one i was very much away from it. If someone greets only then i do.  Do you know a lady who is a manager running the show Event management team. I tried talking to her 3times but she just ignored me. She is from North east. I felt talking to her. But i dnt know why did she behaved like that with me. It was hardly two times she spoke to me after that over call for report and even there her tone said me everything. Later i unformed my manager and we never spoke. 

Everything took a turn in Oct 2019. It was all because of the technical President. I do not have any kind of support other than my boss, not even my super boss. I did not get my confirmation till date because of super boss. I do not know what gruge he had on me. What was his problem with me. Where his position is and where i am. Yes, the other two sub-ordinates complained about me to him . I did not meet him when he was about to call me. My manager said she is not wrong at all which he never agreed to.

The President started up with new list of Do's. Every week he had a Review meeting and i used to run the show. My super boss was also a part of the meeting. The President was very happy with my work. And after two weeks he appreciates me to my manager. Later,he came to know that i was from a technical back ground. He observes how the super boss used to interogate me infront of all and does not let me reply him back. But, President was very much aware of my work abilities and he used to always give me a chance to speak and defend myself when the super boss does not allows me to do so. Very shortly everyone started interacting with me, respecting me, their behaviour changed towards me. I could make that difference. Two sub-ordinates in my team just ruined my impression. I could feel how they behaved earlier and now. One of them is already out of my team and organization later.  I know you might be thinking that was my imagination and i never approached them. It's not all like that. We can make out from a person body language/tone/eye contact whether the person is interested to talk to you or not. 

I always used to update the President which i never used to do with my super boss. Super boss never gave me a chance to do so. He never called me to interact. According to him am useless and never calls me for any clarification even. Very rarely i used to go for signatures and he used to make me wait for long time outside the cabin.

One fine day my President calls me up and says," see how things are working for you now." You are doing great. He even added saying do you know you were in the red list to be removed. I said i am aware of it  but it's not my mistake at all.  Day one i have been working the same but no one could recognize, neither my work nor me. He replied, for that you need to advertise yourself. How do i do that? sir! I tried doing that but it just pulled me down because the many times i tried i was pulled down. We need even support from our boss whom we work under. I always had worked in reputed companies and always had been recognised by MD. Here not single day working in the organization i could reach to MD nor see him. It's different we sat in different building. But there was no introduction from the HR team other than a picture  during the induction. Even i never tried to reach him out to tell my problems to him. You came and organised everything  and could recognize me and my work in two weeks which my super boss never did in this one year. Do you know how i was ill treated by people in the organization and now they behave well. It's all because you opened up opportunities for me to shine. Do you know one more thing sir, till date i have not received my confirmation letter. He was surprised to hear that and immediately calls up my manager. What am i listening. Why is she not confirmed yet? If the letter does not comes to her tomorrow itself shift her to my dept.My manager replies it's stuck due to super boss as he does not likes her. He says what a joke. When she is capable why didn't you confirm her. I need the letter by tomorrow. Everyday he follows. Days passed weeks but super boss is not ready to sign. Weeks passed months from November follow up. 31st Dec 2019 also passed letter is still pending. New year started but letter is still pending.President stopped following up with me and my manager, i stopped following up with my manager, Lockdown happened still letter is pending. After lockdown also  it's pending and due to Pendamic Covid 19 i had to leave as team is being outsourced. 

My manager is very much following up with other sources to get me a job with this notice period. I am thankful to her. I spoke to my President on 1st July as on 30th June i called crying i have been removed sir. He asked me to meet him next day. I meet him and he says do not worry keep giving your 100% and with 2months notice period anything might happen either here or anywhere. I said it's not the correct time. He says you never know what knocks at your door step. I asked him shall i put down my paper which I was asked to do it on 30th June itself. He said yes go ahead and donot worry.

