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'People often say don't try new things. But, if you won't try new where will you get experience then?' That's what a daughter asked her father.

There was a man who always believed in doing things with having a reference to an elder’s experience and his own. But never tried to do new things and taught his children to the same thing explaining his experiences along with his parent’s experience. His Son obeyed him and never questioned him.

But, her daughter was too curious to try new things. She always questioned her father, 'so what if I fail, I'll technically learn to deal with the situations Dad!'

For the family, it was like doubting her father. But for her, it was the desire to own her goals of getting experiences of her own, on her own.

One evening she went to the Fair and asked her father that she wants to shoot. Father denied by saying girls can't use guns giving all valid reasons. The girl was so firm to opt for the shooting game that her father had to take her to that stall.

At first shoot, she didn't blow any of the balloons. The second shoot the targeted balloon did not shoot. The same happened a few more shots. Father got angry and asked her to opt for some rides rather than wasting money and time both in this silly shooting game. But she denied and asked for the last chance. This time while holding she was confident of shooting the right balloon. And yes, she shoots the right balloon. She jumped in cheer.

Her father too was surprised and understood the importance of trying new things to get new experience.

Trying new things gives you experiences. Whether good or bad, you always learn and follow these lessons in life!

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