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The Housekeeping Lady

The Housekeeping Lady

9 mins

Mariamma works in our office as one of the housekeeping ladies in my organization. Every month the housekeeping ladies shift their duty floorwise. When Mariamma turn comes for our floor supervision me and Kav's are the happiest ones. Same feeling for Marriamma. You may be thinks ng who is Kav's. She is my Teddy, Kavya🤍☺️

We have been very attached to her in very few days recently even though we all had been working for a long time in the organization. May be that was faith we meet. 

Kav's lost her bestie on 1st Jan 2020 and since then she was very sad and afraid. She used to feel that her friend is around her every time asking for justice. Later Marriamma saw her suffering and observed her crying. 

Marriamma asked her if she can pray for her so that almighty bless her and lessen her pain. Kav's agreed to it and Amma prayed for her. She could feel what Kav's was going through. Later Kav' started feeling better. Kav's asked me, dear please you too get a prayer done for yourself so that almighty bless you even as most of the time you feel pain and lonely which you never share to anyone, but I could feel it. Amma asked, shall i do it for you mamma. Yeah, Marriamma calls me mamma. She did a prayer for me too and felt what I was going through. Amma was sweating very badly and after prayer, I asked her what happened to you. She said, my dear, do not worry almighty will help you to come out of the pain. I just started crying as I could understand that she came to know what I was going through. She said do not cry my child, everything will be fine soon. Amma prayed for us twice but could not finish the third one.

Later we got to know Amma had to leave her job as asked by management. Management had to release some of the female workers who had attained or cross-age of 50. Before that, I had some pictures with amma on Sundays when I used to ride my cycle till office. Even I have a small video while amma was singing birthday wishes for Kav's. It was very beautiful.

The day comes and Amma had to bid good bye. I make her sit next to me so that she feels comfortable. Kav's get her some snacks ordered from Azgo app. After some time she meets everyone and waves bye to all. Myself and Kav's step with her she takes us to the conference hall. She says I would like to pray for you for the last time. We sit down her feat and her prayer starts. I start weeping slowly and once after her prayer hug her. She starts crying followed by Kav's. Usually, Kav's does not cry easily but I always anywhere, anywhere. I cannot control my emotions. We three hug each other And start crying more. Amma says I do not know how I became so close to you both. I feel you like my daughter's. I never knew that I would have met you people, where I am just a housekeeping lady and you both will have so much respect for me. Thank you. We did not have any words and wipe each other's tears heading her to the lift.

I am still in touch with amma. During lockdown when I was sad I called her up. There was a network disturbance and she called up from her son's number. Since lockdown amma is in Chennai and did not come back still. When she called up I started crying and she was worried. She started asking what happened mamma, why are you crying? I just said nothing amma I miss you when are you back. Later I disconnected the call. I messaged her in her son's number types as" I miss you." She sent me a voice message saying I miss you too mamma. Do not worry I will pray for you. I was feeling better I knew she prayed to almighty.

What was this Relationship? We were nowhere related to each other. But somewhere God has written in everyone's faith. Somewhere we were related in our past life and so we met in our present. 

The Pantry person Ramesh anna. He prepares tea and coffee for us who had settled on the 3rd floor. The respect anna gives to me is like I cannot express. It's not like he does not respect others but I feel he respects me one inch more. Hmmm, I do not have much to write about him. He always waits for me to appreciate for his tea. He used to ask, acha hai madam and I used to reply ,yes. When we were shifting from the building to the other building a few days back I just met him and asked him to take care. I will miss your tea anna. He just smiled. After some days he was shifted to the same building where we were. He came to meet us and we all were glad to see him back. But he is serving the 2nd floor whereas we are settled on the ground floor. Again i have shifted to other building and i could meet anna everyday. 

Little things makes everyone happy. A little respect to your junior makes yourself happy and your respect in their heart will be more.

