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Tashu AS

Drama Inspirational


Tashu AS

Drama Inspirational

DEUTA - My Father

DEUTA - My Father

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Father is always a HERO for his child. I call my father as Deuta.

Deuta did his Engineering from Nagoan Engineering institute, as a Mechanical Engineer. Later after his graduation, he got married to Maa who was 13 years younger to him. Maa a daughter of a farmer and Deuta, son of a Doctor. Dadu chose my maa for Deuta. Deuta was a NCC cadet and he marched in one of the Republic days in Delhi. Deuta had shared most of his pictures with me. Deuta had gifted me his Engineering instrument box and the drafting scale which i used during my Engineering. It was used by Deuta in 1968. Hmmm. my geometry box was the unique box in the class. Everyone used to ask me whose it is? I used to say " it's my deuta's". I even used the draft scale which was little band but i still used it. I have the paper scales to scaling even. I have treasured them still in my steel trunk.

Deuta looks more handsome in a suit and now he is in Dhoti and kurta with a bright chandan on his nose which reaches his forehead. In this attire, he is still handsome. I have seen him in his pictures when he was young. He looks so dashing. He was stylish and still, he is. 

Sometimes I call Deuta as Baba even. When I see Baba I feel he had enjoyed all his college life, hostel life, NCC life which he loved the most. He was even offered a job in Army, once after he was noticed by a officer when he marched in the Republic day, he told me once. He had such urge to join Indian army but his maa did not allow him. Later, he had to do his Engineering. Baba used to share his jolly days with me sometimes and i could feel how happy he used to feel while sharing.

We belong to a middle-class family even though my Dadu was a surgeon during such time. Baba is very different from all other siblings. And that is why everyone used to love him so much and even now. I have never seen baba saying something about others. He just used to keep quiet. He feels let it flow God is there. Everyone has their day.

When now Baba had gone old I could see how he feels for maa which he had never expressed to maa. I remember Baba used to go early morning 7:00 am to office. The office staff bus used to pick and drop him as the staff had to travel all along the Brahmaputra river to the Sariaghat bridge. He used to reach by evening 8:00 pm and while coming back to home Baba used to get me Gems every day. Every Durga puja he used to get all siblings a big packet of balloons. He used to get us the best dress but never saw him taking anything. Maa used to get him one banyan. Till today Baba needs a banyan in every Durga puja and cotton half pant which he stitches on his own at home.

We used to be almost 10 to 12 members in a family which runs only on Baba's salary. I don't know how he used to manage so many people. We used to live in a bamboo designed house and a mud floor which maa used to mop every day with water and cow dung, kerosene filled table lamps and lanterns to light our home. I don't know how Baba managed to grow up 5 children plus other members. We were sent to the best English medium schools and today what we are is all because of Baba. Baba never asked us what we are doing or how are studies are going on. It was only Maa who used to teach us. Maa being a 10th-standard schooled person, I don't know how she managed to teach us English and other languages. Really till today I wonder about it. Maa says," Chah hai tou rah hai." Maa is our first teacher. And today both Maa and baba are so proud of their children because everyone is well educated and established. 

Till today I feel two incidents were dream or reality. One was when I saw first time Baba and maa had a fight in the kitchen after that I never saw that again. So maybe it was a dream of childhood or it was my imagination which I never asked anyone till today.

The other incident was Baba was tired in his life managing. He was tired with office dirty politics and how to run the home. Baba never drinks but that day he drank and came home late. Maa was worried. She was waiting for him near the steps. Baba was climbing the steps with no balance and maa held him when he almost fell down saying: I cannot do it anymore, am tired. That was the first and the last baba drank. I really do not know whether it was a dream or imagination. I do not know if my siblings were aware of it if it was not a dream. I have never asked anyone about it. 

Baba had to go through so much of politics in office. He being senior his juniors used to paly games with him. Baba cannot play such games. He is a simple man, humble and honest. Once it was like Baba had to stay in quarters of his office leaving us. We sometime used to go and stay there. Maa could not go as she had to look after her in-laws and other members here. I think once only she had been. Baba had to cook his own food. Somehow he used to manage. Baba had suffered lot during his job stage. He was suffering from bronchitis even. Somehow employees were being payed as company was also sinking. Later we hear that one of the X minister had sold the company to some xyz. Many employees were suffering as they had to lose their job. Baba due to his ill health had to take voluntary retirement in the year 2000. Later Borda had to take up all responsibilities and he had gives up all his likes his younger sisters and brothers. Borda is more than brother and was a shadow of father. I will pen down very soon about him. 

In these many years like till Engineering, I have never seen Baba enjoying his life with us or maa. But now I see him caring for maa, teasing maa, helping maa in kitchen, cutting vegetables, taking care when she is ill, teasing us, dancing with us, being jolly, having his favourite foods, wearing his lovely dresses, using branded watches and much more. He cannot stay without maa now. 

One day I asked maa, "Maa was Baba like this earlier even?" Maa said, "no. He was never like this. He did not have time for me nor I had. We both were busy so much with responsibilities. But now, yes." I said, "yeah he is different."

I do not know what to say about Baba. I can only say that he is just down to earth, a pure heart with no regrets and left everything to the all mighty. I think I have never wished Baba Happy Father's Day or just once. Maybe 3 years back. Today even I did not wish him. I called him evening to wish but he did not respond. Maybe he did not hear the ring. Baba is old. He is 83 running and back to his childhood.

Thank you Deuta for everything. Till today when I feel I am tired and cannot manage anymore I just think about you, how you managed us and so many in your family. Thinking about you inspires me when I break down at work and life. If you could do so much for us then why cannot we do it. It's not easy Baba, what you did for us. We being with no responsibility sometimes break down. But when I think about you you rise again. 

I love you Deuta.

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