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Hitting Bull's Eye!

Hitting Bull's Eye!

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She was quite nervous while she entered her new Boutique. Though she arranged eveything properly in an appropriate manner. From Mannequins to the seperation of ethinics and western, everything was just perfect. She was happy too on parallel.

She herself designed the interiors keeping in mind her customer's choice. Today was her big day and to check all the arrangements of the openings she went to her Boutique.

Opening Pooja was to be done by her Mom, and she was expecting her to arrive. And there she came. 'Mumma! Everything is okay na? I just came to check all arrangements.' she said nervously.

Her Mom calmed her and said her to relax everything is just perfect.

As they were waiting for the family member and all guests to arrive they recalled, how they were planning to start a business. Her Mom said 'That was you who firmly insisted me to take this big step, otherwise I would have not even thought of doing it.'

They went through so many ups & downs when they planned of starting theie own Boutique work. From buying fabrics to searching a responsible & loyal tailor, and an attendent.

The taunts of relatives, the questions they faced, the permissions from the goverments departments. At some time they felt that they should step back, to start thus start-up. But, Maithili was firm that I'll do everything, will consult an advocate who can guide us for the same. The Banks which can provide loans for the same along with the facilities they will get. She almost visited all the banks nearby her & her mom's place. And finally she finalised the bank and the shop too.

At a time she felt that they are stucked in a spider web, everything was scattered, her house was filled with fabrics and relates accessories. On other hand they invested enough money for the same. They felt if the shop does'nt open how will, they recover the money spent on the same, and what they will do of the goods they purchased.

Her husband was not in favor of starting a sart-up and he too waa angry when she discussed her problems and obstacles they faced. Jinesh was a Chartered Accountant and is working in MNC. He is an organised man. Being a rigid person he never stopped her for her activities. He knew the space he should provide to his wife, the freedom which Maithili has. But, this time he was against this start-up. And when he knew the problem and obstacle he asked her to step back, inspite of supprting her, helping her and guiding her to resolve it.

She was very upset and was so disturbed that it affected her health. Still she did not loose her hope for finding the solutions and trying all options for the same. Once when she was busy at her regular shopping at a Mart, she met Mr. Mehta. One of her College Professor, she discussed the matter with him. And so today she was in her shop, sittinh calmly, peacefully still waa nervous.

She did her opening and kept the boarf on her display tablw which said-

"Hitting the bull’s eye is not an easy task, but on parallel, not an impossible task too, because Impossible itself says 'I am possible'!"

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