Sagar, the office boy. More than an office boy he is like a brother to me and Kav's. He is a cute boy. More than any other office boy Sagar responds to us more. He treats us like sisters. He used to share about his love for his girlfriend. Yeah! He has a girl friend.He used to sometime get us snacks in the late evening especially for us. We do not know what was that relationship. He was always ready to help us in any means. But unfortunately, he had to leave soon as he got a job in Coffee day. He was very happy as appointed as a Manager at Coffee day. He had a bad habit and I used to scould him for that. He used to spend a lot of money on his girlfriend purchasing gifts, chocolates, expensive mobile, celebrating her birthday in a special way, etc, it's good but I always used to tell him "cut your coat according to your cloth". It's good to spend but there should be a limit to everything. We should spend keeping in mind the future. Soon Sagar also has to leave us like Marriamma. I could not get him gifts the same day but later got him a gift which was a purse from Being human. I just send that gift to him through his friend who was working in our office. Once he receives the gift, he was so overwhelmed he calls me and say you really remember me madam still. I said yeah dear, why should I forget you. He just replies back thank you repeatedly. I wish him on special days and he replies back. Later I told him do not to call me madam, call me "Akka". He replies back yes "Akka". Sagar, unfortunately due to Covid had to leave his coffee day job. He was working in blue dart, then delivering food items etc. Recently he again joined in our organization. I meet him everyday  now.

This was another bond God had written in my life to meet Sagar. May be he was my brother in past life.

Usually, we feel crush can happen only with the same level/category people. Having a crush in school, office, etc is very common. Actually, I feel I am being a crush for someone. Recently I have written a story "Bauwra Maan" - where I am a crush of one of my colleague. The story is yet to publish as I submitted it two days back. If you feel please do read it.

Yup where was i. Hmmm a office boy whom I used to see in first floor in my previous building. I usually finish my work late and come down by stairs where I could see him someone working. It's he. 

Now we all have shifted to the new building. I could see him the next day where he literally tries to see me. He keeps coming frequently in the pantry and would see me the many times he comes. I observed this and informed my friend. No, we did not complain to anyone. I do not know why do he look at me like that I could only understand that may be his crush. I have taken it lightly because I cannot help. He never harm me or mis behaved with me. He just admires me may be. My friend said no worries. She ask me , what do you do when you see a beautiful flower. I replied,"i look at it and admire." The same thing happens. Think you are a beautiful flower and someone is admiring it. Do not pluck the flower it will get hurt. I understood. If I complain about him he may be trashed out of job. Or they may warn him. It may be like they may ask me do you have any proof. What kind of proof should anyone give when she is asked for complaining to the management that "the guy keeps peeping through the glass door or glance me whenever he comes."

Sometimes it's better to be quiet than making a noise. People talk back but support you from the front being your well-wisher. So I and my friend have decided to keep quiet instead of complaining about him. I feel he is a good guy and admires me. But he knows his limits and will never approach. So, I thought in my mind, everyone has a crush but it does not mean that they get what they want. Very soon I will be leaving the organization. Hope everything goes fine till then and after. 

My reader may be thinking about what made me write about them. Why for so many days I could not think to pen down anything.

It was the Housekeeping lady. I met her in the new building in our organization where we shifted recently. It's almost a month we have shifted. Many times I have seen her but that day when I saw her...

Yeah, I was moving on to the washroom and gently open the door. I do not know what I was thinking and once I open up the door I was a bit afraid. She in turn was afraid. May be it was my absence of mind. She was sitting on a stool all alone side the bathroom 2feet away from the washbasin. A lean thin dusky skin in her duty dress. I just smiled at her and he smiled back, asking did you get afraid madam? I replied I am sorry it was my absence mind. No, thats fine she smiles back. Later I wash my hands started thinking about her. What was she thinking sitting over there? She was in deep thinking. I could only feel that she was thinking about her family and how to run the family during this pandemic. We are born with a golden spoon in our mouth and still, we starve for so many things, crib for better. What she had with her. Only her politeness and her humbleness which would make you respect her more.

Thank you! You were my reason to pen down in someone whom I met in this organization and very soon I will leaving them back.

Thank you all for being a part of my dairy, lead roles of my writing.

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