I put down my papers on 1st July 2020. Next day afternoon i get some update from team members. Everyone is shocked hearing i am not a part of the organization anymore. I could also hear that everything is in Manager hands. I was on voting and my manager' all her count to someone else and so am out which was never expected. My sub ordinate who  ill treated me suddenly feels for me and shares some email id's if they could be any of my help. 

I do not know whom to believe or whom not to. Now i have made up my mind i dont want to work in this organization anymore.

I have prayed to God.

God you have taken it away,

You only have to give it back.

You have closed the door,

You have to open the door of opportunities for me.

It's all in your hand almighty.

Else am ruined.

Thank you to my readers for hearing me out. I know readers love to read fiction,drama,romance,thril etc but this is my pain am going through. Pandemic COVID had ruined so any lives and am one among the victim suffering now. I could sustain all those what i went through while being in this organization but now it's more painful for me because I LOST MY JOB.

Everyone says i was lucky enough to be the one in such situation to get a notice period of 2months. Yeah! I got such extension whereas my other colleagues were been asked to leave in a day or a week or 15days. All this two months only one job interview was been offered to me that even as i was being referred by a friend. It was one of an awesome interview in my career. Parallelly my Manager turned no stone unturned to get me a job somewhere. She kept on forwarding my resume to whomever she knew in the industries. I am lucky to have a manager like her. It was last one week of the month she told me she has got something in hand for me. It was under approval. The last one day she informs it's done. But again i have a salary deduction. She tried her best to convince but it did not work out. Even though it was tough for me to accept it i had to accept it. I feel lucky i have a job in hand else i had to go back to my native. I just hate Mr. HR. What does he finds in deducting salary when people are running through hard time. He just wants to show management that he had done profit and justice to his job. What nonsense is that. His turn will come surely. I am waiting for it. When limit crosses it's limit we have only such words to speak.

I joined my new profile job on 2nd Sept 2020. I am not happy with it but as i need to run my family  in this situation i have to accept it. Moukey ka faida tou sabhi ney uthaya.

Nevertheless all thanks to almighty sending me his angel my Manager.

Again God had been been great to me. I got a offer from another organization. One of the leading organization. Hmmmm it's one of my old mate called me said there is a opening and you have to attend it the following day. I said am not prepared man. He said preparation is required darling. Yeah! He called me darling, honey etc etc. He is a very good friend of me whom i call once in blue moon. And and ha ha ha if he calls i do not receive the call. Ha ha i am like this and all my true friends know about me and so they do not mind. I am lucky to have them in my life. So, again blasting interview i had. I do not know when my mind is blocked how do i attend interviews. I do not prepare at all because my mind will be off due all kind of situations am going through in life. The last moment i get into i just remember God and i start. This interview was the awesome one. Usually i speak very less and am an introvert. Hmmm situation made me speak i think. Because if i do not speak for that role i would have never been selected. The manager who interviewed me literally had to say, "Can i speak?" Sorry to interrupt you but you speak so much. I was like oh! Am gone. I say please continue sir. While he speaks i just interrupt and say i would like to speak here as i need to clarify. He was laughing like ok speak. I was very much comfortable during the interview. Last he said ok let me take you to my HOD. But but do not speak too much please. Please control yourself. I was like, ok sir. He repeated twice. The HOD round was also good. While I come out of the cabin and walk to the waiting area i see manager approaching. He again asked did you speak much, no right. He smiled God how much you speak. I was like asking myself really do i speak. Later HR round i was called for and there even manager says Jyada maat baat karna please. I smile and say okay sir. Even Hr round i went through. 

I get selected and i join my new organization. Hmmmm would not say much. I have to struggle here too. But yes i do want to say that i learned a lesson called Adjustment. No no do not get me wrong i donot adjust with incorrect. Work is worship which i do it loyaly. Adjustment is nothing but we meet different kind of people in this globe every step.

Adjust in a correct way.

Give them back in a correct way do not adjust.

Either be in with respect else leave the place with respect.

Prove yourself. My work proves me and i do justice to it.

My next turnover page will be how i choose CRM being a civil Engineer.

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