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Dhan Pati Singh Kushwaha

Abstract Classics Inspirational


Dhan Pati Singh Kushwaha

Abstract Classics Inspirational

How Must Our Flag Bearers Be

How Must Our Flag Bearers Be

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How Must Our Flag Bearers Be?


Instead of developing kids we have to

Develop our children as brave cubs.

By nourishing ideal Indian culture

Instead of thoughtlessly western hubs.

Traditions are different in different regions,

As per existing circumstances and other many facts.

Neither they may be suitable nor must be imposed

In other regions they may be adopted with changes and tacts.

Development is never ending continuous process 

Of converting the old one traditions for better.

As per requirement of present time and situation

New one must be adopted so better be the later.

Change is the universal truth 

We have to accept invariable and change the unacceptable.

Change as per own ability not by others scale

Consciousness is required to stop being miserable.

"Ae Bhai Zara dekh ke chalo 

Aage hi nahin peechhe bhee.

Dayen hi nahin bayen bhi

Ooper hi nahin neeche bhi."

 Subodh Sir sang these lines of Hindi movie song of ' Mera Naam Joker' penned by eminent Hindi poet belonging to Etawah district of Uttar Pradesh by Late Shri Gopal Das Neeraj.Khushi was weeping as she stumbled while running. Subodh Sir consoled her to be very conscious every moment to avoid undesirable circumstances by explaining these lines.Oh! my brother be alert whenever you walk.You should not be careful only about forward direction but backward also. Not only for right side but also towards left one. You must be similarly aware about downward as you are for upward direction. Don't worry if something goes unexpectedly wrong as it cannot be reversed but you have to learn and remember so such situation may not be repeated again. We study History so we may learn good habits from great personalities and and avoid those situations which brings destructions. Not only in literature but other subjects like Science , Social Science and Mathematics the lessons start with big fictitious or real life story which may inspire the students in positive constructive direction and boost up them morally.In Mathematics the word problems are also presented in a such a way that they may inculcate virtues like honesty ,pity, love , forgiveness etc.We have to be very vigilant in this era of social media while getting any information and accepting it as knowledge and adopting it in our behaviour.

Khushi had become normal and Subodh Sir's these words proved to be like a medicine providing a great relief to Khushi. Subodh had put his hand on her head which removed the agony. Smile on her face was the evidence of positive impact of consoling verbal as well as touch therapy.

Khushi asked Subodh Sir-" We see an advertisement on television which is related to a paints company. When a boy is asked to explain the reason for his shining home. He tells lie in three different scenes when his friends, neighbour and tutor ask the same question."

Subodh Sir asked her-"Very well Khushi , have you noticed that boy's condition when his boasting statement is being to be proved false."

Khushi said-" He feels ashamed ,flees with an excuse or tries to change the topic of conversation. I hope such negative thoughts should be avoided. Young children are always innocent , very- very far away from such cunning nature.'Bachche man ke sachche' mean children are true by heart."

Subodh Sir appreciated Khushi's awareness-"The world is waiting for the children like you who are very attentive. Every child who is the flag bearer of forthcoming time. You have to discuss such matters and inspire your companions. Think well , discuss well , eat well and now play well.The playground as well as your friends and are waiting for you."

Khushi happily ran to join her friends in very cheerful mood

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